Heaven and Hell

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Heaven - Lucius โHe was a love that became violent.โž Hell - the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse โIn the midst of destroying chaos, they became it.โž The heart betrays all. For Lucius, the betrayal that was served to him cost him the life of the one angel he would die for. Worst of all, the cause of it ran like a coward and he went straight down to Hell. In the end, all great things will come to an end. The only question left was how would the battle between Heaven and Hell, supposed good and evil, all end? Sometimes, victory rises from the ashes of broken hearts.

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โHe was a love that became violent.โž

BEFORE THE FALL of Lucifer, Heaven was a peaceful realm where war was unheard of. Lucius was no more than a weaver of daylight, meant to enjoy hours in the sun and blend the gold of sunlight.

However, upon meeting a night angel, he discovered that life in Heaven was not always as easy as the way the other angels had made it out to be.

That was because where there is love, there will also be destruction.

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