The Descendants - Rise of the Reaper Army

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Thirty One

Jealousy consumed Melloch. He had been the one to discover the change in atmosphere upon the human realm. He had been the one paying attention. While Lucifer admired his own reflection, Melloch had been hard at work and for what? He adored the Dark Lord, had devoted his entire existence to serving him and this is how he was to be repaid? When they rose, Lucifer would lead the charge. Lucifer would take the glory. Not Melloch, but Satan’s precious Morning Star.

Melloch stormed past the sentries and into his private quarters. Satan had chosen his golden child to lead the army. Melloch’s army. Lucifer of course had no army of his own. He, Belphegor and Astaroth commanded no warriors and they never went up to the surface. Instead they remained in their own realms using their will to corrupt humans, urging them to commit despicable crimes to ensure Satan’s realm never ran short of souls. And all the while Melloch was left to do the dirty work. Travelling above, feeding his army and waiting for the great battle that never ensued.

He had spent forever waiting. He had spent forever planning. He had created an opportunity for demons to take over the Earth and now Lucifer would be the one to steal his glory. When his army claimed victory there would an opportunity for a second leader, a demon who would rule Hell’s second dimension and Melloch had been savouring the idea, relishing the moment he would be crowned second prince. Now that honour would go to Lucifer.

Heat rose from his body. How could Satan love any demon more than him? He had given everything. He had initiative and cunning. He had ensured the demise of one legacy so another could take its place. He had led his army onto the Romanian Plain and decimated any chance that strigoi elder and his Scythian woman would ever interrupt his grand plan. After his raid the Councilman Lucius had taken such pride in letting him know there was another, a savior who would be born to destroy his army. He thought he was so smug. It was just too bad the world’s saviour had gone and got himself killed. Humans were so stupid. The so-called saviour and his flesh enslaved family couldn’t even tell the difference between a cougar and hellcat. But Melloch was smarter than all of them and his plan would not be interrupted by four decrepit vampires and some pathetic human. He was Melloch, ruler of the first realm and Gatekeeper of Hell. He had worked hard and created an ingenious plan, yet still his Master loved Lucifer more. Never before had he felt such hatred, such rage. It tore through him like a scorching wind. Melloch deserved the second throne. He had earned it and Lucifer would not take it from him, he would see to that.

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