The Descendants - Rise of the Reaper Army

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Thirty Seven

The tunnels were dark. It had been a long time since Melloch had travelled along these earthen halls and the twists and turns were taking too long. He knew what he had to do, and he was becoming impatient. The sooner Lucifer’s blood was spilled the better.

As he led the first legion toward the surface, Melloch let the heat of his hatred burn stronger and hotter. Behind him the footfall of his legions echoed through the tunnel, the rhythm growing louder as they moved toward the chamber of the cave. His best soldiers were up front, the rest would breach the surface once the site had been secured. The human saviour was dead of course, Melloch had seen to that himself but just to be certain, he wanted his strongest soldiers up front and ready to fight. His plan was to blame Lucifer’s untimely death on the soldiers of the second legion. When a battle with the humans inevitably began, the second legion would falter. The humans couldn’t kill his soldiers of course, but their weapons would cause confusion. Maybe the weaker soldiers would become disorientated. Perhaps dust and debris would cloud their vision. It was possible that one of them could make a fatal error. They were demons after all. Once Lucifer was gone, Melloch would take care of the soldiers. He had confided in only the weakest of course, the ones he knew would die for him, the loyal and the stupid. When he struck them down it would be in revenge for their unholy mistake. To have killed Satan’s golden child deserved nothing short of bloodshed and he would see to it their deaths were swift and painful. As he reigned down upon them their eyes would close and their lips would fall silent. Not a whisper would be heard as Melloch descended upon the earthly throne.

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