The Motion of the Seas

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A young girl took over her fathers position as a captain aboard his ship when he passed on prematurely. The crew became unruly and disagreed to serve under a woman, she did all she could o keep them in check but they marooned her and she was left trying to escape and to find a way off the island. She was rescued by a trading ship and taken back to Nassau where she begins to plan her revenge, she hunts her old ship down, her revenge is fulfilled and so back aboard her ship The White Seal, her adventure begins again, she travles back to Nassau first to rest up and get new supplies, but her next mission would be recruiting and her next stop Tortuga.

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Chapter 1

Then. . .

All I remember was standing on the beach and watching my ship sail away, I cursed at the men and threw a big rock not that it did much the ship was miles away, it just splashed salt water all over me, and drenching my clothing. I was left in a torn skirt a white shirt, rum and a pistol, I just sighed and stormed off into the large jungle looking for fresh water and food. The sun was harsh and burning my skin, I took my braid out of my long, uncut red hair and used it to cover the back of my neck. I walked far into the jungle it was a little humid and hot but my efforts were soon rewarded because at the top of this island was a cool pool.

It was large, and a deep sapphire like the gem that was in the hilt of my pistol, I threw off my clothes and jumped into the pool, it cooled me immediately and I cupped the water in my hands and drank from my palms, the pool had a natural cover as the trees leaves were clustered above it. I lay my head back and just floated there for a few seconds allowing the water to caress my skin, my scars on show, many I had earnt on my travels and battles. As soon as soon as the it began to get dark I hauled myself from the pool, pulled on my clothes and looked for somewhere to sleep for the night. I found a cavern looking out into the sea.

I gingerly wandered in my hand resting on the hilt of my pistol, my bare feet barely made any sound, I kept my focus forward ignoring the sound of the calling animals outside, the cavern was empty except for a white wolf, she stood and stalked over to me, I lowered my pistol as her ears lay back and her lips lifted over her teeth. “Easy,” I said and dropped to my knees. She continued to walk over and once she saw how I submitted to her, she rubbed her head against mine, she accepted me as one of her own, ever since that day we had been inseparable.

Now. . .

The trading ship that had saved me was a days sailing away from Nassau, they had given me new clothes and fed me, I was now back to my original weight. I chewed on the end of my pipe deep in thought, I had to get revenge on those men for what they did to me. “Captain?” one man asked behind me awaking me from my thoughts, I turned and the rather young gentleman began to flush red.

“Jenkins?” I asked.

“I thought you would like to know that we have figured out what course your ship took and we may meet it in open waters before we hit Nassau.” He said.

“Good work.” I said and realised he didn’t leave. “Did the Commander want to see me?”

“Yes, he wants to know what will happen if we meet them?” he asked.

“You tell him we blow their ship to Davy Jones’ locker. Now go!” I snarled.

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