Roots of a Curse

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Here is where hearts beat quick with fear. Here is where minds turn on themselves in the dark. Here is where claws tear any the things that lurk out of sight. Here, black strings tie together faithful enemies. Here, blood stains all hands. Here, pasts rise from the depths of hollow souls. Here stands a curse, a huntsman... and the Puppeteer.

Fantasy / Thriller
Ash Tenebris
4.6 17 reviews
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Humanity. Something so many hold so close, something so many believe in. They say to be without humanity, is to be a beast. To be a beast, is to have no sanity… and to have no sanity is to be without humanity.

If sanity defines humanity, then what is she? If she is without sanity, but holds a mask of humanity, what does that make her?

Humans. “Above the rest,” is what too many believe. They think they are the strongest. They say to not be human, is to be prey. To not be human, is to be weak... to be less than unworthy.

If strength defines humans, then what is she? If she is without strength, but holds a mask of power, what does that make her?

Humans are liars to no more than themselves. They are only strong compared to themselves. They are only sane compared to themselves. Humans are killers, beasts under insanity’s control.

Is she human? Or is she something less? Perhaps, she is something more. Or perhaps, she is nothing at all. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, they say. What they don’t realize, is the same could be said about insanity, about good, and about evil.

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