Crown Of Storms

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- Chapter 3 | A Wolf’s Kryptonite


I DON’T REMEMBER what happened to me. My entire body feels numb and weak.

As I try to open my eyes, I can’t. They feel heavy, too heavy. It’s like I’m in this black void.

I don’t hear or see anything and I can’t even get myself to move. I’m not sure how long I’ve been like this before suddenly a bright light comes through the darkness.

It’s so bright that I want to cover my eyes, but I can’t seem to move my arms at all. Painfully, I’m able to turn my head to the side slightly with my eyes still closed to get away from the light.

Slowly, I begin trying to open my eyes again. As they begin to slowly flutter and open, I immediately squeeze them shut.

What is up with that damn bright light?

“She's awake, sir.” I hear a voice that I don't recognize say and begin blinking a lot to get used to the brightness.

Once I can finally see, the first thing I notice is the room I'm in… I've been here before.

It's the testing room.

I need to find a way out of here. I don't want to be a test subject for them like the wolves that were stuck here before me.

I've always seen the captured wolves get taken inside of here, but not once have I ever seen one come out.

My arms and legs are bound by silver to the metal table that they have me placed on, but what surprises me is the fact that the silver isn't burning my skin at all.

Once a wolf has their first shift and they become one with their wolf, they shouldn’t be able to touch silver without it harming them.

Silver is a wolf’s kryptonite.

“Hello, mutt.”

Looking up, I see my grandfather with a grin on his face and I wish that I could wipe it straight off of him.

“What? Am I not your granddaughter anymore, grandfather?” I ask with sarcasm because I already know the answer to that.

“No granddaughter of mine would be such a disgrace.” He says with disgust and I can't deny that it did hurt a bit. I mean he's always been family to me.

“Why don't you just kill me now then? Wouldn't want to be a disgrace to you now…” I say, growling slightly.

“I've got plans for you, mutt. Great plans and you are going to obey like the dog you are.” I closed my eyes as I felt my wolf fighting for control and when I opened them, my grandfather flinched which had me slightly confused.

He wasn't ever scared of any wolf…

“Hm… I think we’ll do a few test before we get started on what I have planned for you.” Shaking my head I refuse.

“Never! I won't allow you to do any tests on me.” I yell as I pull on the silver binding me.

Maybe I could break out of here because it seems as if he's oblivious to my immunity to silver.

“You won't be able to do anything about it.” I was about to tell him off, but before I could he injected something into me that made me lose consciousness.

Blood. I smell blood and that's when my eyes shoot open. Looking around I see a few of the scientists working around the room and next to me is a blood bag.

Filled with my blood.

Fucking hell, they already started on the tests while I was knocked out.

When one of them take notice that I'm awake, I see them grab a syringe before walking towards me. Before I even know what's happening, my wolf growls so loud that everything in the room began to shake.

All of the scientists seem terrified as I begin to rip myself out of the silver chains that they tied me down with and the alarm goes off.

By the time I'm completely free, they've all run off and I could care less. In training they taught us some ways on how to make explosives to help us get out of a messy situation with the wolves, but I'm going to put those skills to use right now.

Since we are in a lab, it isn't hard to find what I need and in a short amount of time, it's ready. I could tell that nobody was here right now so nobody would get hurt when the explosion happens.

I can't let my grandfather do anymore testing on me. I know the kind of person he is and it isn't the good kind.

He was my family but his hatred towards the wolves runs deeper than blood for him.

I set up the explosive by all of their research and run out of the back lab entrance. There's only a few seconds before the explosion happens and I turn around only to get thrown back by the force of it.

Unfortunately, that gave the hunters enough time to surround me as they had already been coming at me from all angles.

I growled at them all and was getting ready to shift when suddenly I see my mom running towards me yelling, “Stop!”

Nobody listened and I shouldn't have let myself get distracted because in that exact moment someone came up behind me and injected the same thing that they did before.

The last thing I saw was my grandfather slapping my mother on the face before everything went dark.

Why does this keep happening to me?

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