Crown Of Storms

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- Chapter 4 | Daily Dose Of Torture


IT MUST’VE BEEN at least a couple days since I tried to escape. I don’t even recognize the room that I’m in right now when I thought I knew everything about this place.

Every time they come inside of here, they torture me because I refuse to be a pawn in their game. I’d rather die then let them use me for whatever plans they have.

I can hear footsteps outside the door so someone must be coming down here to give me my daily dose of torture as they seem to call it. I’m still getting used to all my heightened senses but honestly, they’re really helpful.

Closing my eyes, I pretend to be asleep as a few guys walk up to the bars. I’m in some kind of dungeon type of place and they’ve got me chained up with silver so I let them think that it weakens me.

“Wake up, mutt. It’s time for us to have a little fun.” Showing no sign of movement, the guards begin to argue.

“Why the fuck isn’t she waking up?”

“Is she still alive?”

“I can’t tell if she’s breathing.”

Three voices must mean three men, but there’s always backup hiding in the darkness.

“Go check on her.”

“Why doesn’t he do it?”

“No, you do it.”

“Why don’t all of you dumbasses get in there and make sure the silver hasn’t weakened her too much or killed her. Boss will have your heads if she’s dead before he got to finish his plans.” That was someone else’s voice… One that I know very well, but I didn’t let it phase me.

Seems like everyone I once knew hated me. At least everyone except for my mother.

The sound of keys rattling as they unlock the door to my cell has my mouth almost twitching up into a smirk because that’s exactly what I wanted to happen.

“Should we take off the chains?” One of them asks and I hope they do.

“Is that safe?” No, it’s not, but they don’t need to know that little fact.

“She seems like she’s passed out, so it should be fine.” One of them says before I feel the weight of the chains fall away and in that moment I snapped my head up at them.

In that moment, you could see it on their faces that they knew they were fucked.

Growling I attacked one of them and when another tried to grab me I bit his arm as he screamed in agony. The third guy was probably the smartest out of the three as he knew it wasn’t a fair fight and ran for his life.

Smart idea, kid.

Both men lay on the floor covered in blood but they’ll survive. I didn’t give them too bad of injuries because I didn’t shift into my wolf yet.

Walking out of the cell, I almost completely forgot about the man whom I know so well until he blocked my way out of the dungeon.

“I’m going to have to bring you to the boss.” He says while crossing his arms, showing no fear like the previous men.

“Just let me leave, Peter.” I plead because I don’t want to hurt him.

“I can’t do that Nika. I wish I could, but I can’t.” He says and I shake my head. Out of everyone, I never thought he’d turn on me too.

He was my first love.

Honestly, Peter was my first everything. I regret it now because that was all before I knew I was a wolf… that I too would someday have a soulmate.

As humans, we don’t get that kind of privilege. To have someone made just for you, but wolves do get them and they’re lucky too.

If I had known, I probably would have waited. I never would’ve let myself fall in love.

“And why can’t you Peter? I know you always follow the rules but can’t you just turn your head? Just this once?” He needs to let me go because if he doesn’t then I’m going to have to force him.

“No, I can’t because…” I didn’t even let him continue his sentence before cutting him off.

“If you have ever loved me, please let me go. Don’t you know what they plan to do to me? Use me for?” He looks away from me sadly before grabbing onto my arm as he tries to drag me out of here but my feet stay put.

“I am doing this because I do love you, Andronika. A while ago, I made you a promise and I fully intend on keeping it.” He said and I scrunched my brows in confusion as he turned towards me once again.

“What promise?” I ask because I can’t even think of a promise that we’ve ever made that would fit into this situation at all.

“You made me promise that I would protect your mom if anything was to happen to you…” Oh no.

“Is she okay?” I immediately ask because my mother means everything to me.

“For now. Boss said that if you don’t do as he says, that he’ll hurt her.” Would he really hurt his own daughter?

Wait, what am I saying? He’s ruthless. Of course, he would.

“Take me to him.”

Nodding, he tightens his grip on my arm and I know it’s just to show everyone that he’s got me handled. It really bothers my wolf but I push her back.

Once we’re completely out of the dungeon, we walk for a little while before coming into a clearing filled with around 30 hunters. Sniffing the air, I get hit with the strong smell of wolfsbane.

This is great for me. Because for some reason, they need me alive, none of their guns have silver bullets. They’re all filled with wolfsbane darts.

Too bad I’m immune, I grin.

Peter stops in the middle of the clearing and lets go of my arm when my grandfather gives him a nod. Then he walks away and I know it’s because he doesn’t want to see whatever is about to happen.

“What a lovely day it is, grandfather.” Narrowing his eyes at me, I just ignore him as I look around and continue.

“A lovely day for you to die,” I say, my eyes flashing a bright golden mixed with red. I didn’t know my eyes did that until I saw it in the reflection of the metal bars down in my cell whenever my wolf came towards the surface.

“Now now, let’s keep this civil.” He says and I growl.

“Civil? We are way past that, grandfather.” I yell, stalking towards him. When I get close enough, I can feel that my claws have come out and I get ready to scratch his face when suddenly he pulls my mom in front of him.

My hand freezes in mid-air.

That’s when I also notice the dagger that he’s holding to her neck. I guess he really is going to use her. My only weakness, even if it is his own daughter.

“You’re going to do what I say or I will kill her.” Growling, I nod my head and take a few steps back. My mother looks like she’s so sorry and it makes me feel bad because this isn’t her fault.

Well, it’s partially her fault since she waited until the very last minute to tell me everything. She could’ve come clean a long time ago and we could’ve left… Could’ve been safe.

You know, maybe we still can get out… If only…

My grandfather lets go of my mom and she tries to leave but before she can my grandfather roughly grabs her arm, forcing her to stay. That’s when I lose it.

I growl, jumping and shifting in mid-air before landing on top of my grandfather. Before I could bite him, someone pushes me off of him before I feel shots of wolfsbane hitting me.

As my grandfather stands, he looks at me astonished. No wolf has ever been able to withstand the effects of wolfsbane and especially a wolf with the amount that they’ve probably just shot me with.

As I tried to get to my grandfather again, a bunch of hunters blocked my path and the fighting began. One wolf against thirty hunters… I’d say that’s about even because I’m not just a wolf… I’m a trained hunter too and I was the best.

In the middle of my fight, I see my grandfather straight in front of me with a silver dagger and I run towards him at full speed, ignoring all of the hunters around me. He aims the dagger at me and I know that if I don’t stop, I’ll most likely get stabbed but I can’t seem to control my wolf.

Suddenly I hear a scream of someone yelling, “No!”

Then out of nowhere, my mom jumps in front of me, getting herself stabbed in the stomach by the dagger that was meant for me…

Next thing I know, all I see red before my wolf takes complete control.

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