Scarlet... A new world forms

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Scarlett's life has changed in more ways than one recently. He best friend and partner Obadiah was slain by an enemy that wanted to hurt her before he tried to kill her. The two angels, that are now her husband’s, have hidden her away to make everybody thinks that she was killed by that attack. But as Scarlett pleads with Jedediah, and Raphael to let her go back out into the world to fight, that is the last thing they are willing to let her do with the evil that is brewing. The change in the air is thick, and Scarlett has a strong pull to do what she has always done… hunt. But the hunt for the normal creatures has swapped places with these new vampires, zombies, and what has now been termed, the Dark Ones. The pull is so strong to find these Dark Ones, that despite the love for the two angels in her life, she decides to go off on her own and find her new calling and do the job the Father has sent her out to do.

Fantasy / Romance
Jennifer L Byars
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My eyes have now been awakened to all that is happening around me. The life that was supposed to been mine, is no more. And as I sit in my place of solitude, I see now it never was mine to begin with. All the things that had been taught to me, the things that were meant to keep the people safe… now I understand they have little purpose for what is about to come.

Fighting has always been the way of the Huntsman. It has been the sole meaning for our lives and our cause. But fighting can only do so much when evil has a new face. And this face, this face is invisible to all huntsman that walk this planet, that is all but me.

Evil always has a place in this world, there is nothing that can be done about it. It runs its course like a virus slowly taking over the lands and all who dwell in it. It is us, the Huntsman, which were made to keep the Fathers world in check from the evil that to find it’s way back, even when we think it has been destroyed. In this way, the world has balance, and it lets the multitudes thrive while the sickness of the wicked that goes on around them. It is the huntsman that keeps them safe.

Yet there is something new brewing down in the depths of hell, and it is something far more sinister than any huntsman could’ve imaged. The winds of good vs. evil have changed and changed for the worst. What was once righteous, has now fallen even further from their heavenly post, giving darkness the upper hand.

It is a new world that is forming, one where the huntsman will struggle to do what the Father made them for. How can we fight against an evil that they cannot see, that are stronger, faster, and can multiply faster then they’re able to kill them, all that is, but me.

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