The black cat's witch

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An unlucky black cat and a witch who believes in him. He has sworn to protect her even if he has to die or give away who he really is. A witch who does not think he is unlucky and makes him feel as if he belongs. A story about two people who belongs to different world but are ready to give up there everything for each other. No one knows what destiny holds for them but together they can face anything, even if they have to change the coarse of life and nature.

Fantasy / Romance
Lipsa N. Naik
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Chapter 1

This is my third book and this is a short story, I have entered it on Inkitt Novel Contest so please vote for it and i would edit it after I complete writing the story. Thank you, hope you enjoy this. Feel free to point out the mistakes.

He was an unlucky black cat. Hated by the villagers. Tormented by the children. All because it is said that a black cat brought nothing but misery and misfortune.

Left battered and broken in the midst of a dark forest, he thought that his sufferings were finally going to end. But then a young woman appeared before him.

“You poor, sweet, thing!” She gasped when she saw his sad state. Her voice was quite as if she thought it would cause him pain if spoke any louder.

She knelt down and looked at him with eyes filled with sorrow. Not a single care about what his existence meant.

The cat, shocked beyond belief that this woman cared, lifted his head with plenty of cuts telling of his woes. ‘And I know it’s true; That visions are seldom what they seem.’

“I swear! I hate it when they do this!” The witch seemed angry now. She had the same determined lips, set jaw, as the first unlucky one.

A thought trickled into to his mind. ‘And If I know you, I know what you’ll do’

With gentle hands, she lifted the cat into her arms and continued along the path to her home.

Even though the night was dark and cold, the warmth of being in her embrace made him feel as he was bath in sunlight.

“Don’t worry. When we get back, I’ll make you as good as new.” She told him.

‘Fool. What are you doing?’ The little black cat internally cursed at himself. ‘You’ll hurt her!’ He knew he would bring the girl trouble.

‘She’ll end up just like the first one. She cared. Maybe too much.’ The first owner, a kind woman who spared him a thought only to have misfortune befall her.

If he stayed, misfortune would fall upon this girl soon.

But he was a pitiful soul and foolishly took comfort in the girls promise to take care of him. Closing his eyes, he let the girl take him wherever she wished.

“It’s getting really windy out there.” The girl’s voice resonated over the sound of the shuttering windows and roused the cat from his sleep.

With all his injuries mysteriously gone, the cat rose from his resting spot and went in search of her voice.

When he found her standing by the window, he couldn’t help but think that she looked so beautiful under the moonlight.

“You are awake! How are you feeling?” She smiled and beckoned him over.

The flames from the fireplace danced in her brilliant eyes and he was drawn to them, as if he were a moth and she the flame.

The girl’s name was Sabrina. She was a witch who lived alone in the forest. At least that’s what the cat thought.

A small strange creature with red hair always accompanied her. Her name was Mari. She seemed to be optimistic by nature, always supporting Sabrina with her encouraging words. He was glad that she wasn’t all alone.

By the fourth night, he was even convinced that Mari wasn’t Sabrina’s only companion.

Every night, she would set a plate of food, only for it to be pty by morning. He was a little envious, wondering if he too, was worthy of her company.

As he continued to stay with Sabrina, he learned she made a living by selling medicine made from the plants she meticulously raised.

He would watch her contentedly as she worked. She always hummed the same happy tune yet he was never tired of hearing it.

Days turned into weeks. Uncertainties grew into complacency. It seemed as if his misfortune didn’t affect her at all.

He couldn’t bring himself to leave, but she never complained. She had even given him a gift, letting him know that he was always welcomed and that he belonged.

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