The Descendants - Rise of the Reaper Army

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Twenty Two

Hell was ruled by five demons. Melloch, Belphegor, Astaroth, Lucifer and the Master himself, Satan. Melloch knew most humans believed Lucifer and Satan were one and the same, but in reality they were very, very different. Lucifer was an exquisite creature, perfect to behold with a mane of golden hair and majestic wings that glimmered like mother of pearl. He was the first angel cast from Heaven, the first to break God’s heart, but Satan was something else entirely. He was the Beast, the creator of Hell. As old as the universe itself, Satan dwelled in the nether regions amid the flames of an unquenchable fire. His skin was burned and charred, his desire for anarchy insatiable. Surrounded by a host of demons that catered to his every whim, the Dark Lord never left the fifth realm where he dwelled in the Lake of Fire. With every breath his hatred blew like a scorching wind up through the realms above, revitalising and exhilarating the other demons. Melloch rejoiced as he travelled the dark halls for he had finally been blessed with an invitation to visit with the Master. Only once before had he stood before the Dark Lord and on that glorious occasion he had been tasked with leading the Reaper Army. He had served the Dark Lord well and by now Satan must have heard of his plans, of how he would use the army to create Hell on Earth. ‘Master must be very pleased,’ Melloch thought as he drew nearer. ’He must be so very, very pleased. I wonder what wicked delight he will bestow upon me. Oh, how I wonder…”

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