Losing her wings

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There was nothing, only pain. He had betrayed her and he was going to pay for it. She was going to make him pay for it. She was the beauty of Heaven, the only one loved by god, but then he was there, the angel of darkness, loving her as well, bringing her down to earth, causing her unique beauty to vanish. This short story is about Aurora, the dawn of life and Erebus, the darkness that always surrounded her. It is about love and fate and about the loss of her wings, out of jealousy and one mistake, haunting her forever. It's about the downfall of the light and the beauty of the dark. This is also the first book in the short story series "A twist of classic tales". The next few books of which will uploaded after a revision in the near future.

Fantasy / Romance
Karen S Seifert
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She was an angel, so pure, so innocent. Her eyes shining bright in the morning light. She was powerful, yet she didn’t even know it. Her power, bigger than the power of all demons combined, her heart, her soul too pure to hurt anyone, anything.

She was made by god and she had his sympathies, she was his. His angel, so pure, so innocent, so powerful. God loved her and she loved the world he had created for her and her sisters. But mostly for her. He loved to see her eyes shining when she discovered something new. He loved to see her joy, he loved to hear her laugh. She was perfect. She was his masterpiece, the one thing he loved the most.

Her sisters were pretty, but she was beautiful and they all paled in comparison to her. She was like the light, she was his queen, his goddess and he loved her.

Aurora she was called, because she was the dawn of his world, he enjoyed the light only after she was there for him to see.

The darkness was there, the one they called Erebos. He was beautiful, but he was dark, his wings black where her's were white. His eyes hard, where her's were soft. He was darkness, she was light, but he loved her, wanted her, not only her power, nor her beauty, but her. Her soul, her light, her entire being.

She walked the woods, full of grace, always in the warm light. He was right there, lingering in the shadows, unnoticed by her, his hard gaze softening as it met her bright figure. She was perfect, his opposite, yet the only one who seemed to be made for him.

She didn’t see him, but God did and he became jealous, he didn’t want her to fall for his dark beauty. He wanted her to stay the way she was, he wanted her to stay with him forever, wanted to keep her exactly the way she was now.

But this was never her destiny, because every dawn is to pass some day and he knew it. He knew and Erebus did, too. So the dark angel waited, patient, knowing he was to win, while God tried to change her fate, tried to keep her safe, to keep her away from the dark side of the world.

Almost every story about angels and demons known is telling a story about love and about the fact that everything is going to be good in the end.

But this isn’t a story about the bright light shining in the eternal night, it's about the beauty of darkness itself and the dark side hidden inside every angel.

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