Arrow Jack

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The Fourth Chapter

Jack coughed and wheezed, Boris continued to carry Jack on his shoulders. Soon the torch died out, darkness was the only thing that could’ve been seen. But Boris only looked straight and saw the light while Jack didn’t, it was Boris’s destination.

Growling was heard in front of them.

Boris stopped, he looked around for the light. But it was nowhere to be seen. He stumbled a bit and backed off.

Another growl entered, it sounded deeper than the last one.

Jack grumbled something under his breath, Boris glanced around and groaned a bit. He slowly took steps, but after each step, another growl would intervene. Boris then took more steps, ignoring their warnings, with his left-hand outreaching in the darkness.

Regret filled his body, determination sapped, Jack’s life slowly fading away. Boris let a tear slide down his cheek. Jack coughed more harshly this time, Boris then wiped his tears away and continued their dark path.

After ignoring their warnings, the sounds of feet scrambling across the trashy floor. Boris glanced around, backing away from the noises. Growls and groans invaded the sewer hall as if it were all around them. Boris dropped Jack, gently laying him down, he grabbed both of his daggers and swung them in all directions.

The sounds of mites circled all around him. He then dropped his daggers and quickly grabbed his Flint and Steel, striking them together. Sparks flew in all directions, lighting the area each time he struck the flint. He kept striking and striking until a flame built again. He grabbed the torch he lit and waved it around.

The flame built, it became bigger and bigger. Soon the whole area he was in was lit, at least three brigmites surrounded both of them. He picked up one dagger and started swinging and screaming at them, the mites flinched back and glared at him. They came in all shapes in sizes, on was a runt, the size of a dog, the other two on the other hand at least sized up to Boris’s waist.

They looked like wolves, except they weren’t. But they acted like wolves after Boris started to swing the torch around them, they fled back and retreated back into the darkness. He rubbed his eyes and chuckled a bit, he was glad to see again.

After sticking the torch to the ground, Boris took rest with Jack for a bit, the smell didn’t bother any of them, Jack soon calmed down and was able to sit up. His wounds were all covered and wrapped by pieces of Boris’s clothing. What seemed to be hours past by, they slowly continued but had to stop every once in a while.

“Shh, we got two mites!” Boris warned Jack, they both retreated back and hid behind a pile of trash that reached towards the ceiling. The two brigmites stumbled around, and they looked frail. any second it looked like they were about to drop to their knees. They growled and snapped at each other for a while.

Jack and Boris watched them closely, the two mites started getting more and more violent, they started biting and scratching each other. Soon they were fighting, fresh blood out, skin, and flesh shredded. Soon, only one mite remained.

Boris and Jack gagged and groaned in disgust, the victorious brigmite started to feed off of its dead kin, happily munching away. Seconds turned into minutes, hands started to shake, sweat started to drip. Soon the brigmite stopped eating and glanced up at Boris and Jack, growling ferociously at them. \

“C-cannibalism,” Boris said quietly and sternly, “why?”

Boris slowly stood up, Jack followed along and grabbed his bow and arrow. The mite growled deeper as the two stepped closer, as Jack held the bowstring against his neck, and as Boris held the torch and dagger in front of him.

“Do we have a plan?” Jack asked Boris as his eyes seemed full of dread like some truth has been told to him.

“N-nope, either nut up or shut up Jack,” Boris said with a hint of fear still lurking inside.

Jack, quickly released the string as the mite charged towards them. The arrow flew past both Boris and the mite, Boris swung at the mite with his dagger but only scraped it. The mite then pounced on top of Boris and started to scratch and bite him.′

With Jack frozen, Boris kept the mite from doing any more damage by holding the torch stick in front of him, keeping the mite from biting him.

“J-Jack! Now is a good time to play hero!” Boris pleaded as the mite started to bite threw the torch, Boris pulled the torch towards him and pushed hard. This caused the mite to stagger and fall off of Boris.

“I-I’m sorry, I d-don’t have anymore-”

“Any more what!” Boris interrupted with fear in his tone. Jack’s eyes started to tear up, his breath started to become shallow again.

“I’ve run out of arrows!” Jack admitted, retreating back from the fight.

Boris’s palms started to sweat and shake, gripping on his dagger and torch started to become a fantasy as his legs turned to jelly. The mite started to make noises, it sounded like a bark from a wolf, but more hoarse and raspy.

“I am beginning to wonder if this thing is a dog or not,” Boris questioned as he stared at the mite.

“Obviously it’s a giant bug that was left to grow!” Jack speculated as Borisgroaned.

“That is no bug, that has to be a wolf of some kind!” Boris debated while he was trying to scare the mite away.

“Dogs and wolves don’t have six legs! Are we doing this now?” Jack yelled out.

“Well, this one does! Besides, it’s literally called “Brigmite”. Brigs are what they call mutts that just lounge around, or a jail-”

But more growls and cries interrupted Boris as he stated his debate. The Ravenous Brigmite chuckled a bit as more brigmites entered in the torch’s light glow, six brigmites and The Ravenous one started to yowl and chuckle more.

“See, wolves go in packs! Therefore, these are dogs!” Boris said nervously, Jack ignored him and started to step back more, the mites started to get closer and closer. Boris glanced back and saw Jack gone.

“Jack, where are you!”

The Ravenous Mite lounged again at Boris, but he threw himself on the floor, dropping his dagger and torch. But the mites scurried back as the flames on the torch quickly started to eat away at the floor. The Ravenous Mite paid no attention to it and started to charge at Boris again.

Boris quickly got up and rushed towards it and pushed the mite into the flames, the screeching pains of the mite echoed in his ears, he dropped on the floor and held his arm. Blood was gushing out of it again, all he saw was dying flames, and a graceful figure before his vision blurred.

“J-Jack?” He managed to mutter under his raspy breath.

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