The Elementrals: Powers and Punishments

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Who I Ruled Over

I was freaking out, bad, until I realized I can’t drown. That’s the level of enmity between me and the others. I didn’t care whether they lived or died.

Survival of the, not fittest, the best.

I felt myself grow stronger, as I was surrounded by water, my power sphere, and I laughed as I saw my skin glow and I remained dry! I loved this feeling, this power, this fearlessness, this certainity, no bounds, no-


The others’ cheeks were full of air and they were trying their best to keep their eyes open and I was just watching them, enjoying. Enjoying? What’s wrong with me? Sighing, I created bubbles around their heads using my air power. They instantly relaxed and turned towards me gratefully. Not that bad, were they?

Now the other problem.

The dolphins were sinking faster and faster, and worst of all, they were doing it on purpose. Their direction changed from time to time, and they seemed to head straight into the blacker part of the ocean.

Then I saw something in the distance. A huge shape. As the shape began to take form, I realized the shape was a castle. And spread out from the castle were rows and rows of corridors, forming almost a maze. Each pillar and window had a lantern kept on it, that burned underwater with ferocious light. The palace was huge, with white marble walls, and gold-lined balconies. I could see people moving here and there, their shadows all over the galleries. We were surrounded by black water, and the castle glowed like a star in the night sky. No one turned to look at our way, but we devoured the beauty of the castle with admiration.

And we stopped straight in front of the gates of the palace.

The dolphins shook themselves, and we all got off and stopped in front of the castle (if you were wondering, the others were soaking wet, but still alive). There was something tugging at my heart, and at once I knew I had been here before. There was a sense of a piece -I thought long missing- fitting in its place. I finally belonged.

A few people came out of the castle, all dry, and breathing without bubbles. They were dressed in heavy ornaments from head to toe. They looked at us and smiled. All of them bowed in almost perfect synchronization, and said at once, “Your Highness, welcome! Others too.” I saw the others roll their eyes, and for once I sympathized with them. Poor people, shadowed by my light.

I smiled and said, “Where are we? Atlantis?”


“Lemme guess. You all our a hidden society, but somehow important to the world above, and you all have been in existence since ancient times, and some of you are immortal?”

Their mouths were wide open, in a perfect o. I laughed and turned to the others. “Too much fiction and fantasy reading.” As per my expectations, none of them laughed. As for the shock, their mouths were wide open too. I rolled my eyes, then turned to the subjects (?) and asked them why we were here.

Sadly, my earlier revelations that had just turned to facts, had managed to put them in a sort of trance. “She’s perfect.” ” She remembers us!” ” She knows we exist!” “She’s absolutely the striking image of her mother.”

Wait, what? Angela looked obviously different, she had red hair and golden eyes! That means they had to be referring to my real mother. Oh. “She’s here?” I asked them, unsteadily. “Of course, she was the one who summoned you!” “Summoned me?”

“She wanted to see you after 16 years.....”

It registered to me as a heavy blow. Of course I knew I had been adopted. I would never be able to forget that anyways. But the line between foster and real had been thinned so much that now it was just a crack, not a gap. But cracks can never be filled, can they? I didn’t realize that there was another human being who shared my blood. I looked up at them and raised my right hand, a sign that they can take me wherever they wanted to. Curiosity killed the cat, not the queen.

The others screamed the second I raised my arm. “Stop! We have a mission! Let’s complete that, please!” Ella screamed.

“You lived your whole life knowing there was someone who shares your blood, who can be trusted to catch you when you fall! You don’t realize how burdening the weight of having nothing is! You can trust them, you know things. I, I have live my whole life as an example of uncertainty! Nobody can understand how mad it is to not know where you fit! Lost piece of a beautiful puzzle, it feels bad. Please, let me go!”

They looked at me with their eyes open, and reluctantly Ella said, “Go. Fit in.”

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