The Descendants - Rise of the Reaper Army

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Haunted by their own pasts, Gabriel and Aurora must overcome their differences and learn to trust one another if they are to defeat the Reaper Army. When the apex predators of the forest begin acting strange, former Army Captain Gabriel Stone knows something is wrong. Change is all around. He can sense it in the earth and feel it in on the wind. Something is coming... After being attacked by a vampire, Gabriel thinks his 'life' is over. Alone, confused and with no choice other than to hide out, alone in an old forest cabin, Gabriel has sworn to find and kill the creature that changed him. When the hunt leads him to an old farmhouse and he encounters the fiery, beautiful and headstrong Aurora, Gabriel's world is turned upside down as he quickly realises not everything is as it seems. ​Aurora is a Descendant, the daughter of a vampire father and Amazon warrior mother. She is strong, beautiful and has a special connection to the earth and its creatures. After spending a lifetime hunting the monsters that killed her parents, Aurora has all but given up - until she meets Gabriel, who is tortured, angry and out for revenge. But despite his flaws, Aurora knows he is the key to everything she has been searching for - if only they don't kill each other first.

Fantasy / Romance
Nikki Lee Taylor
4.7 7 reviews
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Hell was home to thousands of demons, tens of thousands. A cauldron of sin, the realms were stacked one upon the other, each darker and more sinister than the one above. It was everything humans feared and more. Oppressive and dirty, the halls twisted around in an eternity of circles, trapping souls in an endless search for light. There was no time to mark and no end to crave. And there was screaming. So much screaming. The primal sound of a soul in agony was something humans would never comprehend. If they knew what awaited them in Hell they would wish for eternal nothingness. The fear of losing themselves in death was insignificant to the horror of eternity spent down below.

Melloch, the fifth angel to fall, existed in the realm closest to the surface. Often referred to as the Gatekeeper, he was charged with keeping order and ensuring Hell’s soldiers were always ready to fight. But since the great battle between Heaven and Hell the legions had been dormant and Melloch was bored. While they waited for orders, his only responsibility was to take the armies up to feed, and to wait. As an alchemist he was able to affect the chemical components of things, including his soldiers. Over the centuries he had learned that human bodies had a certain number of organs all tasked with keeping it alive and while the workings of a living body amused him, the only organ that really interested him was the liver. It was the only one with the remarkable ability to regenerate itself. In the body a human liver could be cut down to a quarter of its size and still completely regenerate. It was a feat Melloch had eventually learned to replicate within the bodies of his soldiers, so that when they consumed fresh human livers, a chemical process would immediately trigger the renewal of their demon cells. That was how Melloch had single-handedly bestowed upon his demon warriors eternal life. The delectable irony was that when the time came to carry out his plan, it would be the human’s own physicality that ensured their slavery. It was an ideology that never failed to charm him. It was so devilishly clever.

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