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Wanted by the Wolves

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I couldn't react before Jason was right in front of me, his wolf taking over by the way his eyes turned pitch black. "Mine." he growled out, After being the most wanted werewolf in the country, Amy Barlow decides to go into hiding. She chooses a small town on the border of the Silver Crescent Pack Territory - one of the most powerful packs in the nation. At first, changing her name to Kara Thomas and dying her hair blonde seems to be enough to throw people off her trail, but when something happens that is not planned for, her original idea crumbles. Will she be able to stay hidden long enough to not get caught? Or will she fall into the hands of a trap? With her mate close on her tail, how will she ever hide?

Fantasy / Romance
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1. Running Through the Woods

A M Y ' S P O V:

The darkness enveloped the night as I got out of the black SUV and walked through the woods. I silently prayed that no one would notice a teenage girl wandering through the woods in all black in the dead of night.

I stood, hesitant to walk forward, scared that someone would catch onto what I was doing. I took a deep breath in an effort to calm my nerves. I repeated what my mother had told me over and over in my head. Just cross the border and head towards the main street not too far away - your aunt will be there waiting. I began my trek towards the border, concealing my scent as best as I could.

You may be asking why I thought this was necessary, but when you are the most wanted wolf in the nation, you may be forced to use the same strategy as well. No, I didn’t murder, kidnap, attack a pack or anything like that. In fact, it’s not even my doing.

My father, a previous Alpha of the Blue Moon pack, went on a rampage for power after going “crazy”, or what my family refers to it, as “emotionally unstable”. He had many enemies back then - who doesn’t? - and finally lost it one day and wanted to take over all the packs that were seen as any kind of threat.

So how did I get blamed for all of this? I, Amy Barlow, did nothing, except sit on the sidelines and watch my dad’s mental health declined. But honestly, what could I really do at the small age of 11? It’s not like I could stand up to him and tell him to stop this. I didn’t know what to do.

Over the years, more and more packs have wanted me in order to get to my father - too bad it doesn’t matter. He died a few years back in a car crash. The reason this wasn’t made aware to his enemies - because only humans saw it along with my mom and I. He had been mad that night and went for a drive to clear his mind. Unfortunately, a drunk driver was out and the two cars collided, killing both of them.

The packs have had various reasons for wanting me over the years. Some want me so that they can make me pay for what my dad did to their pack. Others want to take me to hurt my dad, and plenty of others believe they can get wealthy off the ransom for me. Too bad none of them will never succeed in going through with their plans. Not only is my dad dead, but I have been covering my tracks ever since.

My mom and I remained in our pack, the Blue Moon even after my dad’s death, and lived happily. They didn’t blame us for anything, and even helped protect us for quite a long time. That was up until the recent threats in the past few months. Strong packs started threatening to attack the pack unless they turned me over, which they refused countless times. I decided that me being a part of the pack was endangering everyone else, so I decided to move away.

The plan was simple, live with my aunt in whatever pack she is in. That was until I realized that she lived in the Silver Crescent pack - one of the strongest packs in the nation. They would surely sniff me out in a matter of minutes. Now, since I left the Blue Moon pack I was considered a rogue, something most packs don’t take lightly.

By then, the plan was too far along to go back to square one. So here I am, approaching this pack who is probably going to catch me the minute I step a foot into their territory. I am hoping that my wolf, Rachel, is able to hide our scent long enough for us to find our aunt. By hiding my scent, the Silver Crescent pack will think I’m human. My aunt is also a witch, so she is able to create potions to hide my scent long term.

A branch cracked under my foot and I jumped, biting back a cry of surprise. Due to my heightened werewolf hearing, I know that the sound brought the attention of a few wolves along the border.

“Shoot,” I mumbled under my breath. This was what I was trying to avoid. Footsteps crept across the forest floor, nearing me. I curl up into a ball on the ground, hoping they don’t see me in the dark. A howl caused me to stand up and look at my surroundings. The approaching wolves had changed course to head back towards the pack house, or so I assumed. I picked up pace and ran the forest, not caring who heard me now.

A low and deadly growl stopped me in my tracks. I turned to face it slowly, scared of what I would face. The power radiating off of it told me it held an alpha power. I cringed, trying to remember what the alpha from this pack was like, but my mind drew a blank. Was he kind, and forgiving? Or was he heartless and power driven?

I met his eyes, and it seemed as if he was looking into my soul. His chocolate brown eyes were cold and powerful, and his coat was pitch black. He was a little larger than your average wolf, but the aura around him said he was anything but. Sweat began to bead on my forehead, as I feared the worst. What if he could see through Rachel’s facade and finds we are a rogue. How will he take it?

He snaps at me, his growl growing louder. I back up, mixed feelings surging through me. I mean, I have an alpha advancing towards me like he was going in for the kill. On the other hand, if he knew I was a rogue, my neck would’ve been snapped already.

I spin around and bolt from the area, feeling him gaining on me. I try not to use my werewolf speed, but when you have a blood thirsty alpha chasing you, you don’t exactly have a choice. My legs burn as I sped up, dodging through trees and leaping over fallen logs. The sound of the wolf behind me goes silent, and I realize why...

I’m on main street.

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