Love of Savages

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Chara Devereux has a love for all unnatural things. Ever since he's moved into his dorm, he has had to keep a secret for his female roommate, Cleopatra, or Cleo for short. Cleopatra Hayes is a dragon. When she got to college, naturally, she expected her own room. Imagine her surprise when she got a male roommate.

Fantasy / Romance
Bree Arceneaux
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 | Short Story

“Hey, Chara! We need ice cream for the summer dance, come with me to grab some from the store!” She yelled upstairs to, her roommate, Chara.

Their dorm is pretty decorated because of Cleopatra. It had colorful anime posters dangling from the tacks that pinned them to the wall, Tortilla, and Peanut brown mixed together only to spread against the wall, claw marks covered the floor as well as couch from Cleopatra’s love of scratching things, and their black furniture painted the dorm room. The mini kitchen had stainless steel countertops with long, dark oak cabinets full of bowls, cups, mugs, and other things they needed. Sadly, they couldn’t afford any food in any way possible because of the fact that their school books as well as dorm cost over five-hundred dollars.

When they first moved into the dorm, the dorm was full of dust and space. This entire apartment and or dorm complex had been abandoned because of the fact that it was completely useless. It had no lights, for the light company had given up on the empty apartment, the cabinets were falling off their hinges and the fridge used to be a black one that had its paint peeling off. Rodents like rats and opossums had taken over the floors and broken in the walls, giving them much space to breed and give birth to their children. People had thankfully strayed clear from the disgusting apartment. The only people that would come close to the apartment were men trying to hook up with hoes and strippers and the rodents that would often visit. Probably the only things you could find there are STDs and Rabies.

“No, you go get it, I’m studying for this quiz I have later today!” Chara calls as she begins to walk out the door.
Before she escapes the cold grasp of the apartment, he reminds her of something once he is on the halfway mark of the stairs. “Before ya’ leave, make sure ya’ hide ya’ horns, wings, fangs, and tail! No one needs to know that you are a dragon!” Chara is the finest piece of man that every crossed the planet. He found out when they moved into the apartment.

Cleopatra grips the councilor’s pale blue shirt, her eyes ablaze with pure anger and detest, shaking him while he quivers in fear. “Please don’t kill me! I have a wife! And two kids!” He begs her for his life because though she hadn’t said anything yet, her eyes told him that his life is in much danger.

“I don’t care ‘bout ya’ life old man! I just want a free fuckin’ room.” She shook him into the air, threatening him by impaling his skin from under his chin, the blood pouring down her arm as a cut forms.

“I’ll give you an entire dorm complex, just for yourself! Please, don’t kill me!” Tears poured down his cheeks from his fear. She tossed him down onto the floor, his rolling chair flowing onto the floor.

“Thanks. Jus’ make sure that apartment don’t got no people. Or I’ll come back and beat yo’ ass.” She spoke in her natural ghetto accent, hinting a bit of a New York accent as well.

She walked out of the office building and to the address, only to find a half-broken apartment building that reeked of sex.

“248 Rosa Parks Blvd, New York City, NY 10038. This is the place. Harlem is such a beautiful neighborhood.” She loved ratchet neighborhoods. They had such art with its beautiful graffiti and the old trees and vines that grew over old buildings. Harlem looked so very beautiful to her because of its agriculture of African-American heritage and its jazz clubs, like Minton’s Playhouse. The music they played there is absolutely spectacular.

The apartment was covered in vines and graffiti but instead of trying to clean it off as most would, Cleopatra decided that she could keep all of it. She loved the look it gave her, for it gave her a story to tell, seeing as she came from an abusive family. Loving how people would make people look at her. Loving the envious stares for they looked so ignorant to her. Loving it all.

As she gripped the door handle and opened it the door, the door broke under her fingers. She looked into the now doorless apartment to find more rats, raccoons, and opossums than she had ever seen in her life. Instead of gasping or screaming in pure fear, she only calmly walked inside of the apartment and spoke, “Grab yo’ kids and all that shit and get on somewhere befo’ I kill you wit’ my bare hands.”

They all began to squeak in submission as they all ran out of the building. They covered the streets or Harlem and they thankfully took their Rabies with them. “Okay. One disease is gone. Now time to get rid of this STD with hella’ soap.”

She quickly hid behind a broken wall inside of the apartment and removed all of her clothes, besides her sexy black cotton thong.

Chara walks down the street that is now infested with rodents when he spots a beautiful naked woman inside of the broken down apartment. She had elegant caramel skin with tattoos stretching across it; they consisted of chains bounding black wings. The wings were so very feathery as they were compact by chains that covered her entire body, starting from her chest as well as back to her ankles. But most of the tattoo couldn’t be seen by her long, afro-prone hair that had made it mid-back from her wash and go hairstyle. Her underwear, the sexiest underwear he had ever seen, was stained and covered in her own juices and her areolae were smaller than normal because of the fact that her breast is smaller than normal. She also had piercings that covered her nipples and clit, for he could see it through her underwear. She also has the fattest ass that Chara has ever seen in his life. He felt as if God had sent her down onto Earth for specifically him.

She quickly snatched some black “booty-shorts” to cover her lovely ass, as well as a crop top that had the words “Sexy Bitch” in white print for the crop top was an onyx shade of black. “So fuckin’ sexy. So fuckin’ beautiful. Thank you, God, my lord, and savior.” He said aloud as he stared at her shamelessly stared at her ass.

After she purchased more than seventeen bottles of dishwasher liquid, she mixed it with more than thirty gallons of water and spread it across the floor. She began to scrub with the sponge she bought. She got on her knees and bent down to scrub the floor when she felt someone staring at her ass. She turned around to see the finest man she had ever seen. His skin was like a bar of dazzling chocolate, delicious and so very desirable in every way possible. His tattoos drew her in as they trailed down his body, hiding behind his black basketball shorts. Sweat rippled from his features from his so intense workout, gifting him with the alienated abs that traveled down from his pectorals, stopping at his beautiful V that hides his penis.
“See somethin’ you like?” She yelled at him, turning around to face him.

“Hell yeah. Wanna’ turn back aroun’?”

“Sure. But if you’re goin’ to stand there then fuckin’ help.” She turned back around and continued as he stepped into the apartment, snatching a sponge from the pack and as he puts the sponge to soak in the water, he snatched his shirt over his head to reveal his alienated abs. She found herself so mesmerized by their beauty that she hadn’t noticed the smug look that plastered his face.

“You like what you starin’ at, lil’ mama?” He questioned her, smugly eyeing her for his sense of smell was so high that he could smell her arousal. Thankfully, she had been dark enough to where he couldn’t notice how warm her face was.

“Yeah. You’re real’ hot.” She said bluntly. “But we need to focus, so focus!

The cleaning had finished two months ago and the strangely addicting man had left for the night hadn’t returned. His figure had kept her awake night after night. She releases her long, leathery wings, scale-covered tail as well as ears, and her pearly white fangs. Laying her head onto her elbows, she curls up into a ball.

Chara had walked into his new apartment to find his mysterious woman resting on the floor with the strangest things attached to her. The dragon parts weren’t what surprised him, her beauty is what shocked him. She was more beautiful than any woman he had ever seen. The sunlight poured onto her body as she snored cutely. He dropped his bags onto the floor and went to her side, flipping her over and touched her dragon ears. A moan escaped her mouth and he could feel his pants tighten from the sound.

This immediately alarmed Cleopatra as she shot up and pinned the man on top of her onto the floor. “You! Why are you fuckin’ touchin’ me?!” She yelled at him, though she loved the feel of his hands on her body. He quickly flipped her to pin her onto the floor and in sync, they both began to grind against each other. Her because she was trying to escape his rough grasp, he because he wanted to feel her against him.

“I’m touchin’ you because you’re my new roommate and lover! So deal wit’ it!” He yelled back, flipping her onto her stomach as he snatched off the tiny underwear she had on, revealing her hairless pussy. His senses told him that his mate was different, but in no way did he expect this. She squirmed under his eyes but he only held her down tighter, it was so very beautiful. It was like a jewel that had been polished for years, it was so precious that it looked untouched for decades.

Her skin began to heat under his touch but she held her hands up, trying to stop him from touching her while she screamed, “Aren’t ya’ movin’ too fast? We’ve known each other for a day at most!”

He ignored her pleas as he tasted her gratifying pussy. He looked into her eyes as her legs shook with pleasure to see tears in her beautiful rust-colored orbs from her consumption of desire. He took two of his long fingers and gently stuck it into her tiny hole. He violently drew them in and out, curling them so they could scrap across her g-spot. He continued to suck on her clit as he worked on her hole.

Moans escaped her mouth as he worked magic on her pussy. She clenched down on his fingers violently as her entire body convulsed. He worked on the inflated part inside her pussy and she forgot how to breathe. She came for the third time and he was doing that with his fingers only. She could barely imagine what he could do with his cock. Saliva filled her mouth at the thought.

“Wait . . . wait . . . I need . . . my breath. Give me a . . . sec.” She begged but he only growled at her in impatience. This silenced her as he moved up her body and greeted her with his soft lips. Their kiss was passionate and she could feel the love he wanted to convey to her. She kissed him back with just as much effort. He was influencing her and he knew it. He injected the love that he knew she was in dire need of. He could hear her mumbling in her sleep about the love that she so desperately wanted. Mumbling about the mysterious man she had met before. Her fingers roamed his body. She decided it was that he had control of her for too long. She quickly flipped him and stroked the humongous dent that bulged out his pants.

A growl escaped his lips as she continued to stroke his cock. The material had affected the feel as well. He held his hand up to stop her from touching her but she only squeezed down on his balls. He gasped in shock and pain. “Don’t move. You got to touch me. It’s my turn for some fun.” She licked her lips and moved down on him, only to pull his basketball shorts, along with his underwear, down.

Veins poked out of his cock in a need to release. A line of pre-cum slipped down the cock. Unaware of the agony he was in, Cleopatra lowered her mouth onto it. She bobbed her head up and down as she closed her mouth. While she skillfully sucked on his cock, he grabbed her curls and pulled her off. She came off with a pop! and looked into his eyes, lust settling inside of them. She tried to lower her mouth back onto his cock but he pulled her back up by her hair.

“What are you doin’?” She whispered to him.

“If I’m gonna’ cum, it’s gonna’ be in your pussy.” He replied to her power as he lifted her waist and gently placed her onto his cock.

Before he could, she interjected, ’Wait . . . I’m a—” She was tried to interrupt but he slammed her onto his cock. She threw her head back in pain and uncomfort while blood covered his cock. A scream filled the room from the pain of her hymen tearing while tears poured out of her eyes.

“You’re a virgin?”

“Yeah . . . just make the pain go away . . .” She begged him as she started to move on his cock. Pleasure began replacing the pain but she couldn’t do anything but slowly move. His patience was running thin as he thrust against her cervix and continued doing so until it went inside.

“You’re so tight . . . and wet . . . for me.” He continued to thrust against her as fell down onto him. His hand held her ass as he forced her body to move against him. She looked up at him and kissed him gently on the lips.

“I’m gonna’ cum again. Please help me cum.”

“I’ll cum wit’ you. Come on, mama.” She squirts as she came all over him as he came onto her sexy, beautiful body. She looked so precious covered in his sperm.

“My name is Chara by the way. You’ll be an amazing roommate.”


Cleopatra begins to walk into the plain, old parking lot with multiple multi-colored cars lined up neatly in their respected spots. She spots a black 1959 Cadillac Eldorado parked inside of his respected spot, her car.
She walks up one set of stairs, walks over to her car, and tries to climb into her car but she was struggling a bit because of how short she was—her four feet seven height. She tries to start the car, but the rattling in the back of her car told her that it wasn’t working so well. She began to pray that her car would start and as she did, it began to work once more. “Thank you, God,” She mumbled as she drove herself to HEB to get the things she required.

She arrived at the store with her own tote bag sporting a dragon on the front. As she walks into the store and heads straight to the isles, she quickly got distracted and wanted to find the ‘Asian Foods’ aisle instead. Finding the Pocky and Yam Yam, she immediately started to stuff them into her bag. Cravings were more casual and she really wanted the sugary treats to ease them.

“Excuse me, ma’am, please do not take our whole supply.” The lady tells her in a sweet voice. She could detect the slight judgment and attitude in her voice and decided to speak on it.

“Oh, sorry. Before I walk away though, this whole attitude and judgment façade you got goin’ on, drop it. ’Cause I promise you, you wouldn’t want the smoke I could bring. Have a nice day.” She said formally and walked away, anger pouring out her features.

She continues her search for the ice cream down the treacherous halls of the store. She came across the ice cream aisle and almost cried out of pure happiness. Her knees began buckling with joy and her legs feel like noodles. She had been in that store for hours, wandering around for that aisle . . . and she finally found it. “Thank the heavens.” She said, walking up to the rows of containers.

Her joyous face instantly fell. The ice cream was strawberry. Dreadful, dreadful strawberry. She groaned in anger. She would have to keep roaming the store, keep wasting time in the dreadful HEB. She had become so furious that her dragon accessories appeared for everyone eyes. “Oh no.” She whispered.

A random lady and her child had continuously stared at her, not knowing how to mind their damn business. “Look, mommy, it’s a cosplayer.” The kid said with a lollipop in their hand like the anonymous child in all the movies that didn’t know what else to do but that.

She quickly shifted back into her skin and continued her search for the, sadly, needed ice cream. But, in the distance . . . she saw it . . . the beautiful vanilla ice cream.

She began tearing up at the sight of the beautiful dairy product.
The carton had water drip from the side as if it were sweating and the white substance inside looked like fluffy, light clouds. She snatched it from the rack and stared at it in awe, not knowing what to do with it.

Suddenly, the top popped off, falling to the ground and a hedgehog raised from the surface. The hedgehog had a soft caramel coat with a spikey touch, skin that was creamy chocolate, and a wet carol nose, ice cream covered the poor thing’s body.

He started to shiver in fright and cold.

“You poor thing. Who would do such a thing?” She said, trying to comfort him.

Keyword: tried.

His spikes had risen to the touch of a human. To the touch of what he thought was a human. Luckily for her, she wasn’t a human. She was what most people called a Siburliton. Her species had been despised for years among humans. Most humans didn’t even know that she existed. She could easily speak with animals of any sort. “Hey, little guy.” She cooed to him.

“What the— How are you talking to me human?” He said in a scared but slightly rude manner. He didn’t know what was going on nor did he know what to do. All he knew was an attitude and bluntness.

“I have a secret form that can speak with you, hedgehog.” She said back, just as rude.

He stared into her eyes with a deep and concerning look. He knew he could trust her and snuggled up to her face by rubbing his against hers.

“Thank you for releasing me from that cold prison.” She accepted his thanks but was dreading her life choices. She saved him but she couldn’t just leave him on the streets to be hunted by other predators.

She looked up in sadness, only to notice a whole row full of ice cream. “Once more, thank the heavens.” She said.

She dropped the ice cream that contained her new pet, put him in her pocket gently, and snatched a good, non-contaminated ice cream container.

She turned, dropped the ice cream in her tote, and ran off.
She ran to the bat isle and grabs the coolest one. The bat had a metallic black background with flames running across it. She would be needing it to kick some bitch’s ass that decided it was a good idea to fuck with her at a recent party she had just attended. Thought it was a good idea to call her a “trick ass hoe” because she was dating Chara. The girl’s name is LaTasha. She was his ex-girlfriend. So she just had to kick her ass because she’s still trying to get back with Chara, which obviously isn’t working.

While waiting in this line consumed of people, she looked for some candy, a piece of candy that she had been wanting for quite some time now. When it was her turn in the line, she dropped the Recess she found and put the rest of her things on top of the conveyor belt.

“Your price is $38.19.” The cashier said to her.
“Here you go, thank you and have a nice day,” I call, walking off with her bag.

“You too.”

As she’s walking, she remembered Chara wanting a new pet anyways. “Perfect.” She thought.

She walked up to her car and stopped. “Why are you here, Chara? I thought you were writing a paper.” She said to Chara, standing at her car with flowers, for some strange reason.

“Well, you know ’bout the dance at school, yeah?”

“Yeah? And? You said you didn’t want to go and I don’t got anyone to go with. So I’ll just stay at home wit’ you."

“Do you want to go with me to the dance?” He said. His friends had taught him all the keys to romance since they were all married by now and he wasn’t. They told him that for a woman to fall for him because he was in love with her, he needed to surprise her with White Carnations to symbolize his pure love for her and her pure innocence.

She stared into his deep and passionate hazel eyes. His eyes said it all, and she knew the response to his question.

“I would love to. Thanks, Babe.” She said her body heating at the word “babe” that came out her mouth.

“Anyways, how did you get here?”

“I hid in your trunk and once you were out of sight, I went to buy the flowers.”

“Explains all the rummaging in the lower part of my car.” She said, opening her car door.

“Oh, Chara look at who I found.” She held out the hedgehog in front of his face.

“Come on, don’t be shy.”

“But what if he’s mean, I mean look at him, he doesn’t look like an angel.”

“He isn’t, I promise.” She looks insane, talking to a hedgehog.
“Are you . . . talking to him?” Chara asked.

“Yeah, dragon form remember."

“Oh, yea. Anyways, what should we name him?”

“Well, I found him in ice cream so . . . maybe Eir. Eir is the Norse Goddess and Eir means snow in Welsh.”


“Well, let’s go.” She starts in car and drives, her vision completely focused on the road but she was still thinking of Chara asking her to the dance. The memory played back in her head and she couldn’t be anything but happy.

When they reached the house, Chara slams the door, grips her wrist and pins her against the wall.

His right-hand reaches for her chin, directing her into a passionate kiss. The kiss deepens by the second. Cleopatra tries to dominate the kiss but Chara wouldn’t let that happen the moment it occurred. He lowered the hand on one of her wrists onto her ass, clutching onto it tightly. A gasp escaped from her lips and his tongue slipped into her mouth.

Her legs start to become weak as she slowly starts to lose her grip on them. She moved onto the floor to break their kiss but Chara crouches down, grabs her legs, and lifts her up, dragging her back on the wall while placing his hands on her ass.

This time he kisses her more deeply, more passionately, more . . . everything. She was breathless to his kiss.

Her hands run through his dark brown flattop. She removes her mouth from his in sadness for the removal.

“What . . . was . . . that for?” She said, gasping for the air that she so longed desired. He continues to hold her against the wall and says,

“Just thankin’ you.”

He lowers his head to kiss and nip on her neck, the place where he was going to mark her.

“Can you moan again? It was cute.” He continues to gnaw on her neck as she tries to push him away in embarrassment.

Her entire body burned with the flames of embarrassment. His grip on her legs tightens and he takes her upstairs to his room, only to toss her onto his bed.

He raises up looking at her with his huge copper-shaded eyes as if he’s looking into her soul. Her dragon accessories shift out of her skin.

“Hey, remind me why you’re accessories come out again.”

“Why should I? You’ve been teasing me ever since we got back to the dorm.”

“Because I’ve been helping you with your secret from since we moved in.”

“Fine, when I’m embarrassed, aroused, and happy. Happy now?”


He grabs her tail and rubs her dragon ears. She starts to feel a tingling feeling in the pit of my stomach. She knew she was about to cum, she could feel it.

He continues to passionately kiss her and raises his fingers to my ear. Slowly, she starts to kiss him equally as passionate.
He pulls away quickly to contain himself from shifting.
Suddenly, fangs appear from his jaws. Also, though this might seem unrealistic, his eyes turned a Pineapple mixed with a Daffodil yellow.

“I knew it! Why didn’t you tell me? I told you everything.” She yelled sitting up, pointing at him with accusing fingers.

“I didn’t want you to look at me any differently,” Chara said, covering his face from disappointment with himself.

“But I showed you my dragon form. It might have been by accident, but still. I’m going to get my revenge now, for all the teasing.”

She grabs his dick and rubs it across her pants. Before they could do anything, he flips her back over and collapses on top of her. “I’m just going to take a little nap. Night, love.”

“Are you serious?” All she got in response was a soft breeze of his breath.

“Guess I’ll sleep too. Night, my love.”

“Babe, wake up,” Chara says, shaking her shoulder.

“Chara . . . I . . . love . . . you . . . too.” She mumbled from her dream. She felt a pair of lips slightly peck her forehead.

“Fine, just sleep, princess. Once you wake up, I’ll be gone. Make me leavin’ worth it. Bye Cleo.” Chara says grabbing his keys and walking out the door.

Once he closes the door, she exits the bed and stretches her sore limbs. “Now that Chara is gone, I can begin my mission. Mission Shop or Drop. Let me go change real quick.”

She takes a quick shower and put on her loose black shirt with Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants screaming and some dim blue jeggings. “Let’s get started,” She says, starting to walk out of her dorm room.

She gets in her car with Eir and starts it. “Eir, could you talk to Chara?” She said as she starts to drive off.

“Yes. He told me not to tell you. Sorry, Cleo.”

“It’s alright, Eir, I trust him, so you can too. Let’s play some music.”

I turn up the radio to reveal the song “What I’d Say” by Ray Charles.

“Hey mama, don’t you treat me wrong. Come and love me all night long. Oh oh, hey hey. All right now . . .” She sang.

After singing many songs by Ray Charles, they arrived at Forever 21 for her dress. “Eir, you wanna come with?”
“Sure.” She puts Eir in her purse and starts walking toward the store.
“Hello, excuse me Miss, but can I find a black-colored tux with a grey tie,” “What? Why’s Chara here? He neva’ shops here.” She thought to herself before her questions were answered by the man himself. “It’s for my girlfriend. She loves shoppin’ here and her favorite color is black so . . . yeah.”
“I never thought he would do this for me. I know where to shop now.” She whispered to herself.
She goes back to her car and begins to drive to Chara’s favorite place to shop, The Galleria.
She goes to one of the shops in The Galleria and goes straight to the dress section. Multi-colored dresses were plastered on the racks, the sight was awful. There were too many bright colors and a headache was forming inside her head from it.
She kept staring at pictures of black dresses aren’t good enough until she saw this onyx-shaded dress with some skin being able to show in the back. Her legs were able to roam free inside the dress for it showed allowed her to reveal her right leg, the leg that was covered in hickeys that were given to her by Chara.
“Perfect. Excuse me, can you bring this in a small.” She asked a random store clerk.
“Of course.” She pulled a dress from the rack and held it up to her, traveling to the dressing room. Cleopatra slipped the dress onto her body and she instantly fell in love with the beautiful thing. Thankfully, the dress fit her as a glove would fit a hand. It hugged her curves and graciously exposed the ass that she held dear. “Beauty,” She thought. “Simply beauty.”

“I’ll take it, thank you.”

She quickly heads home to get dressed before Chara could come back and find her. She wanted to surprise him and this was just the way to do it.
She opened the door and sped to her room, slipped on the dress, and went in Chara’s room because he had an elongated mirror. Sleep came over her and before she could stop herself, she gently set herself onto his black-covered bed and fell into the realm of drowsiness.

“Okay, let me get dressed before she gets home.” Chara walks into his room to find Cleopatra passed out on his bed. She laid in her favorite position to sleep in, a position in which dogs rest, a curled-up
Once his eyes meet her body, his wolf accessories shift from his skin and or gums. “You look so beautiful.” He says, his hand sliding against her cheek while sniffing her to take in her sugar cookie mixed with vanilla scent, the scent of his mate.
Jolts of electricity went through their bodies, knowing that they were made for each other by God, knowing that they were mates. She starts leaning into his rough, rugged palm. “He will be starstruck by this dress,” She says in a dreamy daze.
“We’ll see about that,” Chara says, pulling his hand away with a cocky smirk plastered on his face.

Tug. Tug. All Cleopatra could do was feel someone tugging on her tail. She’s being dragged from the bed but all she could feel was tug, tug. She stirs in her sleep until she could feel a tug that jolted her awake. “No!!” She screamed awake.
Her vision clears from the droisiness and she spots Chara cockily holding her tail at the edge of the bed.
He was wearing a black tuxedo with a white shirt and grey tie that matched the tuxedo perfectly. His shirt inhanced on his abs as it hugged his torso generously while her fingers began twitching to touch his body. Drool began to drip out of her mouth before she could realize it. “Hey, you’re drooling you know.”
He snapped her out of her daze with those simple words. She stood up and begins to straighten out her dress for it got wrinkly when she laid down. “You look . . . amazing.”
“Now you’re startin’ to drool. Ready?”
“Of course.”

They walked into the dance as if they were royalty attending a ball of some sort. “Come on, let’s go take a photo,” Chara says, dragging Cleopatra over to the booth. She was in love with taking photos, seeing as she was an art major, so he knew how much this picture idea would appeal to her.
“Okay?” The cameraman tells them to get in position. Chara wrapped his hand around her waist as he drew her closer to him. They stood together as if they were awkward friends. Because though they had been dating, Cleopatra felt as if she was going to look so very ugly on the picture.
“Now hold each other please.” He says. Chara grabs her waist and hoists her up easily. And as if she were a baby, he holds her above his head. He lowers her body and leans her into a gentle kiss.
The photographer shoots the picture in a flash. Best night of my life. No, meeting Chara, that was the best day and or night of my life. She thought. She knew it had been one of the best days of her life, no matter what would ever happen to her, except her proposal and or having children, being here, with Chara, is the best night of her life.

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