The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Othorion, Prince and heir to the Forest Elf Throne, is not interested in the royal life. After spending 1 year in hiding he is finally found but not in the way he expected.... Adela, Second child to Alpha Grant Silver of the True Luna Pack is dedicated to getting out of her fathers protective grasp. After an unexpected event takes place she is forced into being the new Alpha... Both species look up to the moon for guidance but hate each other with passion. But are these two really who they were told they are? They both have similar dreams and situations but are completely different people. Is Grant going to allow this relationship? Is Adela going to complete The Change? Who will become the Forest Elf King and Queen? And most importantly what is The Change??

....1 year ago

Othorion`s POV

I had just finished my archery practice around the Forest Elf Land. It was a warm spring and the perfect time to go for a run and do target practice. I really pushed myself today, i couldn't stop thinking about the talk with father and I needed a distraction.

Was I ready to be king?

More importantly did I want to be king?

I loved my people but I hate being stuck at a desk writing out emails or organizing the kingdom profits. I don't want to be like my father. I love adventure, but that is not the way a royal elf should act, as father tells me.

I hated being royal. Everyone spoke to you different, looked at you different, treated you different. I hated being special but father said i cant hide who I am. His words from my 18th birthday, 2 weeks ago, still haunt me.

' Be proud of who you are. You will be the New Forest King soon. You will be like me. We shall talk soon my son '

That's what I'm dreading. 'We shall talk soon'

By soon he meant today. I could sense it, and it makes sense a full moon is tomorrow night. The only night the a royal elf can be excepted as King.

I took a stop at our border. Breathing heavily i lean against the nearest tree trying to catch my breath. I pushed my blonde almost white hair off my drenched forehead. I looked out into the distance. It was calling to me. Calling to freedom. I was fighting the urge to go.

This was the one chance I had at escape.

Nobody was around.

I closed my eyes thinking this through. Being a full blood royal elf didn't just make me faster but wiser and stronger than other elves.

The first thing that came to my mind was mother. She wanted to talk. She was watching me. Her cherry red hair flowed down her back and was tucked behind her pointed ears out of her face. Her gentle minty green eyes, like mine, staring at me with happiness. Her skin was fair and smooth other than the freckles sprinkled all over her nose. Everything about her was beautiful. I loved my mother. She was the wisest elf known in these forests making her the perfect queen. She smiled and then spoke.

' Do what you feel is right my son. Let the forest guide you to your destiny. The moon will watch over you '

' Mother please don't forget me. I am a disgrace to all Royal Everelms. I reject the title of Elf King Othorion Everelm of the Forest. Forgive me father '

In return my mother gave me a sad smile and whispered

'I'm so proud of you '

And then faded into the darkness. I opened my eyes shedding a tear. A tear for my mother. That may be the last time I see her in a long time. Father will never forgive me...but mother is still on my side. It hurts to know father will look at me differently, but it's for the best.

I checked my belongings I had on me. My favorite bow, Two stacks of arrows, a few health potions freshly brewed, my phone(yes elves had phones), my credit card which should contain some money emergency from father and some extra clothes with a PB and J sandwich which mother probably packed for me. She knew I would leave today. I had everything I needed.

' Neicho Ruterboit '

Luckily for me I studied spells and enchantments in my spare time, if i wasn't exploring i would be in my fathers library looking through ancient spells and how to brew important potions. I cast an enchantment of disappearing, pulled the hood of my maroon cloak over my head and ran off my fathers land not looking back. I already felt the spell working as I felt no connection with mother and father, however a different feeling was coming through more strong. A warm sensation rushes through my body as I run through the forest. Freedom. It was the feeling of freedom. I was free.

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