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Every hound has a history. Every hound wants redemption. Every hound wants to love. But only one can have it all. Nick died almost eight hundred years ago. But he isn't exactly dead. What he is, is a Hell Hound. A beast of the underworld, commanded by Lucifer himself. Decades of servitude to the Dark Lord could never have prepared him for what was coming. He has dealt with all kinds of evil in the world. But when he finds Caroline, broken, tortured and suffering, everything begins to change. Lucifer rises from hell, Micheal descends from heaven, and a truth so unimaginable is revealed, that will change not just what he knows, but what he is as well.

Fantasy / Other
Natalie Le Roux
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When people hear the term ‘hellhound’ they usually think of a canine type monster with sharp teeth, red eyes and a hunger for wicked souls. Part of that is true. I do have a hunger for wicked souls. A hunger like nothing you have ever felt before. But I am no dog, and my eyes are the same color they were the day I was born. A dark chocolate brown.

I’m not alive anymore though. Haven’t been for over seven hundred years. I died from something that no longer exists today. Smallpox. Back when I still walked the Earth as a living man, in the darkest trenches of the thirteenth century, it killed thousands before it took me.

I lived in the farmlands of West Yorkshire, in a little house with my mother and my four sisters. As the only man of the house after my father went to war, it fell on my shoulders to provide for them. Not an easy task with food so scarce and work in even greater demand. So, I did what any man in my position would do. I turned to crime. Judge all you want, but you haven’t watched your sisters suffer and die from malnutrition, all while being helpless to do anything to save them.

So, I stole, killed, pillaged, and did all the things that damn the soul to hell. But I never once enjoyed any of it. I did what I had to, to stay alive.

And so, I find myself working for the most feared and hated boss of all time. The devil. Satan. Lucifer. Call him what you want, but he’s an asshole with any title.

You may ask yourself, ‘how does a twenty-seven-year-old farm boy from England end up being a hellhound for Satan?’

Simple, I was given a choice. Back when evil men were in abundance on the surface, the hounds had their hands full. I, over my many years of crime, picked up a unique skill in tracking and hunting my victims. This proved useful to the big guy and when all the other ‘hounds’ were out, I got offered the opportunity to prove myself and avoid endless torture. Anyone in their right minds would do the same.

And so, now, in the twenty-first century, and in an era of plenty, I sit in the shadows, among you, watching, waiting... Hunting.

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