Crown Of Storms

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- Chapter 5 | My Queen



Bodies and blood surround me as my wolf gives me back full control. How is it possible that my wolf could make me black out and do all of this alone?

I'm dangerous but for some reason, I just know that my wolf wouldn't harm the innocent.

All of these hunters wanted to use me as a weapon, a weapon to kill. They took my mothers life and they've paid the price.

Looking around all of the bodies, I can't seem to find my grandfather so he must've escaped. I want to kill him so badly, he's taken away the most important thing in my life and for that… I will make him suffer.

My mom is laying in a puddle of her own blood and I can't help the tears that fall from my eyes at the sight of her. I fall to my knees beside her, holding her limp hand as I plead for the gods or goddesses to bring her back to me.

They don't.

Taking a deep breath, I run my hand gently over her face to close her eyes. “May the goddess be with you…” I whisper before standing up.

As a hunter, I've learned all that I could about werewolf history. Although, the stories and legends that I know are different than that of the wolves because we have always been on opposing sides.

The protector, who is also like a mother, of the wolves is known as the moon goddess. Her children pray to her and now I've done the same. I can only hope that she can watch over my mother for me now that I can't…

After taking one last look at my surroundings, I walk to the border of the woods before taking a deep breath. I'm new to being a wolf so I don't exactly know how this all works.

Clearing my mind, I picture myself as a wolf. I try to remember the feeling of all my bones breaking as they shift and soon enough with way less pain than before, I'm in my wolf form.

Now it's time to go.

Running into the forest, I feel free. I can especially feel the happiness radiating off of my wolf.

As thirst for water arises, I begin searching for freshwater and only then do I realize that I have no idea what my wolf looks like. I know that my fur is midnight black but who knows if I have other colors too.

Once I hear the sound of water, I slow to a stop. I've always got to be on watch if I want to survive on my own because there are many things that could hurt me out here.

Walking towards the stream, I jump across onto a few rock in order for me to get to the edge of the water before glancing down. My reflection is exactly how I had pictured.

I'm covered in midnight colored fur while my eyes are a bright golden orange with specks of red. That's the only confusing part to me because when you transform into a wolf, you should have the same eye color in both forms.

My natural eyes are a dull dark brown so why are they so different when I transform? It must be from that prophecy…

The sound of a branch snapping behind me, immediately has me on guard as I turn around sharply. Ten wolves surround me, but I can tell that they're not rogues by the way they're working together.

They're a pack, but I know that these lands aren't owned by any pack… Or could I be wrong? How far did I run?

As the wolves come closer, I growl lowly. My wolf is itching me forward to attack, but I hold her back as soon as I remember what happened the last time she took over.

They immediately stop at the sound of my growl and look confused before the biggest wolf goes behind a tree and comes back out with shorts on.

“Who are you, rogue?” Is he calling me a rogue? Aren't they those rabid wolves that go off killing anything in their sight? I'm nothing like that…

I shake my head, I won't shift to tell these guys anything.

“Shift!” He yells when he sees my defiance and that's when I realize that he's an alpha.

Taking another step closer, my wolf growls because she won't bow down to anyone. She's not one to submit to anyone or anything.

His eyes flash and I can tell that his wolf is coming out. He doesn't like that I'm not submitting but I won't back down just because he's an alpha.

I can tell that my wolf wants him to submit to us. It's not the other way around and I don't think it ever could be.

Suddenly three of the wolves surrounding me attack. They have the advantage because I've never trained in my wolf form since I only just learned to shift.

It seems like their weakest attacked first since I was able to at least defend myself for a bit.

One of the wolves bit my front leg as I was fighting off another on the side, but I won't let him go that easily. I abruptly spun around kicking back the wolf I was fighting with and latched my teeth on the wolf's shoulder.

Another wolf went partially under me as he then used the top of his head to throw me off of his friend.

Now there were only two of them left… One on each side of me. This can either work out in my favor or end badly. Let's hope it works in my favor.

At the same time they both ran towards me, ready to attack but right at the last second I pushed myself forward. They barely missed me.

I didn't give them a chance to recover as I jumped on top of one and scratched his back.

Although, before I could do anything else, a different wolf attacked me and suddenly all I could feel was pain on my side. This bite could be fatal and for that reason, my body unwillingly shifted back into my human form.

I laid there, naked and bleeding out from my stomach as the wolves surrounded me again but this time they just seemed to be waiting for something. I could already tell that I was losing consciousness when the alpha made his way to me.

But what I wasn't expecting was to see shock on his face… He saw what one of his wolves did, why is he shocked.

The alpha leaned down an ran his hand along my birthmark that looks like a tattoo before saying, “The Alpha King’s first born…”

He looked at me with such worry before picking me up while I was still slightly conscious and ran.

Painful howls could be heard from the wolves following behind. I'm not sure where he's taking me but the moment my back hits a bed I feel exhausted.

I thought that they had left me in this room to die, but I’d soon find out how wrong I was because they don't want me dead. They need me… Alive.

“I'm sorry, my Queen.”

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