The Sweet Denouement

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A fallen goddess's reincarnation has been set in place. Now it's time to figure out how to start over. 13-year-old Cerene Menire has lived a pretty rough life as an orphan. She and her best friend get a taste of the good life when they are adopted and get taught a lot more than they bargained for. But out of the macabre that she faces, nothing will compare to after she turns 18. Slavery, a mercenary for hire, submission, a goddess, and we haven't even gotten to the best part! This is definitely something that needs no introduction. This story will contain a lot of mature themes.

Fantasy / Erotica
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The Garden

"Three, two, one. Puussh!"


Blood-curdling screams filled the room as silhouettes whisked back and forth.

”Congratulations ma’am, it’s a girl!”

But that would have been too easy, right?

“Respiratory failure, she’s not responding, her pupils have dilated. Someone get a pediatric crash cart in here!”

“Ma’am.” A nurse turned in the woman’s direction. “Were you abusing any substances during this pregnancy?”

“No” The woman simply replied. They knew she was lying, she knew she was lying. Why didn’t she tell the truth? They wouldn’t have believed her anyway. Drugs to make a mortal out of any god or goddess... No, that wasn’t something humans were ready for. The woman looked over at her lifeless child, then took a look at the doctor before speaking. “I think she’s hungry.”

The team came rushing back in the hospital room with the cart. “That isn’t the infant, is it?” The nurses asked, wearing a bewildered look on their faces.

“Do you see another one in this room? Has everyone lost their mi-”

“I told you that she was hungry.” The new mother said as she continued to nurse her newborn.

“She wasn’t responding... How is this possible? Do you mind if I check her vitals one more time?” The doctor shakily walked over towards the bed and began to check the child’s pupils and listen to her heartbeat. “She’s fine. A healthy baby girl. Congratulations.”

“Thank you, doctor.”

The doctor turned and made his leave. As the woman looked down at her daughter, a deep sadness resonated within her.

“There will be heaven to pay if they find out about our union.” Said a mysterious figure standing at the bedside.

Present day. (flashback)

“Hey, where did you go?” The child giggled playfully as she went looking behind each tree in the forest. “If you stay hidden forever, then it’ll neeever be my turn” The little girl frowned at the thought of her being forced to be the seeker all of her life. She continued her search through the illustrious garden as every attempt to find her friend failed her. “Caaall~uuuuhhx ~. Callux, where are you?” She said as she picked up a rock revealing a snail. “Have you seen my best friend Mr. or Mrs. Snaily?” She put the rock down and began to stand up. “Callux I’m scared...This isn’t funny you jerk!” Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed some bushes moving. She began to head over to the bush, hearing what sounded like growling the closer she got to it. “Callux?” She slowly peeled back some of the branches and saw......Callux asleep on the ground snoring. She stared down at the sleeping boy and a smile began to form on her lips. He looks so peaceful... She thought to herself as she continued to stare before kicking his leg and screaming. “HEYHEYCALLUXYOUGOTTAWAKEUPIMNEVERITAGAINANDYOUGOTTAWAKEUP”

“Pipe down loudmouth. You’re going to wake the dead” The boy said as he turned over and began to get comfortable once again.

“Callux, the dead is the dead for a dead reason. They can’t” Her voice trailed off as she thought about the possibility of a zombie apocalypse happening.

“Dude, get over it. Zombies aren’t real. Quit being such a bratty kid, Zenny.”

“Quit calling me a kid! You’re the one that fell asleep in The Numine Occisio you weirdo! You know this forest is known for killing deities” The little girls face grew red as she fumed over the little boys’ words”

“Awe Zenny... Don’t get mad, I’m sorry” The little boy said as he sat up. “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. If it makes you feel better, even your necromancy skills could never create such filthy beings.” Callux held his head down as the kind words left his mouth.

Zenny paused at the odd words from her friend, before tagging him on his shoulder. “Tag you’re it!” She said as she ran off laughing. She looked over her shoulder and behind her only to see the lifeless face of her best friend chasing after her. His eyes sunken in as if they were bottomless pits; his mouth agape as if it was carved out. Then, as if watching tar engulf a photograph, everything began to get dark as it washed away in the torrent of her conscious mind.

Cerene’s POV

“Shite....” My eyes shoot open as I find myself staring up at the ceiling. I try to force my body to respond but to no avail. I guess I have no choice but to think about that dream again..... I’m getting tired of this. Every time I have that dream, I end up with sleep paralysis. Why does that kid keep calling me Zenny? I feel like I’m trapped in another dimension, suffocating. “Ugggghh” I groan. Wait, can I move?! I flip over in the bed and let out a sigh of relief. It didn’t last as long this time. The thought comes to mind about waking before the rooster, so now what? I lie there lifeless as my hand dangles off the edge of the bed. I can’t help but think back to that little kid. What was his name? And what about that garden? None of it made sense... I get lost in my thoughts once again as they trail off from my dream of that kid to my plans for this evening. As I feel my eyelids gently close, my mind drifts off. As the room around me fills with darkness, I’m overtaken with a feeling of serenity. *BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP* “What the fuck” I scream as I’m jolted awake. I attempt to catch my breath as I look around the room and identify my surroundings. 5:00 AM... What a devilish time to wake up! I bet Jesus is still asleep. Hell! I bet even Lucifer is still asleep......... No Lucifer would likely be working out at THIS ungodly hour. I began to absent-mindedly gather my things for my shower as I made mental notes aloud. “Okay, soap, washcloth, clothes, wait.... where’s my- there we go! Alright! Let’s get wet!” I confidently stride along to the bathroom not paying much attention to my surroundings. “Ugh Fu-” I quickly stop myself as I catch a glimpse of sister Margaret walking past.

“Yes, Miss Menire!? You were saying?” The look on her face turning into a scowl.

“ahly. Ma’am, folly. We shan’t folly because it is sinful!” I grit through my teeth trying to ease the pain resonating in the center of my foot. I quickly regain my composure as I smile towards the unimpressed nun.

“Very good Miss Menire. Don’t be late this time.” The semi grouchy woman said as she walked down the hall.

“Jeez, that was close” I looked down at the floor and notice all of Sharrie’s rosary beads on the floor, broken up. Well, we know what kind of nun she is. I think to myself as a smirk crept upon my face. I let out a sigh as I continued for the bathroom. “I wish Sharrie would clean the room more often. Or at least her side. I wanna be lazy too. Cerene pouts as she thinks about the glorious life of the lazy. Ugh... Whatever, I better clean up after my shower.”

30 minutes later

“Miss Menire, nice of you to finally join us for breakfast.”

Oh gosh, not this again... “Sorry, sister my morning prayers took a little longer because I wanted to ask for forgiveness for all of my wrongdoings.

“Hmm. Very well. Now that Miss Menire is here, bow your heads and let us say our grace.”


Ally opens an eye to find a pen and note on her lap. She opens it to see

“Nice save” written in pink ink.

With her head still bowed and one eye on the paper, she wrote “Thanks lol. So how long winded do you think she will be this time?”

Sharrie passed the note back only for Cerene to read “The oatmeal will dry out LOL”

She passes the note back to Sharrie once more saying ” The oatmeal will be so dried and crusty that it will turn into cement.”

“Cerene! How could you lol. Sorry about the beads by the way....”

Cerene read the note with a bit of joy, sending one back shortly after. This time, without the pen. “Sorry about the pen” Sharrie lifted her head and looked towards her best friend with a bewildered look.

“Mother Mary we ask that Miss Canton learn the ways of the respectful young nun in training and keep her head down.” Sharrie quickly put her head back down. “And we ask that Cerene act less like that horrid nickname of Ally cat, and more like a graceful bud that has not yet found their way to becoming a flower.” The pair of girls glanced at one another. ” Told you she was an alien” Cerene whispered as Sharrie chuckled. “Amen.” The girls lift their heads up. “Young ladies today is yet another adoption day. Dress nice, and put forth your best manners.” The head nun said as she walked out of the dining area. “Oh great, yet another adoption day. I don’t know what’s worse, being let down, or staying here with grinchy.” “Cerene! Why?” Sharrie said as giggles escaped her mouth. They finish eating and head to their rooms to pray, clean and read before the show (as Cerene calls them) arrives.

After all of the daily devotions and such. The pair have gotten dressed in plain but sturdy clothing. Cerene’s hair is pinned up by pencils in a ballerina bun and Sharrie’s hair is in a side ponytail using the rosary bead holding. They take one look at one another before looking out the window.

“It’s started,” They say in unison.

“Are you ready Miss Canton?” Cerene says as she takes a humble bow to her partner in crime.

“Yes, Miss Menire, I believe I am ready. Shall we take our leave? ”

The 2 leave the room and head out into the reporting room with the others who have not taken their vows yet, and the head nun.

“Quiet please, remember your training. Be Godly, and set an example.” The head nun says before turning towards the door to let the visitors in. “Places everyone, I am proud of you all.” She opens the door. “Welcome to the orphanage. I am Sister Margaret, the mother superior of this location. And the young sister next to me is Sister Mary, we will be handling today’s adoption process. Welcome, please come in.”

The nuns step aside and the guests are greeted by the girls waiting to be adopted. “Good morning.” They say in perfect harmony, as they take their bows in unison.

The guests can be heard commenting on their manners.

“If you will all kindly step aside into the waiting area, the other sisters and I will interview you to find you the perfect candidate.”

Mother escorts the onlookers into the waiting room. The girls take their leave when the room clears.

“Pffft. So are we just going to ignore the fact that she said she is proud of us?” Cerene says as she places her hand to mouth.

“You and I both know she means everyone BUT us.” Sharrie says as she lets out a slight fit of laughter.

“Miss Menire, please come with me, someone is requesting to see you.”

“Oh no, you know what to do Shar. Yes, sister right away.”

Cerene walked down the hall behind the mother. How did they see me? I thought I was careful enough not to let myself be seen. It’s probably some creepy old man priest or something that noticed my oddly colored hair and eyes... Pervert... Holy my tail. The list of rants continued as she followed dutifully behind the sister. Cerene began to look around at the plain scenery, or lack thereof. “What if I get adopted? Will I miss it here?

“Ah, here we are” The mother superior commented before making a right turn and walking inside of a small room. Cerene followed in tow. “Here she is as you requested. Miss Menire?”

Cerene lifted her head up and was shocked, to say the least. Before her, sat an unusual woman. She was slim, dressed in a long free-flowing black skirt, a black shirt that looked like it was made for a priestess, and a large black oval hat that was tipped to the side. Her hair was white and down to her waist. Her eyes, a pretty ocean blueish green.

“Miss Menire?! Have you forgotten your manners already?”

“Ah, no sister. Hello, I am Miss Cerene Feroayu Menire. It’s a pleasure to meet you, ma’am.”

A smirk flashed upon the woman’s face before she spoke. “No need for formalities dear, I am your mother after all.”

Mother Margaret and Cerene bewilderedly looked at the woman sitting before them.

“Are you certain? Maybe you would be interested in meeting another one of the girls, with all due respect.”

“I am adopting her.” The mysterious woman said firmly. “I d-don’t-” The nun began to stutter before being cut off by the woman.

“May I have a minute alone with my daughter please?” The woman politely asked.

Before the nun could respond, a knock on the door was heard. “Yes?”

“Excuse me, Mother Margaret? There is a huge commotion in the east corridor that requires your urgent attention.”

“Oh my... You have her file. If you need any help, please seek the assistance of Sister Mary, Sister Cornell, or Sister Jane. If you both will excuse me, I have matters that I must attend to.” The nun turns and takes her leave.

“Please, have a seat. How are you?”

Oh great, I bet she’s a pervert too. ” I am doing well, how are you?”

“Such proper speech and etiquette. I am Evangeline, your new mother. Any questions?”

Wow! This lady is adamant... Cerene thought to herself. “Miss-”


“Um... right. I do not mean any disrespect, but I believe there is a proper process before the adoption is allowed.”

“Come now, sweet child. You wouldn’t want me to be your new mommy?”

What the hell is wrong with this woman? “Actually” Cerene started

“You don’t want her! She’s trouble!” A voice called out before Cerene could answer the woman.

Thank God, it took her long enough. Cerene thought.

“Ah, trouble you say. Luckily for you, I like trouble.” The woman lifted her head up and met the gaze of the girls. “The papers are filled, let us go.”

“Wait, no... You can’t take her!!” “

Yeah, I’m not going. Screw this polite crap.”

“You don’t get to choose little one, everything is filled out.”

“You can’t take me. I’m not leaving Sherrie. I will be as much of an issue as possible and run away!!”

“Who said she wasn’t coming too? Your father is in the other room with Sherrie’s, likely finished paperwork. He isn’t one for conversation, so he likely finished faster.” Evangeline said as she began to step outside of the room continuing to walk down the hall, her husband coming out from another room and walking right next to her as if they were always in sync. Her husband was a tall and slim man with jet black hair and forest green eyes with a hint of yellow surrounding his pupils.

“Sherrie, who the hell are these people?”

“I don’t know... I don’t even remember seeing them in the lineup... ”

“Eva. It seems our girls thought to start a fire to get out of being adopted. I’m having too strong of an effect, you take it from here.”

“I have already taken care of it, dear.” Eva says before they all come to a stop at the front door to wait for Sister Margaret. A few minutes later sister Margaret walks past the corridor and sees the family standing at the door.

“I see you are ready.”

“Yes, we have left the paperwork with Sister Mary.”

“Thank you for taking part in our adoption process. Girls, I bid you a sorrowful farewell.” As the girls walk out and head to the car, Cerene takes one more look back at the mother superior and notices a sad expression her face. The nun began to shed a tear watching the girls that she had raised walk away.

Cerene mouthed in an unfamiliar pattern. "Thank you, for everything."

With the hint of a warm and kindhearted smile, Sister Margaret mouthed “We will miss you.”

End of chapter 1

* Feroayu is savage beauty in 2 different languages

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