Crown Of Storms

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- Chapter 1 | You're Immune


A WEAPON. That’s what I am to them, it’s what I have been ever since I turned 20 and my life took a drastic turn.

I’m surprised they didn’t just kill me the moment I first shifted. I mean, it would have been easy... I do live with werewolf hunters after all.

All my life, I was raised to be a hunter, to kill what I have just found out is my own kind. But not anymore, the hunters, they fight dirty. I guess they didn’t realize that I fight dirtier.

They messed with the wrong wolf and they’re going to pay for it.

My mother died at their hands, protecting me. She realized what they were trying to change me into, a weapon, and that’s not what she wanted for me.

In their eyes, she was a traitor. In mine, she was everything I could’ve asked for in a mother and anyone who hurt her will have hell to serve.

But all that will have to wait for the fate of the world rests on my shoulders now...


“Andronika, my dear, I have something I must tell you.” My mother says as I walk down the stairs of our small house and see her sitting on the couch.

“What is it, mom?” I ask, walking towards her before taking a seat on the couch alongside her.

“It’s about your father,” she says and immediately the anger rises in me.

“Why do you want to talk about the bastard of a man who left his own family?” I sneer. Truly, I don’t mean to be rude to my mother, but this is a touchy topic for me.

She’s told me stories of the great man my father apparently was, but also how he had left when I was born. I don’t remember him and mom refuses to even give me a name.

“I hope you can forgive me Nika, for I have lied to you.” Lied? What did she lie about?

“Mom? What are you talking about? You lied about what?” I ask and she looks down before grabbing ahold of my hands.

“I love you Andronkia, never forget that. But I am sorry because your father is not who you think. He never left us because we were not together. He does not know of the child we share, of you...” She says and I nod, urging her to continue.

“I met your father one night at a bar, I had just completed a mission and needed to relax. We were just talking and then things got out of hand. It wasn’t until later that I found out who he truly was and that I was pregnant with you.” Tears are forming in her eyes and all I want to do is comfort her because I know she probably had a good reason as to why she kept this from me for so long.

Hugging her, I ask, “Who was he?”

“A werewolf.” That was all she had to say to make me gasp and jump back.

“What!” I practically yell before she tells me to keep my voice down.

How... How could this be? My father is a werewolf. That would mean...

“No...” I say in almost a whisper as my eyes are dazed.

“Andronika.” My mother says, but I pay no attention as my mind is elsewhere.

“Andronika Davidson, look at me.” I do, I turn my head and look into her pleading eyes, watching as she sighs.

In a hushed tone, she says, “That’s not all.” Oh god, please don’t tell me there’s more.

“What else could there possibly be, mother?” I ask, slightly annoyed due to the fact that I’m only finding out about all this now.

“He is not just a werewolf.” I roll my eyes.

“No? Then what is he?” Is he some type of hybrid or something cause I sure hope not.

“He is the Alpha King.” Immediately I stand and start pacing the room. She can’t be serious.

" You’re lying. You have to be lying.” This can’t be true.

“I wish I was, my dear. I really do.” How could this happen? Why me?

“Then that means... oh god, mom.” Sitting back onto the couch, I lean over with my elbows on my knees and hands covering my face as I shake my head in denial.

She’s rubbing my back in circles, trying to comfort me but I don’t think anything could comfort me from the information that’s been hidden for so long.

“The prophecy... It’s not...” I start saying in a whisper as I turn my head to look at my mom. Pleading her with my eyes to tell me that my thoughts are wrong, but she doesn’t.

All she does is close her eyes tightly as a few tears begin to fall from her eyes. “It’s you.”

I don’t want it to be me, but it sure explains a lot of things. How I became the fastest hunter, the strongest, the stealthiest, and the deadliest.

“How come I haven’t shifted yet mom? Don’t wolves shift once they hit 16?” I ask because we learned about this in training.

Suddenly, my mom looked straight at me, her eyes seemed so full of regret and sorrow.

“Ever since you turned 14, I have been giving you doses of wolfsbane everyday...” She starts and I swear my heart stops for a moment.

“You what?” I ask because wolfsbane is what we use to torture the wolves, too much of it at a time can kill them since it weakens their wolf. It can even make them lose their wolf completely.

“How could you do that to me? When did you even get the chance to?” How could my own mother do this to me? Risk it?

“It was to protect you. I thought I would be able to suppress your wolf completely. I believed it had worked until a few days ago...” She began and I thought back to the day.

A few days ago... She must be talking about what happened in training. After I won a fight against one of the hunters, I was about to leave when he had some of his friends grab me as he then began beating me up.

I was outraged and now that I think about it, I did feel some kind of power awaken in me. That must’ve been what helped me get out of their hold and take revenge.

I’m pretty sure they’re still in the infirmary from what happened that day.

“How did you even give me doses of wolfsbane?” I ask because this is all so confusing.

“Remember when you turned 14 and started feeling sick? I was working in the infirmary at the time and prescribed you with some medicine that you had to take twice a day? The ones you still take...” She asks and I nod before she continues.

“They’re infused with wolfsbane. With every new bottle came a higher dosage. It never hurt you too much so I knew it was safe.” She says and I shake my head.

“It hurt more than you know,” I remember being at training in the morning after taking my medicine and I would always feel my body burning.

I was always the one person out of the trainees who seemed to be the most tired or the easiest to hurt when practicing our fighting. It made everyone think I was the weakest so they went the hardest on me until I became the best.

All those years, I blamed it on my training. That I was just working my body too hard and that’s why I felt so much pain.

Over time, I learned to control the pain and push through until one day, it just disappeared.

“I’m truly sorry, my dear. I just wanted to protect you... And you must know the reason I’m telling all of this to you now,” she says as I look at her confusedly. Why is she suddenly telling this to me now?

“Your first shift will be happening soon. You’ve had wolfsbane in your system every day for six years and now you’re immune. I can no longer suppress your wolf.” I don’t want to shift, but I know that it’s inevitable.

“We must leave, Andronika.” She says standing up before unlocking the door to our hidden vault.

“Okay, let me go get some of my stuff first,” I say as I start to make my way up to my room when she stops me.

“There’s no time. The change will be happening soon.” Grabbing a couple of bags, she begins to load them with weapons.

“Please mom, I’ll be quick,” I ask because there are just a couple things that I could never leave behind.


I run up the stairs as fast as I can, looking for the locket that my mother gave to me and once I find it, I grab a bag, putting it inside.

If the change is going to happen soon, I’ll need some clothes so I pack some before I get ready to head downstairs.

But before I can even leave my room, a scream rips through my throat as the worst pain I’ve ever felt hits me.

I hear my mom running up the stairs and once she reaches my door and sees me, her hand flies to her mouth as she whispers in horror...

“It’s starting.”

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