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Continuing Story of Lake of Hope and Dreams. Crystal return to her home port after spending several days on the Island of dreams where she started... to fall in Love with Gary a man she had met on the boat she taken to the Island of Dreams.., not far from her home port...the twist and turns she encountered while there would surprise and baffle you relentlessly...But the beauty of the Island breathtaking and fresh to your senses if you were lucky enough to have such a privilege...but the danger that would surround you frightening and taunting in many of the hidden reality of the secret Realms hidden among the Mountains, Hills, and Valleys at the farthest point of the Island of Dreams....

Fantasy / Romance
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( 1 ) Her Return Home

After all that had happened to Crystal while on the Island of Dream, you couldn't blame her for wanting to leave. It seemed at every turn something happened that stop her in her tracks. She didn't want to stay for the Wedding, even though David and the others begged. She chooses not to. Seemed like all the Beautiful Magic that had been on the Island when she arrived, seemed to have disappeared. No one wanted her to leave, especially Gary...She felt she had no choice. All though she had enjoyed the Good of the Island though few and far between, she would hold that close to her heart and soul. The beauty of the Island, breathtaking at times, would forever be cherished and remembered forevermore.

She knew she had feelings for Gary, but the fear of another relationship frightened her.

Every time she was near him, strange things happened, but, she couldn't understand why...She tried to hold back tears that welled in her eyes, she turned her back to Gary in hopes he wouldn't see... But Gary knew different, he went to her side, took her, gently by the shoulder and turned her to face him, just before boarding the last boat from Dream Island. He gently kissed her forehead and wiped her tears from her cheek and held her close for a minute, then raised her by the chin so she'd have to look into his Cool Green Eyes and told her...I'll Wait for You Crystal, You're My True Love, If I Must, I'll Wait for an Eternity. No matter the trials before me, even if it's the death of me...I'll Always Wait Beneath the Shimmering Moonlight and Stars. I Promise Until My Dying Day...Holds & Kisses her once more. All I ask of You is to return, one day...I know you have to find yourself before you could ever Love me, as I do you... I set you Free to Find Your True Worth...All I can do is hope you'll return when the time comes... If you don't I'll understand, but I will never forget you... kissed her for last time and lets her go, slowly walking back and stood with the others. As the boat pulled from the docks they waved goodbye. As tears slipped down her cheek.

Her heart weighed heavy in her chest, but she felt it was for the best for everyone she had become to know on the Island, especially Gary...When out of sight, she fell to her knees, broke down, cried endlessly...

Soon after the breakdown, I appeared to her, once again in the midst of early evening as she stood on the shoreline after getting off the boat at Mainland Port.

Before heading to the house...she had to pull herself together, So not to worry her daughter and grand-daughters. She looked at me and asked...What am I to do Destiny?... I don't want them to know about the things that happened on the Island.

Only you can make decisions...I can't...I'm here as your guide and nothing more...your trials and tribulations of decisions you've made or soon to make in the Journey before you.

From this day forward...I can only guide you but I can't tell you what to do. That answer has to come from you and Only You...

She finally gathered her strength with a smile and started to the house, where her family waited for her return... A friend of the family happened to see her walking toward the house with her luggage and offered her a ride the rest of the way...she took them at the offer, for she wasn't healed from the last incident she'd encountered...But she knew she had to hide it to the best of her ability from the family for a while longer.

Even though her heart aced for Gary she didn't want her family to know about him, yet.

She needed to search her soul and heart to figure out what she truly wanted for herself without any interference from her family and friends. As she got out of the Tracys car and got the luggage from the trunk the family came to help.

Amanda Maria was upset with her for not letting her know she was on the way back. But she was happy she was home. Everyone helped her get her thing in the house and then started to ask questions about Dream Island as they sat down in the living room after getting inside.

Mother, was it worth it? Was it as you thought it to be?

No, it was a much bigger Island than I ever thought, in all honesty. Almost got lost in the midst of the first day...But a kind person helped me find my way to the main town near the docks...All the others that had traveled with us had a guide meeting them when they arrived...

Really? Aleena, the youngest asked.

Pretty much. Some of the areas I was able to see where quite beautiful, almost out of a fairytale. I have a few photos I'll show you later. But I think I'd rather lay down for a while, I'm kind of tired from the trip if you wouldn't mind.

Are you sure? I'll be fixing supper in a little while.

If I'm awake, I'll come to eat with you, when it's ready. as she got up and took her luggage & headed to the bedroom...I'll be back in a little while and left the living room she could, Amanda Maria looks at Tracey, the neighbor, and the girls with a puzzled look on her face and then shrugged it off, and went on visiting with Tracey and the girls went out to play with some the neighborhood kids until supper...

Written By: Cindy L. Rasey


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