Be The Crown

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Fantasy / Romance
Meria Ruby
Work in progress
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The Beginning Of It

I am Venus . Not too sharp or intelligent of a person , but just your average girl who lives in a small village all alone and isolated because she still can't face the death of her parents .
I ran my fingers through my black hair which had almost become a mess . I needed to buy a comb soon or it would mean the end of my beautiful hair .
I also needed to find work somewhere . It didn't matter I could work even as a maid in someone's house or as a first lady for a queen who took care of all her needs .
" Venus , dearie , come here ! " someone called me . I ran down the stairs and found Mrs. Courts standing there.
She was a nice woman , this Mrs. Courts. She treated me like her own child and she was very kind. She prayed to God all the day and read religious books and that was why she was so wise and had good insight on various topics.
I smiled at her and she smiled back. She was holding a long scroll , perhaps the longest one I had ever seen .
" Dearie , I was invited to this place . But I cannot go nor can my husband . The escorts have already arrived . Could you go in my stead? " she asked me. I looked at the carriage anxiously.
Mrs. Courts was often called to parties by rich friends of hers and she always went there but sometimes she could not go. I was definitely not the one who could attend such parties . The word ' never ' was always ready in my dictionary. I didn't undergo etiquette lessons or dance lessons or anything else that would help at parties. The main point of my life had been isolating myself in my house or in the village all the time after my parents had died. Dance and etiquette were important in the parties of rich people and I could never fit in. But it was hard to say ' no ' to the one woman who had loved me and done so many things for me.
I went inside the house and put on my best clothes. I needed to do at least one thing for someone I called dear.
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