Xachariel : The Fourth Brother

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Do you think that every fallen angel fell from Heaven out of their own Will? The story of a young angel who fell with Lucifer. Xachariel, the youngest of the four brother, was too young to fathom Lucifer's deceptive schemes; too innocent to fathom that evilness could ever be in heaven... And least of all from the Most Adored, The Son Of Dawn. Innocent and ignorant, he pledged his service and loyalty to his most trusted brother, Lucifer, unaware of the consequences - that this pledge would seal his soul from heaven forever. Hope and redemption were beyond reach for Xachariel, or at least he thought so. But why does he keep looking towards the East, where the Sun doth rise? "I wonder if Father ever think of me as often as I do of Him. Or has He forgotten me? And what of my brothers? Michael? Gabriel? Have they all forgotten me? Vera?"

Fantasy / Action
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I have power. I have strength. I conquer, I accomplish and I am paid fair but each time I am rewarded, I sink deeper. Each time I work better, I die more. What others would call treasure, I call loads. What others would call wages, I call punishment.

Often I have dreamed of shedding my skin but as often as I have thought about it, I relish on the evil I do, on the evil I am. I cannot even try for the better. I don’t even know how to... any longer. Over the past eons, I have become a devil and that is all I know now. I now rise from amongst the dead souls of the cursed world bearing the name of Hades. We are those banished by Yehovah. There is no Saviour for us, for me... I am told.
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