The Knowledge Crystals

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Ganesha, Pumpkin, Sorphina, Lauren Frost, Queen Frost, Arch Angel Michael, Valarie, Shadow Creatures etc. A book of crystals belonging to Walt Disney had been opened by the wrong hands. The keeper Queen Frost, and mother of her only child Lauren Frost were the only witnesses of it being opened. Fearing for her daughter's life and her survival after the eleven other children died away due to the crystals shattering, she sends her to grow up on Majestic Island along with Valarie a close friend knowing about her existence. What happens in twelve years later Lauren is ready to prepare to fight? Will she gather the crystals? Find out.

Fantasy / Adventure
Lauren Bischoff
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

A woman stood underneath a lamppost waiting for the lights to go out for the night, and beside the streetlamp she stood under is a sign she read stating the name of the island welcoming her Majestic Enclave.

The woman’s name is Queen Frost, she had enormous-beautiful brown eyes and long wavy brown hair as perfect as a fairy-tale doll in a toy-store. She wore a gorgeous white dress similar to clouds as her lips are as sweet as a peach with a folklore impression. She flashed her eyes towards the celestial sphere to an enormous dragon coming to make a smooth landing.

“It’s about time,” she murmured.

The dragon was coming more into the light and out of the dark turned out to have golden scales in a hawk-eye view. On his backside he wore a leather saddle and carried the most loyal member to the Queen, Arch Angel Michael.

Michael isn’t any different from other Arch Angels. He had been known to ride on the backside of a mighty flying-lizard. He remains as the same person Queen Frost had imagined. Michael’s face is youthful and strong giving him the nickname St. Michael after he had slayed Satan from having control over their worlds. He managed to come in one piece with the last of the newborns under the orders of Queen Frost. He took her hand as she assisted him off of the dragon. He pulled his long dirty blonde bangs out of his face. His eyes reveal a striking blue with a shame reaction for what is going to come and take place. Inside his carrier beside his right-side hip, was a small living being, brightening hope for what is to come into the future.

“Thank god you are both safe.”

Michael nodded and admitted, "We maybe safe for now, however bare in mind flying here wasn't easy."

He unzipped the satchel for Queen Frost. She was checking on the toddler with special needs containing a source of light. It was the same glow Queen Frost recognized from the event shattering her kingdoms magic causing the domicile to fall apart. She picks the bundle up while devastation remains on her face, allowing her to regain composure as the child rested her head against her chest. She knew she cannot undo the damage which had been done to her kingdom. However she can hide the extraordinary aura her daughter has. She waved her hand over the suckling causing the strong energy to disappear. She doesn’t want humans questioning why the child had grew up sparkling.

“What a tragedy it is that I have to leave her,” Queen Frost flicks a tear away as she looked Michael in the eye, “Zenora will never be the same.”

Michael placed a hand on her shoulder as he reassured her, “It’s not your entire fault the knowledge crystals have been opened.”

“However, it is my fault my daughter’s life is in danger,” Queen Frost felt responsibility for the crystals disappearing with their unique abilities. They weren’t meant to belong to the perils of hell. The book opened causing the unfortunate deaths of the other eleven children she had created above. The other eleven children which have been affected turned to dust.

I’m fortunate my daughter survived, Queen Frost ponders in deep thought as she tried to smile at the surviving seed of life, if Lauren remained inside, she would’ve been defenseless against the enemy. She’s way too young to fend for herself.

Lauren is the child’s name. She’s unable to fight at a young age. This is the main case Queen Frost had as an excuse to leave her here on the island. She knew it’ll keep her safe. She knew someone who lives here within a gorgeous hidden residence. She snapped her gaze straight toward a mansion she had come to.

The mansion had an entry pathway she walked upon. It was made up of red bricks leading through a wide spread black-iron gate, with a brick-wall surrounding the landscape. Inside the middle garden are statues up ahead. The monuments are shaped into huge green-blue sea turtles covered in algae on the right and left side. The door in between had a silver mermaid knockers to alert the old psychic.

It’s going to be difficult for the Queen’s foe to find her princess here. She sensed the sweet child turning over. The emerald blanket covering her teeny head, slipped off revealing her dark brown hair. She stretched making herself sparkle. Queen Frost walked up to the front door belonging to her faithful friend she knew as she murmured underneath her breath, “Born May 7 and given away to Mistress Valerie.” She grabbed the knocker in one of her hands banging it gently.

The knocking sound caused the mermaid to swish her tale as she opened her mouth sounding a little British in her greeting rhyme, “Careful with my tale, you’ll chip a scale.”

“I am sorry, is this the residence of Valerie Stones?”

“It is madam.”

“Can you allow me by?”

“No, go away.”

“I can’t go away.”

“Why not?”

“It’s an emergency,” Queen Frost says, “My home is gone.”

“Not my problem.”

“Please let me in you see the magic of the knowledge crystals has been…”

“I don’t care watch your hard knocking on the door when your holding onto my tail, you’ll chipped it,” the mermaid on the door replied as she swished her tail showing off a piece had been chipped off the last time there was someone at the door.

“Did you say knowledge?” a voice can be heard behind the door as feet were coming down the steps on the second floor inside. The person must have heard the loud noise and the mermaid knocker yelling at the Queen.

The mermaid slapped her hand on her face knowing who may be coming behind her from the secured doors, “Now you have done it. It’s Beatrice.”

Queen Frost can hear the locks being jiggled around as she awaited to go into the house. She leaned to the right and witnessed from the right-side window, there is a petite-stout woman presenting the children’s rhyme “I’m a little teapot” standing behind the door, her eyes are as dark as molasses an important ingredient that goes into gingerbread cookies. The door finally unlocks as she greets her with, “How may I assist you?”

“Is Valarie available I need to speak to her on important matters?"

“What is so important, the mistress told me to handle the guests and not to bother…” it did not take long for the newborn to shriek creating the puffer-fish to swell above them in their balloon defense and flickering their aqua tank porch lights do high energy. The woman who saw the abnormality back away as she reached out and tugged Queen Frost into the house before the shutting of the door.

The main entry door closes as they head on into the direction of the narrow corridors to where she will meet with a spiritual advisor. Queen Frost did her best trying to settle her daughter. She managed to sooth her by rubbing her on her back after the shriek as she follows the woman to the backroom. The occultist is at hard-work causing her books upon shelves to fly around and organizing themselves randomly, while on her geography globe she had a pet cat sleeping. Beatrice outside the room had made it to the end of the hallway to the study. The woman knocked disrupting her observations. She then turns to Queen Frost she spoke a clear tone, “Bare-in-mind madam hasn’t had visitors for a while. She’s on the moody side. Plus, do not touch anything.”

The clairvoyant behind the door begins to speak, “What is it now Madame Beatrice can’t you see I’m studying?”

“I am sorry to disrupt Mistress Valerie, but urgent business requires your attention.”

“Who could possibly need my help at this time of…”

“Professor Valarie it’s me, Queen Frost you know from Zenora I’ve returned.”

It didn’t take long for Valerie to respond with defeat knowing Queen Frost from long ago, “Hold on I’ll unlock the door. You may come in.” She stood back as the study room unraveled. A thin, India woman with dark hair, brown eyes with perfect smile of white pearly teeth appears. She is sitting on a black leather chair behind her desk. She wears an African dress, her eyebrows furrow towards Queen Frost in an inquisitive expression. “What’s your issue?”

“Zenora had been destroyed my castle is gone,” Queen Frost claimed, “I had Michael evacuate my daughter after it began to fall apart after a shadow attack. The other children are dead. I’d figured she’d be safe in your hands instead of me and Ganesha.”

“She’ll be kept secure,” Valarie vowed, “I’ve got a crib ready for her. Please come on in I would like to hear more on this shadow attack. No wonder I was in a grumpy mood.”

The crib Valarie prepared was worth an excellent gaze. It was made out of red chestnut wood, and it had a light blanket, soft emerald cushions gentle enough to allow a child to sleep in peace. Queen Frost placed her tiny, child into the bed covering her up as she walked over to the small table. A medium statue of Ganesha rests with his eyes closed along with crystal ball sitting in his lap comfortably. Valerie had a seat on a chair across from Queen Frost. She grabbed a hold of the orb in Ganesha’s lap and held it inside the palm of her hands. She then began generating new magic to predict what is to come in the next twelve years. Valarie than begins shielding her homes doors rapidly. There are large secrets to be kept between her and the empress from another whole region. She did not want any of it to get out to anyone else’s ears, “Now tell me what happened to the other eleven children.”

“It was an ordinary day at my kingdom. Ganesha and I were at hard work in the library alphabetizing our spiritual records when…”

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