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Chronicles of Domaria - Book I – The Awakening

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A thief, a ring, and four inexperienced adventurers. This is how the saga of Domaria begins, through a magical and unknown world of fantasy and adventures. Andarion is a poor thief who was sentenced to work in the Durunthir Mines as punishment for his deeds. Although he needs to protect his little sister Andariel, the thief never lost sight of his dream: find a great treasure and live a life of nobility. One night, tired of his torturous routine, he tries the theft of his life and finds a ancient ring. Somehow Domaria's fate begins to change. In Eldania, the Great City, peace reigns for centuries after the banishment of magic by the Great Council. However, a series of strange events begin to stir the attention of the kingdoms within a few days of the Alliance's Grand Annual Meeting. The old treaty, unchanged for centuries, will be discussed in this scenario. Besides their own concerns, young adventurers are gathered by a mysterious figure of the crown to investigate a possible magical disturbance in unfriendly lands while Andarion, gradually loses his sanity and humanity, cursed by a bloodthirsty ring.

Fantasy / Adventure
L. C. Lopes
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A long time ago, Domaria was a land of giants. The domains of these creatures spread to the full extent known today by people and beyond, amidst the exotic and untouched lands. These beings reigned alone, brutally and savagely, but in perfect balance with the existence.

The cold and isolated northern mountains were the home of the great dragons. The Everhorn, the highest mountain on the continent, the Peaks of Desolation and the mountain of Khalamar-Duril, with their deep streaky caves, shaped up the dens of the fearsome creatures. Without fear, they were the lords over all the Earth and lived thousands of years without any threat to their sovereignty.

The abundance of rains and intense heat of the South favored the growth of forests and jungles, with a great variety of life. Gradually, these woods were opened and ravaged by other primitive creatures, as they named the fertile and wild region of U’ginoth. In their perfect habitat, these beings had multiplied and developed with great rapidity. These were the fierce and monstrous Orcs.

To the East, the unknown Q’umar, the great desert, completed the outskirts of the peaceful meadows, and the central mountains and forests. In these lands were the first people. These little creatures called dwarves, elves and humans survived through the tribulation, and were endowed with great will and wisdom. Their physical strength and agility were much inferior if compared with the giants and beasts’. However, with great perseverance and ingenuity, they expanded their kingdoms on the ancient world.

These races fought great battles, especially against Orcs, their great rivals to the South. Their rustic armies defeated a lot of enemies, and won many battles for the land, but they were no match for the big beasts, who carried great fears and legends. Year after year, provisions and domains of people were destroyed and plundered, causing great sadness.

A blessing was all these little things needed. In a moment lost in the past, these creatures were favored by a gift from the Gods named by Ancient Magic. No one exactly knows how it appeared for the first time, but it came to every one of them through different and mysterious ways. Even rudimentary, ancient tribes began to defend themselves against the dangers of Domaria through the manifest power of magic and the heroes that were carrying it.

Thus, the three races went down in history. Although small and fragile, they conquered their space among the giants, colossi and beasts of the Earth, each one according to their honor and fame:

The Dwarves were the kings of the mountain and masters of the steel, copper, brass forging, and all kinds of metals. They settled in large numbers in the West, to the Iron Mountains. Thelrim, their home, was also called the city under the mountain, and was known in the four corners of the continent as the Invincible Fortress. There they prospered, mining gems from the heart of the mountain to adorn the crowns of great kings and garnish the nobility. In addition, superb quality weapons came out of their large furnaces, fed by the heat of the deep.

The Elves, masters of nature, had as the heart of their Kingdom, Elensil, the Star of the Forest. Their woods lay in the south of the Highlands of Eth, home of the barbarians, and North from the plains of Eldania, home of the civilized men. They were the longest-lived people in Domaria, and sought ceaselessly the ancient knowledge, as they preserved their resources wisely. In addition, they were the first to dominate and teach the ancient art of magic through his writing to all their descendants.

Finally, humans, with their great versatility and willpower, were proficient in the arts of war, faith and diplomacy. They were fast learners and their lives were more hectic and they had an enhanced determination due to their shorter days on Earth. Their capital, Eldania, became the largest city, and the center of trade routes. Thirsty for glory, they quickly learned the techniques and secrets of other peoples, which led to the growth of their walls and armies. Their organization and strategy turned them into skillful defenders against the wild invaders from the south.

However, the superabundant blessing unleashed the curse. It was no longer as at the beginning of times. The hidden arts of magic and the successive wins in the battles turned the kingdoms proud. The quest for dominance was fiercer, and the thirst for glory built a vicious cycle.

Powerful adventurers with the promise of endless glories made expeditions to find treasures, lost knowledge and hunt ancient creatures. Many were lost. Others were too far in the quest for power, and disappeared. Many of them became wanderers, nomads in an unknown land.

A high price began to be charged by the rise of the people. The presence of signs on Earth and in the Heavens, anomalies and pests were an omen of the times. Theoretically, everyone felt it, but nobody knew the reason of such misfortunes.

Rumors circulated the taverns, halls and palaces of each Kingdom. Some believed that the end of the era of people had arrived. Others mentioned internal conflicts, a secret conspiracy to the dominance and destruction of kingdoms. There were also those who believed that something very, very old had been awakened in the darkness.

Somehow, everyone was right.

The split between those who believed in their own powers began to grow and become uncontrollable. Sects and clans emerged with promises of salvation, unlimited power and wealth to their followers. Some went insane and disappeared, heading towards the unknown. Vile and corrupt figures used powers for their own benefit and caused great desolation and misery.

The balance of power had been broken. Mysteriously, Domaria seemed to react, provoking a chain of catastrophic events. Some religious people and scholars argued that the abuse of the use of magic evoked unknown and uncontrollable powers that should be avoided. People who yearned for control over the creation invoked their fate.

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and destructive storms erupted, shaking the foundation of the kingdoms erected over the centuries. Creatures and rebels attacked the civilized world with greater frequency and fury. The tension between the races was inevitable, making dwarves, elves and humans blame each other for losses and casualties. Total chaos erupted.

In a moment of misery and despair the Great Council was composed by eminent and wise men of the people. Thus was formed the Domaria Triangle: the Alliance that would unite people to fight for their fate. The goal was to stop the fall and secure the future of all.

Three actions were taken from then on: the creation of powerful weaponry to eradicate the threats of Domaria; the banishment of the use of magic in the realms; and, finally, the beginning of a great pilgrimage to exterminate opponents and establish the boundaries of the Alliance. These actions were signed by Thordin, King of the Dwarves, Erin, High Representative of the Elves, and Eldar, King of Men, as the Treaty of Domaria.

Valiant heroes were nominated by kingdoms for the great pilgrimage. These heroes were assigned to amazing weapons and the command of armies who fought by their side to repel the forces of darkness and earth. The crusade took place for decades, mobilizing whole generations to reconstitute the order.

Some colossi were defeated in epic battles. The most powerful were banned, or imprisoned, because they couldn’t die. Not even the powerful weapons or knowledge of realms could bring them down. The land was marked and filled by the spilled blood of heroes, rebels and giants.

Gradually, the peace was reestablished. A new order has been set, resulting in the new foundations of the kingdoms. People paraded the pride and glory over the squares of cities and halls of the palaces. The fragile races proved their power over the nature, persisting in Domaria.

The story was sung by troubadours for everyone who wanted to contemplate the glory of the Alliance. Ironically, they also kept the bitter memories of the difficult days. The scars on the land and kingdoms were huge. Some cities disappeared and others were born from the ashes of ancient civilization.

With the Treaty ruling in the allied realms of Domaria, the teaching and the use of magic became prohibited. The conclusion was that these powers evoked uncontrollable and incomprehensible forces that should be avoided at any costs. Only those who dared to be arrested or punished severely could enjoy them. Those who fled to secretly keep the arcane knowledge and tradition were hunted down mercilessly during their lifetime.

A lot of time passed by. The deeds turned into stories, the stories became tales, the tales became myths, and the myths became legends. The Alliance continued to exist, but the kingdoms were isolated in their own interests. In the old days, the union was the pillar for everyone there. Today, with no major conflicts and dependencies, nothing prevented each kingdom from following their own path.

In the eternal cycle of fate, again, the thirst for progress and power raised old issues. The Treaty, now obsolete, started to show weakness. Mistakes or successes? Facts or fiction? Would the past repeat itself or was it just a vague memory of the dark times?

The balance began to turn the other way. The magic simply could not be contained. Thus, the flame of desire and the unknown attracted people like a moth in the darkness. So, it all began…

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