Arrow Jack

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The Tertiary Chapter

“Well, you want in or not?” The man said after Boris snapped back into reality. He looked up and smiled awkwardly at the man.

The man towered both Boris and Jack, they both had to look up at him. He wore clothes that looked professionally made, almost straight out of a royal family’s closet. Everything was neatly tucked and folded, he looked like a gentleman.

But what made him more intimidating was the goat’s head he was wearing. The eyes were blank and lifeless. It’s horns, peeling with age, fur, and hair grimy and musty. They saw the man’s eyes through the teeth of the goats head. Its lips were nowhere to be seen as if they were cut off. Only the teeth and the green glowing eyes of the man were seen.

“Y-yeah, could you let us in?” Jack asked as he looked back down at his feet, Boris chuckled and stepped front.

“The Quindrakes sent out a bounty to “Exterminate” their bug problem, and I think we can handle it.” Boris bragged as the man leaned forward, getting to Boris’s level and laughed hard.

“Handle the bug problem? Ha, I have seen brutes struggle with the “Bugs” you wanna exterminate, especially the Ravagers that took shelter in there.” He mocked with a calm and stern voice, Boris and Jack glanced at each other and nodded.

Boris walked up to the man and crossed his arms, the man looked down and scoffed.

“Your funeral.” He eerily stated while stepping out the way, opening the door to the sewers.

As soon as the door opened, a gust of musty air passed through the two brothers, making them cringe and cover their mouth and nose. Trash and gunk spilled out of the sewer, they got a glimpse of the inside and saw how the floors were littered with piles of sewage. It was like feet of snow that needed to be trudged through. The man stood untouched by the smell, he glared at them and nodded.

Boris went in first and climbed on top of the pile, and started to trudge forward. Jack slowly made his way, he covered his nose and tried to walk to the top of the pile, but he slipped and fell face-first into the sewage.

“Ha-ha, klutz,” The man joked behind them, chuckling and laughing away, “good luck on your “extermination” he mused as he closed the doors behind them, shutting them into total darkness.

In the dark, the sounds of striking and slashing of steel against flint echoed through the halls of the sewers, sparks flew off in all directions. Finally, a small flame emitted from a stick, wrapped in a piece of cloth. Soon, the flame erupted to a small fire.

The area lit up quickly, soon the two brothers trudged through the sewage waste, breathing soon became a chore. The air around them was disgusting and could be tasted. The torch didn’t help either, it only clogged up the hallway even more.

“What now?” Jack asked as he knelt down, wheezing and coughing. Boris shrugged his shoulders as he held the torch between his armpits, trying to get his feet unstuck.

“I believe there is a way into the mansion from here. But without a map, we are lost in this hell hole. Brigmites and Ravagers lurk here, so keep your guard!” Boris exclaimed as he got his foot unstuck. The two brothers continued their path, they had a couple of conversations, like what to take, and what to leave. They even had an argument about who is a better tactician or strategist.

“If you are smart, how would you kill a brigmite Jack?” Boris nagged Jack, he scoffed and took out an arrow by its head.

“You don’t need a strategy to kill a bug that can be squashed.” Jack jested as he smirked, Boris frowned as he took out his dagger.

“Well, what if they are the size of a dog,” Boris asked, “you know how hard that could be?”

The brothers bickered more and more, a deep growl then interrupted them, the sounds of trash being stomped echoed in front of them. They both stopped and unsheathed their weapons. Jack stood still and drew back his bow, while Boris took out his dagger and stood in a fighting stance.

Jack gagged with disgust, Boris stood in silence while the creature stood out of the shadows. With a wolfish appearance, the creature stood on all six legs. It’s whole body was covered in an Exo-skeletal like shell, its head was lowered, razor-sharp teeth littered its mouth in random order. Two antennae, thick as forearms of a child, curving towards it body like horns of a ram.

It was a brigmite, a big one at that. Boris glared at it as the mite circled around them, growling deep. Weird, thick liquid oozed all over the body, which made Jack shudder even more.

“Why is this mite the size of a dog!” Boris yelled out, he swung his dagger in the air, making the brigmite flinch. Jack aimed his bow at the mite, he breathed out slowly and released the bowstring.

The arrow flew in the air, passing Boris and striking the brigmite in its eyes, making it squeal and cry in pain. It coughed a bit and charged forwards, it pushed Boris out the way and lunged on top of Jack.

“Boris, help!” Jack managed to cry out, but all that Boris heard was the cries of his brother. The brigmite mauled and scratched him. Boris charged forth and struck the mite with the torch, scorching the beast.

It directed it’s attention to Boris, who swung his dagger and torch in the air. The mite coughed and wheezed again, it slowly limped towards Boris and growled again.

“Don’t touch my brother!” Boris yelled out, lunging forward at the same time as the mite. Sinking the dagger into its flesh as it did the same. They both groaned in pain, the dagger let loose, but the mite didn’t.

Everything started to get blurry for Boris, he was lost grip on his dagger and was about to lose grip on the torch.

“Let go!” Jack screamed in pain as he took the arrow out of its eye and jammed it into its throat.

Later, the two brothers limped their way to sound, everything around them was going quiet, their vision worsening. But Boris stood up straight and carried Jack by his arm, and continued forth.

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