You Kissed My Soul

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"Is there even a type of grin?" he asked "Yes there is. And you just gave me a coquettish grin" I kept my point. Running through the dark jungle she made sure to look back for any traces of anyone following her but then something big jumped over her and she stopped in her tracks as she took in deep breaths to calm down her racing heart from all that running. The brown wolf with a bloodied face and a torn ear looked back at her and snarled at her before it turned around and ran deeper into the woods out of her sight. She took a breath of relief as she thought the wild animal went away probably scared from her but then a low growl was heard from behind her as she grew alarmed and slowly turned around only to meet a wolf twice the size of the previous one, staring at her.

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1. Aderyn Brookes

Human being is a subject to have feelings and emotions that they can never ever be free off. No matter what you will always remember how life has picked you up from a time period and throws you in another. Life, I inhaled loudly thinking how my life has drastically changed. A lone tear slipped from my eye when I remembered the events from two years ago.

“I don’t want you to go. Please don’t go. I’m scared.” I looked into her eyes and held her closer to my chest, gently kissing her on her forehead. I promised, I would be back soon.

“Don’t cry, Sissie is going for important work stuff.” She stopped crying and with her little hands, she held my face and sobbed. I was reluctant for a moment thinking I should just leave my work and stay with her but then I knew I had responsibilities. Alright then, I shall wait for you.

“Good girl.” I kissed her again and went out of the ward.

A deep sigh escaped my mouth as I looked out of my red Audi A3 Cabriolet. I watched as the scenery passed by.

My Life has changed and so did I.

I have gone through so much in my life which I desperately want to forget but not the morals.

I looked at the rear view mirror to find my dul brown eyes looking back at me and it had dark circles around it. “What have you done to yourself, Miss Aderyn Brookes?” I muttered to myself. Everything that had to happen passed out and I was no longer that twenty years old girl. I’m twenty two now and to change I have just changed so much that even the people who knew me wouldn’t recognise me if I don’t give them my introduction. As I was driving, my head began to itch as I was sitting over my waist length brown chair and I growled in annoyance as I used my other hand to put the hair to my side and sat comfortably, driving past the houses. Definitely need a haircut!

I was actually driving Jeena, a name I had given to my Audi to my destination. I loved traveling and since a year ago, I have been traveling just everywhere. Feeling the air, witnessing new cultures had become a part of my life since a year.

For three hours I have been driving, driving and driving. At last after twenty minutes I spotted a diner. I parked my Jeena in a parking space and put on my black aviators. I took my backpack along with me as I looked over the place and walked right in feeling hungry. As soon as I opened the door of the diner, I mentally drooled having the aroma of food.

Food. This word is like heaven to me. I can’t even stop myself from eating anything for a few minutes, and here I waited three hours and twenty minutes to eat.

The diner seemed full of people and the waitress ran here and there to take the orders and also to serve. I choose a corner, and sat down and after some minutes a boy came and asked for my order. After giving him my order, he stopped writing on his notepad and gave me a weird look but didn’t say anything and left.

After 15 mins my order was placed before me. The most interesting part was everyone, I mean every single homo sapiens present in the diner, were looking at me as if I have grown two to three horns on my head.

Not liking that I was the center of attention I snapped: “What, never seen a girl eating?” By this, everyone looked away.

It was not my fault. I usually never snap at people but I’m hungry, and it’s their fault for Staring. I did technically order everything available in this diner.

I wasn’t lying when I said I was going to order everything. Without wasting any more minutes I dug into my food.

By the time I finished people were again staring. Some were staring in disbelief and some in amusement. I finished everything. They seriously thought I was going to waste my food?

How judgmental?

I just smirked at this. I paid my bill to the old lady with her mouth wide open and walked to the exit.

As soon as I reached the knob to open the door, the door was yanked wide open and their stood I think the World’s Handsomest man in front of me.

And what was I doing at this time?

I couldn’t move, as if I was held captive by his deep forest green eyes which were trying to look deep into my soul but couldn’t.

I kept staring.

He kept staring.

I kept staring.

He kept staring.

People kept staring.

I kept staring.

Some dudes beside him also kept staring and suddenly I noticed the change in his eyes.

His eyes slowly changed from forest green to hint of black.

Like hatred.

What the hell?

I alerted myself, held myself out of his captive gaze.

Distracting myself from him, I went passed him and the dudes to my Blush.

I don’t know why my heart just wouldn’t stop beating fast.

Igniting the engine and went out of the parking space, continuing my journey.

Oh man, just what the hell?

Why am I thinking of that forest green eyed guy?

And how the hell did his eye color change?

No not possible, I must be dreaming.

Was it possible?

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