Short Stories with Tragic Endings

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Short Stories with Tragic Endings is a collection of the lives Ashley leads to find her true fate. With each story, fate throws Ashley into a new world with a different background every time. Although she remains the same in every scenario, similar characters come into view. When following each story, you gain a better view of the true story unfolding, and the meaning of why Ashley is forced into each situation that pulls her in. Also inside these stories, the characters have a way of guiding Ashley blindingly to her fate of tragedy. Short Stories with Tragic Endings is just as it suggests. With each story you step into, Ashley finds a tragic end forcing her to face another fate.

Fantasy / Thriller
Mel Rose
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Heaven Upside Down

“I can’t believe how perfect this all is.”

“Thankful for you, I was already perfect when we met. Just as you were when I first laid my eyes upon you.” Matt single handedly melted my heart as he opened the door to the horse-drawn carriage.

Our wedding day came and now we lived for the moment. Most brides would wave off the crowd of guests as they drove off into the sunset, but not this one. I wanted to jump on top of my husband, to have my way with him as he promised. His lips must have read my mind as they pressed softly against the side of my neck.

My blood boiled at his touch, “Are you going to tease me or allow me to have my freedom before tonight?”

“My bride, we would need than a few minutes.” Matt’s indulgent lips trailed down my neck, causing my hair to raise. “I swear we will make love all night long if you wish. But for now, I have something exquisite planned for you.”

“But you said as soon as I became your wife,” The pent up frustration wore through my nether region. “We’ve been together for seven years and now I am yours for the rest of my life. What more could you ask of me?”

“A mere two hours and then we will be on our honeymoon, then I am all yours. Plus, there will be a bed there.” The honesty of his life served him well, not me, “Two hours is all I’m asking for.”

“What could be so important to take two more hours when we are right here right now?” My rage dwindled with his lips caressing my skin.

Matt’s hand climbed up my skirt finding my garter making my blood seep into places it shouldn’t, “Don’t forget this.”

My hands wrapped firmly around his neck, bringing his lips to mine while his wandered beyond the garter. Perhaps I changed his mind. Then again, maybe not. He refused to allow me to unbutton his shirt. Disappointment once more threw my rage. “What in God’s name are you waiting for?”

A laugh escaped his lips and the carriage immediately came to a halt, “I want you to meet my family first.”

My jaw came unhinged. He didn’t have a family. At least none he ever mentioned before. He said he was an orphan like me. What family is he talking about? The hormones running rampant through my blood stream froze. Questions I never thought before ran rampant through my brain.

“Ashley, for the first time since I’ve been alive, I have done something never dreamed possible. With these two bare hands I have brought about world peace. It may only last for two hours, but still the thought of it is something beyond anyone could ever comprehend. Think about it, Ash. World peace on our wedding day. Starting now and for the next few short hours, no wars, no death, no fighting. It’s just like you said, this is all too perfect.” The excitement shook Matt’s body. His fingers intertwined with mine vibrated letting me know how important this is. “Please don’t judge them, they are my brother’s.”

“Brothers? Judge?” Plural? What if they judged me? “Matt, why didn’t you tell me? This is something you should mention to the woman you are married to. Matt?”

Everything I said to him evaporated into thin air. He ignored me, staring out the carriage window. “Just think about it. Right through those two doors lies something beyond this universe.”

I didn’t have time to think before Matt ripped me through the carriage door, across the sidewalk and into the building. He didn’t give me a moment to look around or even see where we traveled to. In a single flash of a moment we were in the gigantic wooden doors face to face with two beings not of this world.

Matt’s brother did not hesitate. I could feel his intention before the door slammed behind us. A white glow of contentment flew towards me giving into a sense of rage on his face. White hair trickled behind him with speed. Jade daggers threw themselves through the air in my direction. His pallid skin of pure white light raced against the darkness surrounding him.

Running back out the way I came seemed like the best option. However, the moment came and passed. Left frozen as I stood, the surrounding air thickened. My chest heaved with the solidified fragments of atmosphere. He came at me like a lightning bolt crashing from the clouds of thunder.

“Stop!” A voice cut the being short of continuing to his goal. Instead of my neck, his hand wound its way around something, someone who appeared just before me. Even though I couldn’t move at the moment, I would’ve sworn the man who could save me was also the one who threatened me. “We promised peace.”

“Get the fuck out of my way, A. I don’t care what I promised.” Matt’s brother growled. “I will kill you again if I have to.”

My heart fought to expand. It tried to pull the oxygen through my body. It lost the battle along with all the strength I had inside of me. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t breathe and my thoughts became entangled. The sight in front of me faded.

“We promised peace!” He shouted.

“Do you know whose soul that is?”

“Yes, but we promised peace.” He reiterated. “Peace!”

“What the?” Matt’s hand released from mine, leaving me alone in the darkness. “What the hell is that? Somebody tell me what the hell that is.”

Matt’s voice trailed away from me. In that moment, I knew all too well what was happening while trying to figure it all out. My secret, the only thing hidden from my husband, clearly now hung out in the open. Everything I told him came in truth. All except for what I was. I could envision what his eyes fell on as he stood back from me.

Vivid scarlet eyes with matching hair would envelop my facade. The witch standing before him now, I hid for years. I never wanted him to see me like this. In his eyes, I wanted to be something normal, something like human.

“No! Don’t.” One of his brother’s voices cried out. With their similarities in the darkness, I couldn’t tell which one it was.

Silence fell after the gunshot. Quick, sudden and more painful than anything I have ever felt in this life tore open my chest. The heart I wanted so badly to beat, to save my life, refused to move. It only took a second for my brain to realize this was the end. No flash backs of my life. No single thoughts of profoundness. Just death and nothing else.

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