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Aneska Monroe teams up with a powerful demon, Jay Quinn. They make a fierce team by using ruthless anger to get jobs done as they aim to take down his father so he can rule the demonic kingdom as a new leader, and she can get revenge on Maliki’s vicious ways. She juggles the risky act of being in league with a dangerous yet seductive enemy whilst hiding her true form from the evolved Angelic’s, specifically Kailo, a high ranking warrior that has a curious eye for people like her, she pleads with him to keep the secret from the rest of the council, but he is confused to where his loyalties lie. Something is stirring the complex bond between Aneska and Kailo as she tries to figure out what she wants and what she needs to do so that no one else will die for her mistakes. She fights a different kind of demon within her mind, not knowing whether to let fear or anger drive her to the vengeance she craves as she re-lives the gruesome, pain-filled parts of her past.

Fantasy / Action
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These teasers are not spoilers to the storyline or plot, they are just scenes that give you a chance to understand how the different characters think and feel as well as assess the way I write as an author.

Teaser 1:

“Enough!” She yelled.

“Go on Aneska,” he ignored and hissed in her ear, “Bring out the true warrior inside you, kill them.”

The tension started to build, she opposed without moving a muscle. “A true warrior does not commit such acts towards their own blood.”

Whispering and teasing in her ears, Jay stayed behind her, daring her to commit to her full potential. He was like a voice inside her head, very persuasive, constantly judging and manipulating, shaping her mind like dough.

“Bullshit,” Jay said, “They do it all the time. Commit, Aneska. Be that person who gives you the sweet highs of a dark glory,” he got closer, “Show them who you are. Don’t be afraid Darling.” Reaching down, He gently grasped the top of her hand that held the unmoved arrow in place, a roughness to his skin that she seemed to relish the feel of.

Teaser 2:

He gripped the back of her head, his fingers tangling in her hair that had flattened like a dull mood. Without thinking, he drew her in harshly and crashed his lips against her own, they gasped as electrifying tingles made their lips quiver and mould together fiercer than ever. Both now lost in a trance, he nipped at her lower lip and she allowed entrance, it felt right, so right. Everything stopped around them like time had frozen and the stifled sounds now dulled to complete silence, it was only him and her and their fierce act of inflating lust, their tongues mingling causing Aneska to take short gasps of air. Then he let go.

Catching a breath, she gaped up to him. His arm had snaked strongly around her waist and her hand lay gently on his chest, they held onto each other as if one were to let go, they would fall to the ground shattering into a million pieces. They were so fragile.

Teaser 3:

“Its means that we have seen and done things that can’t be unseen or undone,” as he took another step forward, she took one back. “We’ve seen the real world for what it is,” he had her upheld against a thick tree trunk, muscular arms caging her in, “We’ve seen the worst of it and still came out on top.”

Their faces barely touching, she couldn’t let his eyes go. The pits of black held reflections from the glistening sun, making his orbs look like a starry night sky. Something she has always cherished.

“You drive me crazy in so many ways,” she blurted, not having much control over her words. Although she couldn’t help but agree with herself now that she admitted it. He was stubborn and irritating, his temper was something no one should ever mess with, he’s friendly yet cold and distant, he’s loyal although he’s trying to kill his father, he’s a rule breaker but he’s still sticking to their rules. He’s seductive but manipulative.

Jay leaned in and his soft lips barely grazed the top of her ear, “Good.” He removed his arms, striding down the path again without looking back.

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