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A lightning smiled across the sky and a thunder rumbled deeply. Never did he think for the murderer to be beautiful. Murderer. Note to self: never go hunting in the night. It may lead you to many problems. Some include being branded as a murderer for a murder you might have stopped, and the other may include you to attend an academy you could have only dreamed of stepping in. Ah! The wonders of life. Meet Kezia. Many words could describe her, but a huntress fits her better. She thought that one secret hunting might save her family from starvation, but she never expected to sign a deal with the King of Forest. A deal that may forsake everyone she cared about. Now comes Adrian. A prince. A prodigy. Broken beyond repair. When the girls in the first year in his Academy are being murdered, he sets to find out the reason why. As always said the truth will show its face only when the time is not right. The Past cannot stay hidden. Friendships will be made. And a Phoenix might just rise from the ashes.

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Her eyes were the glowing silver disc in the firmament. The stars, flickering bright and dim, which reflected in her eyes made them appear glassy. She took a deep breath and braced herself to run. At a distance, a wolf howled twice and then it stopped. After a pause, it howled twice again.

That was the signal she was waiting for. Without sparing a glance back, she sprinted into the woods. Although her pursuers were miles behind, she could hear their heart beat and smell the fear that was rolling from them in waves. They were terrified of her. That thought brought a smirk to her lips.

The branches, bushes and the thorns could not harm her. It was, as if, a powerful spell was placed upon her. Her raven hair blended with the night scene. Her unscarred skin did not break a sweat as she ran, for that to happen, she must be a human first.

Being one of the creatures that stalked the night, had earned her the name: The Dark Lady. Here she was to bring the stolen light from those demons and she was called The Dark Lady. Wonderful.

True, the dark never bothered her. It actually comforted her. But for the past six days, the darkness was threatening to break her apart. She knew the reason for this, yet she did nothing to stop it. The Medallion of Power. Instead of enhancing her powers like it did for past decade, the Medallion suppressed her powers now.

Being the most beautiful thing she had ever seen in her life, the circle Medallion was also unique. A single black pearl was suspended in the centre, just floating, stuck in the middle without any support with two crescent moons on top and bottom. In the free spaces were the designs that resembled stars.

Why would her mother trust her with an artefact as powerful as this? Dropping the Medallion inside the folds of her shirt, she saw Maya basking in the moonlight. Waiting still as a statue, waiting for her prey.

She quickly bowed her head to the wolf and took out the Medallion and gave it to her. Yet the wolf did not move. Maya continued to give her the glare, which warned Ravelyn not to do anything reckless.

Had she ever listened to anyone? Never. The Dark Lady shook her head and ran towards the direction of her pursuers. Behind her, Maya was running with the Medallion to Leah, as instructed.

Their heartbeats were coming closer and her sensitive ears picked up the melody of a distant owl.

He had sent only ten warriors to kill her. Had he underestimated her so much? She shook her head in disappointment. She then drew out her twin blades.

But before she could block a poison dart that was heading her way, another one struck her from behind. She gasped as her head hit the floor and her eyes saw his feet before closing for an eternal sleep.

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