The Hand of Death

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"You are of the Koga House.” “A Koga does what must be done." "A Koga is the worst of enemies, but the best of friends." In the mythical land of Giapan, most young boys dream of becoming brave samurai or great masters of magic, the Onmyoji, who can heal as well as engulf cities in flame with but a gesture. But not Shotoku Hiro. Hiro only wanted to see the city outside the walls of the castle. To see what went on somewhere, anywhere other than the samurai district of Shiro Goemon. And once he worked up the courage to actually do that... no one could have guessed where it would take him. The Hand of Death is a Fantasy novel set in a land not unlike feudal Japan. The story follows a young boy's journey as the only son of a distinguished samurai who is pushed onto the path of Ninjutsu. A path that, in the golden land of Giapan, can lead to some very frightening places. And Giapan is nothing if not frightening.

Fantasy / Action
Hayden D. Linder
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This book took me ten years to complete. Two of those years were actively spent on writing while the remainder was purely wasted on self loathing. I just want to take a moment to look back and use my experience as a chance to motivate you. If you have a dream or something you want to fulfill, don’t waste your time like I did. Instead, keep putting one foot in front of the other until you reach your goal. That is what I, eventually, did to get this finished. Now that it is complete I feel very proud. This is a good story with characters and scenes that still make me take time out to pay attention to what is going on in the story. I have read this book some fifteen times and I still get caught up in the people and the scenery. I think you will as well if you give it a chance.

So, I would like to thank my lovely wife, Ruby, for having faith in me.

My sister, Lori and her son Jakob for enjoying the story. And most of all, my super fan Tasha, for loving the book even before her editing was done and it looked like hell.

God bless you all.

Hayden D. Linder

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