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A rancid stench filled the air as the sun rose up, warming the island with its golden warmth. The skeletal remains of creatures and humans alike became visible as the sun rose higher, the winds started getting hostile. Shrubs, alive and dead, flew through the fields as dirt was flung in the air. The town, already awake, started its daily routine, the patrons that lived there, however, weren’t in the best of shape.

Boris sighed and stared at the Scepter in hand, he chuckled a bit and leaned back in his chair, sitting idly on the porch to their old cabin.

He yawned a bit while tossing the Scepter up and down, he glared off in the distance and saw part of the town starting their routine.

The usual beggars. begging for extra change. Shop keepers chasing them away with brooms and dull knives. Drunken guards starting fights with brutes and sell-swords. Boris smiled and thought to himself, “This is home.”

He even chuckled a bit about the stock that most of the merchants and peddlers had while they wandered around, telling Merchant Made stories to their customers.

Boris’s expression then changed when he saw a couple walking together, hands held and shoulders close. But he had no choice but smile.

With a light grip, he gently buttons up his mossy green coat, wiping any dust or dirt drawn from it, he rubs and caresses the red wooden, thorn patterned buttons that make up his coat. While grabbing his wool boots, he quickly snatches a brush and glass vial.

He then starts to dip the brush into the vial and starts scrubbing his pants and wool boots, scrubbing off dirt and moss.

After, he starts to run his fingers in his golden yellow hair, running down to his shoulders. He gives a soft smile to himself and starts to pick off the plaque off of his teeth with a small stick with bristles and the end.

Finally, he ties the laces of his boots and brushes it off. He yawns and starts to sniff around his arms and coat, making a slightly disgruntled face. He quickly dips his fingers in the vial and starts to wipe his clothing, around the smell.

“Boris, where are you?” He calls out, limping towards the door, blocking the sun in the process.

“Boris?” He calls again while he glances around the dark room, only silhouettes of chairs and tables were visible.

While groaning, he quickly limped towards the door and kicked it open, he then grumbled a bit when he made his way outside.

Boris was leaning lifelessly in his chair, barely grasping the Scepter, his snores echoed through his ears as he sighed and kicked him with his disfigured leg. Waking Boris in the process.

“Boris, wake up!” He yelled out, Boris barely opening his eyes, looking a bit pale and groggy.

“Oh, morning Jack!” He stuttered a bit as he fixed his grip on the Scepter.

Jack rolled his eyes as Boris still stood leaning on the chair, yawning and stretching. Without haste, Jack limped back inside, shutting the door in the process.

“Wait, what did I do?”

Jack sliced the bread in half with precision, he then gently placed them on to each of their own wooden platter, after that he took two eggs and cracked them on a pan, blazing above a hungry fire.

Boris’s stomach growled louder when he started to hear the sizzling and the crackling. Jack placed each egg on top of a slice of bread, then took a pitcher and poured water in two cups.

Jack rolled his eyes when he saw Boris already picking at the food. Finally, Jack took some spices and sprinkled some over the eggs.

“Ya know, I believe breakfast is a luxury, and this enough is a bit expensive, don’t you think?” Boris asked as he started to wolf down his egg and bread, “And expensive means we need to go on more trips, right?”

“I believe auctions are a luxury too!” Jack responded.

“Wait, auction?”

Jack stood silent while eating his food, he only glanced at him, Boris grumbled a bit and took a sip from his tankard.

“So,” Jack calmly said as he wiped his mouth, “how was the auction?”

“Oh, that, the auction was nice and I bought you an item for-”

“30 Aurum,” Jack said, interrupting his brother.

Boris sighed and pulled out the Scepter and handed to Jack.

“It’s for you, for you to use it in any way, whether it be melting it down, decoration or even just bloody sell it.”

Jack groaned while placing his hands on his face, he then smiled.

“Fine, we’ll do a trip, and you will pay by getting some sweets and clothing since I do adore them both.” Jack mused as he crossed his arms.

Boris chuckled and took another sip from his tankard, making the two brothers caught in laughter.

“Alright, the sewers seem to be a good way inside, and we have to get more food and items, that is what you are going to do while I keep watch this time, it is my turn,” Jack reassured as he folded up a piece of paper.

Boris groaned a bit, the sewers were one of the places in Stoikia that caused the smell around there, since no one bothered to clean it, not even the Quindrakes thought to hire someone.

“Are you ready?” Jack asked as he picked up his bow and a potato sack. Boris nodded as they both headed out in the woods, going towards the towering Quindrake mansion that was ahead.

Boris and Jack both walked slowly, palms sweaty, hands and knees shaking. It was said that stealing from the nobles was a sin to Olar. But the brothers didn’t care. Boris chuckled and elbowed Jack. Jack responded with a slight grin, the two brothers made their way laughing and chuckling in the distance.

They couldn’t help but not stay mad and love each other. At the end of the day, they were brothers. And they no choice but love one another. They had to listen to what their father said, and not disobey it, even if it kills them.

“Life is a strange thing,” Boris muttered to himself, smiling at the moment that was happening.

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