Jayhaven Chronicles

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All seems to be well in the city of Jayhaven. But one young cat will change that forever. Meet Rapid. As two young friends approach the fabled Jayhaven Academy, they cannot begin to imagine what lies ahead of them. They are still kittens, dreaming of fighting alongside the courageous Battlers, brewing mystical herbal potions with the wise Healers, catching exotic prey with the wiry Providers, and braving harsh terrain to secure borders with the loyal Scouts. But these two friends won't remain naive children for long. Forces arise outside the comforts of home, threatening to tear apart the prosperity of Jayhaven. Corruption glints through rosy facades like unwelcome diamonds. But soon, cats of all age and morals will realize that the greatest threat lies within the walls of the city itself. These are the Jayhaven Chronicles.

Fantasy / Adventure
C. K. Skylar
4.8 11 reviews
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The orange she-cat carefully padded up the castle stairs, her pawsteps echoing in the cold, empty council room. She approached the black tom-cat facing the bay window, his back to her.

“Hello, dearest Sunbeam.” The black tom didn’t turn around to face her. “Any news for me?”

Sunbeam bowed and shivered. “Yes, Pa- I mean, your majesty. Do you have any candles? This place is freezi-”

The black tom cut her off. “I like it this way. It clears the mind.”

“Well, anyway, I’ve heard that there are unauthorized criminals passing through the West Border. Would you like me to alert the guilds?” Sunbeam said.

The black tom whipped around and glared at her. His yellow eyes flashed with fury. “You know I HATE that term! They are not criminals! They are simply cats who have decided that it’s better to go alone.” The tom’s eyes clouded with sorrow. “I can understand that.”

He met Sunbeam’s eyes again with anger. “We will do nothing to stand in their way.

Sunbeam stepped away from him, her eyes widening. “But, your majesty, we don’t know if the, erm, non-Jayhaven cats mean well or not! You have let your past get in the way of Jayhaven’s safety before, I will not let you do it again!”

The black tom huffed. “Fine. We’ll send that-” He stopped and spat, “-lovely couple that lives near the academy to check up on the outsiders. Yes, that’s what I’ll call them. Outsiders.”

Sunbeam gasped. “My king! I know you don’t like that couple very much, but we cannot send them into possible danger just because of your personal feelings.”

“They’ve disobeyed.”

“They have kits!”

The tom turned back around towards his castle window and shrugged carelessly. “I’m sure they’ll survive their parents being gone for a few days.”

Sunbeam scowled. “Fine. I shall alert them tomorrow.”

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