The Descendants - Rise of the Reaper Army

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Thirty Four

“So how does a vampire come across the dagger used by the archangel Michael?” Harrison asked. “It might be just me, but it seems a little heavenly for a demon to be carrying around.”

Lucius peered at him like a persistent bug that would not go away. “The dagger is a symbol of the unity between God and demons if you must know. It was presented to us by a servant of the Lord as a show of good faith that He would watch over our descendants, they are half human after all. The only catch was we had to ensure the saviour remained safe, until now of course.”

“And that’s why you let us all believe that Chris was the chosen one,” Aurora nodded. “To protect Gabriel.”

“Chris was born with many skills, but that was God’s doing not ours. It was necessary to make Melloch believe that he was the saviour. My job was to protect Gabriel, to ensure the Reapers never found out about him.”

“Are you saying that God gave Chris all those gifts just as a distraction to trick Melloch?” Gabriel stared at Lucius in disbelief. “But that can’t be. He was so natural, so…”

“Melloch is a master when it comes to torture. It would not have been safe for anyone to know otherwise. He had to believe Chris was the chosen one, he had to see for himself. That was always the plan and it took a hell cat to kill him Gabriel. That was not a cougar you encountered in the woods that night.”

“Was he even real?” Gabriel asked. “I mean, was Chris really my brother?”

“He was your brother,” Lucius nodded. “He was just a little, customised.”

“And what about me? Was I customised as well?”

Lucius eyed him closely. “Oh no Gabriel, you are part of the history of things. You are exactly who you were born to be, that is what makes you so special.”

Aurora slipped over to stand by Gabriel. She could tell from the look on his face how distraught he was.

’But why me?” He asked. “Why me and not Chris? He was the first born.”

“He was the first born because God planned it that way, but he was not the first conceived. In the womb Gabriel, you were the first to be conceived. You are the true first son.”

“And you’re certain? You’re sure I am the chosen one and that God will assist us?”

“God is very protective of the world He created,” Lucius replied. “When Melloch realised the atmosphere was beginning to change God was quite upset. You do remember I told you only a demon can kill a demon? Well knowing that, God realised He had no choice but to turn to us for help. It was quite ironic.” Lucius stared off into space as he recalled the moment. “God cannot create a demon you understand, and without one he is defenceless against Melloch’s army. He can slow them down, but He cannot kill them. Inevitably we are all subjected to the need for compromise you see, even God.”

Jasmyne paced back and forth across the kitchen. “But the archangel Michael cast Lucifer from Heaven. Why can’t he do it again on Earth?”

“Because Lucifer was not a demon then child. Until the moment he fell he was still an angel of the Lord.”

“But there’s one thing I’m still not getting,” Harrison interjected. “Humans have all but destroyed the Earth. Isn’t God just as mad at us for what we’ve done?”

“I don’t dare speak for God child, but I do know that He loves His humans very much. Tell me Harrison, have you ever been in love?”

Harrison glanced awkwardly at Jasmyne and then wished he hadn’t. “What do you mean by in love?”

“Then you haven’t. When you love unconditionally hope becomes intoxicating. One day you will understand its power.”

Gabriel let his shoulders fall slack. He was exhausted. He had longed to know everything and now that he did, the weight of it was crippling. His brother’s entire persona had been created to trick a demon and he had been chosen to save the world. But to do it, he had to die fighting Lucifer.

“Gabriel? Are you alright?” Aurora asked.

“I don’t know. I feel sick.”

“There’s no time for that Gabriel,” Lucius warned. “We are all counting on you. Your strength has never been more important.”

Gabriel stared at the dagger glimmering inside the box. In less than 24 hours he would drive the weapon into Lucifer and take control of an army of demons. The thought sent his mind reeling.

“And Melloch?” Aurora asked. “In my vision I saw him leading the army. What changed?”

Lucius exchanged glances with the Council. “The demon Melloch may soon become your greatest ally.”

Aurora felt as though she had just been struck. Melloch had murdered her family and now Lucius wanted them to be allies? “No,” she told him adamantly. “Lucius, how could you suggest such a thing after everything he did and the pain he has caused us?”

“Melloch is very angry and very jealous. He believes it is he who should lead the army. Just as you feel Gabriel’s death, I feel Melloch’s rage. He is plotting his own revenge on Lucifer and when the time is right, he will attempt to strike him down. It may provide Gabriel with just the opportunity he needs.”

“Then why can’t we just let them kill each other?” Gabriel suggested. “Stay out of the whole thing entirely.”

“Oh, you do not want that. If Melloch murders Lucifer he will inherit all of his power. He would become all but unstoppable.”

“And if I kill Lucifer?”

“His power will course through you, just as it would Melloch. You will only be able to withstand it for a short time. You must order Melloch and the army to return to Hell before you succumb.”

“And that’s how I die? By inheriting the powers of Lucifer?”

Lucius nodded and touched his arm. “It will be a glorious death Gabriel. Of that I assure you.”

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