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The Eighth Club: The End is Near

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This is the story that will change everything. A long forgotten princess, a world unknown to human, and a Destiny to make sure there is a balance of good and evil.

Fantasy / Drama
Andria Clark
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The End is Near Book 1

Dear whomever is reading this,

I do not know who is reading my letter, but I will tell you a story of a long forgotten princess who became my best friend. It’s a long story, so for you, the reader, I hope you can take some time and learn about the girl who changed my life forever.

It all started with a scientist and his assistant. They were stupid humans. It was September 2008; the lab was filled with computers all around the room; except for the back wall which was all glass. On the front wall there’s a circular machine. They were trying to find the connection to the other world, which as we call the ghost world. Sadly they didn’t connect to the ghost world; they connected to a dimension that holds the one of the darkest witches of the worlds.

Now before I start the story I should tell you what are about to discover will change your life and so many others you send this too. The ghost world is the world of witches, wizards, warlocks, demons, and so many other creatures. You might say we are the true middle earth of lord of the rings. We have some who will fight for good, some evil, and some like hobbits who just don’t care. Heehee, you might think I’m writing the same story that J.R. Tolkien wrote but sadly no. The human world, which only contains humans, can never connect to the spiritual axis. The spiritual axis is the connection of energy that will flow through you to your powers. We are called ghost because to human we are just a myth. We don’t exist and we never will. The ghost is well aware of the humans, but humans will never know that we do, in a way, walk among them. The ghost world is on earth, it’s another realm. The ghosts have become vicious over the years.

A long time ago humans and ghost use to live with each other and the humans would do anything to kill them. so the Destiny, the one who keeps the balance of good and evil align, created the ghost world, with help from, yes this is very religious but it’s all true, God. The ghosts were angry they didn’t want to leave and when they were force to leave, they tried to prepare themselves for when the Destiny line would be destroyed and the queen of the ghost world, the Destiny who created the world, was no more. The queen vanished and no one has seen her since. The prophecy is that the long forgotten princess will bring balance once again. And now the story can begin.

Chapter 1

'Remember I said this was the year 2008 at a lab. The professor is wearing a long white lab jacket and a black shirt and pants. The assistant is dresses exactly like the professor. They were morons not knowing what they would do to me and many others around them.'

“Today we are going to find other realms; other worlds” The Professor said.

“Professor, what if this doesn’t work? We will have wasted 20 years of searching.” says the assistant.

“Don’t be so negative. Over these 20 years we found sound and movement. Why would you put the “what if” on me? If I sneeze on my sleeve, I wash it. What if this doesn’t work, we’ll find another way. You’re like a son to me. I want you here when it works.” The assistant smiled. “So, are you ready?” The assistant nodded. They turn on the switch and hit some buttons. Bolts of electricity circles within the circular machine and a portal started to open.

“Its working!’ The assistant said.

“I know” The professor smiled.

Out of the portal came one of the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. She wore a red Egyptian dress and see-through blue sarong, oh how I wish it was her dress was the one see-through. Her black hair touches her mid back; she had intense red eyes, and was tall and skinny, oh the beautiful Egyptian skin.

“I’m free” she said as she looked around. She frowns. “Where am I? Who are you? What year is this?”

“I’m the professor who brought you here. The year is 2008. You are-“

“What 2008? I’ve been trap for 1800 years” she looks at them. “Well I guess you will do” she come close to the professor, touches his face. She stabs him with a dagger. The assistant runs to stop her, he see jewels on the dagger glowing. She absorbs the soul of the professor, then she pull her hand toward the assistant, she didn’t even touch him, he just flew across the lab and broke the glass on the other side of the lab. Then she came close to him “don’t ever do that again” she stabs the assistant. The knife jewels glow and absorbed the soul of the assistant. “Soon you will rise again, my love. Until then I will get my powers back.” The Egyptian woman walks out of the lab. She steps on the glass, which broke off when the assistant flew.

'See I told you. They are morons. They didn’t know what they have done or what would happen to them. If they only understood not to mess with nature, Hey doesn’t that sound like Jurassic Park; oh I need to watch that movie again.'

chapter 2

In the ghost world, (I am not gay; I just have to explain people characteristics. So we’re clear, not gay) a tall white male with a green hooded robe, is meditating in a white room; I can’t remember his name I will ask someone later on. I’m typing this on a typewriter so I can’t delete what I say. He is holding an emerald crystal. He opens his eyes. “So the time has come” he says as he places water over the crystal “find the Destiny, find the girl who God has chosen, find the one” the crystal glows brightly. Smoke comes out of the crystal. In the door way a portal opens. The smoke goes in to the portal opening like it is being sucked in by a vacuum.

'Meanwhile a cute small girl, cute brown wavy hair, cute brown eyes, cute Caucasian skin, she always wears a red long sleeve shirt and blue jeans, and she is almost about to fall asleep in class. Even when we watch a TV show she falls asleep. She and I are going to have a little talk. She’s in 10th grade, aw cute 10th grader. The school is like any traditional high schools from the human world; classrooms that hold 32 kids and a white board. What’s with these so called white board, come on humans upgrade, it’s the 21st century get a smart board already, no wonders they lost, oops, I didn’t say that. Anyways, the bell rings everyone gets up and walk out the door except….'

“Uh... Andria can I have a word with you?” she rolls her eyes as she hears the teacher. She was about to walk out of the classroom “it seems you are doing your homework and passing. I am glad to know you; but can’t you show a little interest in math or even show some emotions.”

Why should I show my emotions to people who are just going to pick on me? I have to go home from school and clean the house, lie, and say I’m happy. I am pleased to know you too” she said smiling. She gave her teacher a hug “uncle, I just miss him. Tomorrow is the memorial and I hate to go. So could you lie and say I hit someone and give me detention.” The uncle started laughing.

Andria, you’re a smart girl. They’ll know you didn’t. And besides I suck at lying.” Her uncle said and Andria laughed. They hug a last time, and she left. She walked over to see her beautiful sister, who had the most gorgeous brown wavy hair, and sexy blue eyes like the turquoise diamonds, which had a dazzling Caucasian skin, she wears a blue tank top and beige pants, which I would love to, see her in. They hug.

While that was happening the smoke hovered like it was watching them. The smoke waits for them to leave.

“Andria, if you don’t want to go to the memorial I can lie and say you were a bitch to me and mom can ground you.” they stop hugging. She smiled.

“I can’t do that, jasmine. I have to go to the memorial. He was my best friend and I need to see him one last time.” Jasmine got in the driver’s seat and turned on the car. Andria jumped in the passenger side and asked. “So when do I get to drive?”

“Never.” Jasmine stopped before driving out of the parking lot. She looked at her sister “why won’t you show the real you to everyone else?”

Andria looked at her sister sadly. “I don’t want to be hurt anymore, by people. I mean Jacob’s death and my so called friends doing pranks on me. And making fun of me for not having a boyfriend. Why do I need a boyfriend? Is it just to say I had sex with him and then be dumped? And you will be a whore until you get out of ……. Ok nothing.” Jasmine smiled.

“Exactly no one needs a person to make them feel good about themselves you just need you and whatever else you do with your life.” Andria smiled knowing that her sister was the only one to whom she could talk to. “Andria, just start lying, just say you’re happy, and that he was your friend.” Andria rolled her eyes.

'He was a good friend to her, even to me. I’ll always miss him *sniffle*.'

Chapter 3

They were at the memorial. Andria was standing near Jacob’s pictures. She felt sad looking at his happy face. Andria thoughts were in pain. ‘He always wanted to be a priest. Why? Why did he want to be a priest? God just killed him. It was 4 years ago. He died and that was the gift God gave him.’ Andria thought. She knew people were watching her and talking about her. Saying she must be that odd girl, or that emotionless girl. She hated them; she loved God and she wouldn’t stop. If she could break one of the rules like “thou shall not kill.” Cough, cough she might just do it. Someone walked towards her. ‘Great time for the talking and lying. Am I not allowed to hit people? ‘I hope you are alright. I know. I so sorry blah, blah, blah.’ shut up. No duh I’m not alright my best friend is dead. I hate stupid people.”

'She really is a pain isn’t she? I haven’t met her yet and I already just want to say shut up. But she is cute I’ll give her credit for that. She also is a kiss ass, but we’ll go there another time.'

“Hey, so are you one of the girls who Jacob was dating?” a tall white male with brown hair, hazel eyes. He wears a green t-shirt and blue jeans.

'Even to this day I am thankful she met Jacob.'

“No. I was his best friend” a little sad but trying to smile. He knew she was trying to hide her emotions trying to be happy.

“You don’t have to lie to me. I mean he was my best friend, too. I’m sorry, my name is Chris. Chris Hawkins.”

“I know” she said with no emotions.

“I’m sorry I don’t know you. Your name is……”

“Not interested” she walks away. He wanted to get to know her. He wasn’t going to give up and believe me he didn’t.

Meanwhile the Smoke has been hovering and watching Andria. The Smoke had the chance to take Andria. Slowly it was going to get her by enveloping her but a human sexy girl came in to the picture. The Smoke hid.

“Hello Andria everyone has been talking about you. I am so sorry. It must have been hard on you.”

“Yeah. Whatever.” No emotions

“Don’t you care about him? Why don’t you have any emotions? God, a guy like him could have done a lot better. They are right. You are an emotionless bitch.” Andria was angry to be talked to like that. They started fighting, pulling hair, scratching, nailing, and others. Jasmine got a hold on Andria and someone got hold on the other girl. Jasmine turns Andria around. She pushes her hair out of her face and saw the cut on Andria.

'Even to this day I wish I could see that fight, they should’ve had pudding.'

“Andria let’s go home and get you cleaned up” she grabs Andria’s wrist. She shows no emotions of being sorry or in pain or she started it, just a plain face. The sisters walked out together. The other girl went to Chris. He shook his head at what just happened.

“She didn’t even care for Jacob.”

“She is hiding it. I wish you weren’t my sister, you just embarrass us.” The Smoke then knew she was the chosen one. It followed the car as they gone away from the memorial.

In the car, Andria was looking out the window.

“If you just show your feelings you would probably be alright.” Jasmine tells her. There was a tear about to fall out from Andria’s eye. She closed her eyes a numbers of times and the tears stopped. The Smoke had its chance now. It went through Andria causing Andria to moan and faint.

“Andria. Andria. Andria, wake up. Andria.” Jasmine drove fast as she could to the hospital.

“What happened” the doctor said.

“There was blood loss from a fight but I don’t know how that would cause her to faint. She fainted in the car. She just….just….oh God. Is she ok?” Jasmine said crying.

“I don’t know just yet but we’ll find out.” The doctors said leading Jasmine out of emergency area.

Chapter 4

Andria finds herself in a completely white square room. There wasn’t anything in the room.

“Where…? Where am I?” asked Andria “am I dead?”

“No you are not dead.” The green hooded figure says. She can see him smiling though it was hard to see his features. She just looks at him and he says. “I am the protector of all creatures of God’s creation. This is called the white lab. It’s a place for meditation and finding your center.” The room turns into beautiful scenery. Grass that is pure green, trees were tropical, and clear, clean water.

“It’s beautiful” Andria said with emotions. She felt peace. Then the room turned into a world of darkness. Fire burning everything, animals dying, bugs carrying diseases and she was afraid. Something on a horse was about to slash her head but it vanished as quickly as it appeared.

“That will happen if you don’t stop it. You are a Destiny. A Destiny is a protector of the worlds; you bring the balance and peace. There is a great disturbance in the balance between good and evil. I ask of you to help me stop the evil and bring back the balance.”

She was stunned, she was a Destiny? She didn’t know what to say “Yes, to God, I will help.” Then he held up the emerald crystal. A map of the human world appears on her arms.

'I really want to tell you how come she said yes, but I can’t. Damn you, Tabitha! Okay back to the story.'

“Find the crystals that hold your powers. When you come close to crystal the spot will glow. Soon God will speak with you directly, but not yet.”

She woke up in the hospital. ‘Was it just a dream? Was any of it real? It felt real.’ she was confused and unsure. She felt something touching her hand and saw the map. ‘It was real. I can’t tell Jasmine, she’ll think I’m crazy’ Jasmine came in as Andria realizes it was not a dream.

“Hey, how are you?” She kisses her forehead. She smiled.

“Better than you I see.” Jasmine had bags under his eyes, she was exhausted.

“You are getting discharge today.”

“Good. That’s good” hiding the map under the sheets.

“How long have been here?”

“Just for two hours.” Andria felt like she was in the other realm for at least four hours or so. “I’m going to get the car” Jasmine waved her hand, so did she. Andria hid the map in her suitcase. She will find the crystals. She wanted to help God as much as she could regardless of the consequences.

Meanwhile at the white lab. A short wonderful girl, blonde hair like gold, blue eyes like the sea after the storm, breathtaking pale skin, who wished someday she will be the protector, comes to talk to the current protector.

“I wish I could be the protector of the worlds. Even heaven and hell. That would be so amazing, feeling everything” The protector was meditating, he always loved when she talked, he couldn’t help it, he had to smile.

“You will be soon enough.” He took off his hood and exposes his face, brown hair, orange eyes, and tan skin. He said standing up to look at her. To him, she was beautiful. She made him calm when he felt stressed. She walked over only to trip on a chipped floor and fell on the floor on top of the Protector. They couldn’t help it; they couldn’t stop staring at each other.

“Oh, Aaron” she said. Then he kissed her. She kissed back. It took them a couple of seconds. Then she opened her eyes to come back to reality “No!” she jerked away. “We can’t, you know the rules. We can’t. I’m sorry” she places her hand on his face.

“Right. The rules. Ghost and humans can’t fall in love. Yeah.”

“But you aren’t a Ghost”

“It means any creatures. You call yourself a Human. We call ourselves Ghosts.”

“I wish you were human.” She said as she walks away. He started meditating again. But he still feels her presence. He had a flash of the Egyptian woman, who killed the professor and the assistant. He tensed up and called out.

“Oh no, not Iris” he walked out of meditation room and into another room.

'If you are wondering why I am not writing the men to be good looking that’s because I’m am the only sexy, gorgeous, smooth talker man out there. And all, yes I mean all women, wants a piece of me. And I would give it to them. I’m the real version of Barney Stinson. But I have to say damn that character can get anyone.'

Chapter 5

Days later at school Chris walks over to Andria.

“It seems we are in the same class” Chris said. He smiled.

“Oh great. Don’t you have someone else to bother?”

“Nope. Just you. Look I’m sorry about my sister. She’s all about emotions and I understand yours. You are probably mad at God. I was too. Jacob wanted to be a priest and God gave him death instead.” Chris was sad. Then he changed into his cheery attitude “anyways, I found out your name is Andria.”

“Congratulations, you deserve a gold star” Andria says with no emotions walks away. She started blushing and Chris knew he got to her. He threw his arm up back down if a ‘caching.’

During lunch she took out the map and began searching for crystals. She was wearing glasses. Chris walks over to her table.

“What are you searching for?” he looks at her. She looks at him. They stood like that until someone tripped over her seat. She turns her head back to the map. His smile turns into a frown.

“I’m searching for Brooklyn” he turns to the back of her. He put his hands on her hand she flinches. He pulls back. He did again. This time Andria didn’t flinch. She blushes like crazy. He put her pointer finger up through the map. And with her finger he pointed to Brooklyn. He let go. She turns around. They look at each other. She had emotions in her eyes that no one else at school saw but him. Then someone bumped her and her eyes widen. She was in shock from what she been doing for the past couple of minutes, she got up and ran towards the restroom.

“Andria…wait” Chris ran to catch up to her but she was too fast. She left the map in the lunch room. He studied the map for a few minutes and saw something glowing, but it vanished. His eyes widen. He grabs the map so no one would see. Whatever she was hiding he wanted to make sure it stayed that way.

In the restroom, she locks herself in the stall. She was in shock, scared of feeling this feeling. She tries to calm down; her heart was pounding. She was shaking. She never felt this way before. The bell rang she had two classes left, both with her uncle. One was history, the other was math. She texted her uncle. He text back saying ‘its ok this will be your first absence I’ll tell your parents you had a tough week since memorial, and the hospital. Good luck.’ She smiled. The only people who saw her true feelings were her family. But Chris somehow saw it her eyes. How? She left the restroom and went to the lunch room to get her map. And it was gone. A note was left on the table. ‘Andria, I have your map. We need to talk. Chris’ oh crap not him.

Chapter 6

“Chris! I need my map.” Andria shouts while he was walking away from the school when school was finally over with.

“Oh, this map” takes the map out of his book bag. She tries to take it but he pulls it away. “Tell me why you need it? Tell me why it is so important?” he asked.

“I… I can’t.”

“What was with the glowing?” her eyes widen. “Look, I could have shown the entire school, the glowing thing on the map. But I didn’t. I want to help you. I want you to trust me.” She looks down at the ground. “So, tell me what is going on?” She looked at him.

Meanwhile, Iris, the Egyptian from another realm, stabs another human.

“My strength is coming back. I can feel my powers again.” She looks at the guy she just killed. “Such a pity” she waves her hand and he lights on fire. “Aw. Where’s my minions?” fire comes out from the ground. Some hideous creatures come out of a ground portal. “Oh and I want the goddesses. Oh well. Now all of you will help me rule this world. And kill humans one by one.” They roar. “Good” She smiles.

Chris and Andria are at an abandoned building. The building has been abandoned for 10 years. It used to be a manufacturing plant but the machine malfunctioned, and it was closed down. They go into a room, which has the all different types of machine in the original place, and they see a trail of some sort of toys on a moving plate, which was broken. Chris is shock. Andria is looking in the other direction.

“Oh my god. The fate of the whole universe is in your hands. Ok, I’m in.” Chris puts out his hand and she puts out her hand. They shake hands. Suddenly, a portal opens from a door way of the abandon plant.

“Quickly get in” the girl says that was once with the protector. Then another portal from the ground opened up. Iris pops out. Iris looks at Andria and Chris. Then she looked at the girl. “Not this time Iris.” Everyone ran into the doorway portal. Iris ran as fast as she could. The girl grabs a button from the doorway and the portal closes. But before it close Iris slashes her arm with her whip. She whines. They escaped iris and the girl from the portal doorway collapses.

“Maya” the protector runs over to Maya. He uses a wave from his hand and the wound is gone. They hug affectionately. Someone walked in and they broke their embrace. He was tall Asian skin with black hair, green eyes. He wears a grey robe.

“Hello. I’m a Shounsel. My name is Charles.” He shakes their hands. “A Shounsel is the member of good. We are connected and rule the good force of this world. I know you, you are Andria the Destiny. And Chris”

“The human” Chris says. Charles starts laughing.

“Let me show you around.” Charles walks towards a door.

Chapter 7

A power orb hits a wall

“No. How could they have found the destiny so fast?” A ground portal opens up and a dragon pops up. The dragon morphs into a male human form; tan skin with black hair, black lips, red eyes.

“You idiot. You let them find the Destiny. The plan was not to kill anyone so that they wouldn’t know. If the Shounsel finds out that the counsel is behind this they would-“

“They would what? Trap me back in another realm? I was trapped for 1800 years I don’t think they’ll trap me the same way. The Destiny will die. But I have another plan for her.” she smiles. The male goes back in the ground portal.

'The dragon you just learned about lives in the monster world. The monster world is where you will find all the creatures that use to live in the human world, such as, dinosaurs, Lochness monster, and Bigfoot. Oh yeah. There are some many others that will blow your mind. I’m not going into detail with the monster world until later.'

Meanwhile at the Protector’s mansion; the protector’s castle is a place of sanctuary it is castle like. There is a tall tower and a short house connected to the tower, it is a place of peace and meditation. The white lab is completely white with nothing in it, there complete silence.

“This is where we train ourselves to control our powers.” They are in a glass area looking at an arena. On the other side of the glass people are throwing fire balls at targets, swords fighting, controlling water, air, earth, and fire, and people moving objects against the targets.

“When do I start training?”

“When you master your focus in your mind.” He walks over to the kitchen. “This is where you’ll eat.” They walk over to a lab. “This is where you make potions” they walk to the end. “This is the arena where you’ll fight to build your focus of the mind and powers.” They walk towards the door “welcome to The Ghost World” opens the door to the world of Ghost. Outside they see people are flying, surfing, or driving in the air. The houses were made out cement and the roofs were made out of straw. They do the same thing on the ground. One person put their hands up and the whole garden had beautiful flowers and bushes. One uses their magic to make a labyrinth. One made rain and sun and created a rainbow to shine over the house. Another one ices the driveway to slide down with its board. He fell. Andria laughed softly. “The Ghost World is home to you whenever you come here.”

“It’s beautiful” Andria said with so much emotion.

“Yeah, it is.” He looked at her, smiling. 'Ah crap not yet. Don’t start falling for her yet.'

“Here are your co-workers” There was five people standing behind them. “This is Elaina, Tabitha, Travis, Kate, and Luke” they all shook hands with Andria.

Elaina is a beautiful short Mexican skin female. She is wearing a purple shirt and blue jeans. She has black hair, beige eyes.

Tabitha is a beautiful black skin female, wearing a blue shirt with a black skirt. She has long beautiful black hair and aqua eyes.

Travis is a tall black male, wearing a red t-shirt and blue jeans. He has very short black hair, dark blue eyes.

Kate is a hot, hot, hot, tall white female, wearing a beautiful white dress. She has long beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes.

Luke is a tall white male, wearing a black shirt with blue jeans. He has beautiful blonde angel hair and blue eyes. They were all beautiful. Andria was jealous of all of them. They seemed like they were carved from angels.

“They all agreed to help God fight the big battle.” The protector walked outside. He leaned toward Andria and said. “Your co-workers will be your best friends.” He straightens back up and smiled to her. She looked at the co-workers and then to him and smiled.

Chapter 8

That night they ate dinner together and had tons of fun. They all got to know each other. After dinner they were all headed to bed. Chris and Andria each had their own rooms. Chris smiled ‘she showed her true self today’. Maya was sleeping on her bed. The protector opens the door. Maya woke up.

“Oh, Sorry. I thought you were a wake still.”

“No. its fine. I needed to wake up.” she smiled “I…..I”

“Yes?” he was excited she was going to say the words. It wouldn’t just be him.

“I had a bad dream.” His eyes became and “oh.” he walked over laid in bed with her.

“I’ll protect you from the bad dream.” He wrapped his arms around she fell back a sleep.

‘I can feel the worlds but I can’t feel how some one feels about me. This power is useless.’

'Oh just do it. Even though, the high protectors will torture and burn their skin off, slowly killing Maya, and letting him live and torture himself, realizing that it was his fault for her death. But that only if they get caught. So their relationship will last. Right?'

The next morning Andria was in the white lab while the others were in training. Chris was practicing with a sword. He was good. Andria was working on meditation sitting “Indian style.”

“Ok, so why am I doing this?” she asked.

“Close your eyes.” the Protector says. She closes her eyes. “Think of something peaceful. Take a deep breath and try to focus your mind on one thing.” She takes in a deep breath and slowly lets it out. In her mind she sees a landscape. She focuses on a beautiful purple rose. Some creatures come out and attack her so she fights. She gets her head slice off. She gasps, opening her eyes.

“You are letting yourself not focus. You are trying to keep your powers in the middle of your mind. You focus on something until you see them than your powers are off balance. Do it again.” She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath. She focuses on the rose. Creatures come out and attack. She uses fire ball on the first. Next she flew her hand. He flew. The other she use water to wash him away. The entire time she focuses on one thing to keep her powers balance. It wasn’t the one thing in her mind. It was her mind. She opens her eyes. “Congratulations, milady.” He bows. Puts out his hand. She places her hand on his. She got up. “It is time” he points to a wooden person with a target symbol on it. She throws a fire ball at it and it fall in to a million pieces.

Chapter 9

All seven of them leave the Protector’s mansion to The Academy. The Academy is a castle/school that includes students from high school to college years, 700 acres of land, ¾ of it is the building and ¼ is untouched land. they walk through the gates and are greeted by two men.

'I hate this part. Okay there isn’t going to be detail. But these two men scare the crap out of me. One of them doesn’t talk. He just stands there quietly, staring at you until you feel uncomfortable.'

“Hello you must be the seven we’ve been waiting for. My name is Priestess. This is my companion Minister.” Priestess says with an eerie voice, 'which sounds like it should be a butler in freakin horror movie.' Priestess has brown hair, orange eyes, Caucasian 5’9’’, wearing a black robe. Minister has blown hair, yellow eyes, Caucasian 5’8’’, also wearing a black robe. He says nothing and just stares at them. 'Creepy!' “We are the owners of The Academy. We will train you to defend yourself, and use your powers in the most effective way. We will help you make potions, and medicine. Like The Human World, we teach history, math, science, reading, language arts, and foreign language. I hope you enjoyed your stay in The Ghost World but you two have to go back in The Human World.” Andria and Chris gave hugs to the other five and said their good-bye. They left in the doorway portal. They woke up in their beds. Andria woke up feeling odd but she knew she experience her other life.

“Time to go to school” Andria’s mother said. Andria walked to school and on the way she met up with Chris.

“Remember when I said I saw a crystal nearby. Well the map is still glowing maybe that was what Iris was trying to find.”

“Do you think she found it?”

“We won’t know until we find out.” They walked to school. During lunch break, they went to the abandoned building. The map was still glowing. “It’s still in here.” Andria pulls out her hand. She slowly moved her hand. When her hand, she scanned near an empty corner. Her powers went crazy and threw her back. Chris ran over to her.

“The crystal is over there” they went over and they made a crack in the wall. They found a red diamond. “A red diamond.” They put the red diamond crystal in Andria’s book bag and they returned to school.

After school, Andria went in her house listening to her iPod on her walk home. Andria’s house is a two story, not in the city and not truly in the suburbs. Her house was light blue and white shutters. Her mother pulled out her ear phones.

“Andria, your uncle said you went into an abandon building with a guy. Just tell me you didn’t have sex?” her mother was angrily.

“What? No! He was showing the building to me. I told him at the memorial that I like spooky stuff.”

“Wait. You didn’t tell him anything. You walked away.” Jasmine said.

“My god. You did. You had sex with him.”

“No mom please listen-“

“I don’t want to hear it go up to your room.” Andria runs up into her room in tears. “My own daughter a slut” Andria over heard her mother.

“She never listens to me. Even if this wasn’t the situations, she always listens to Jasmine. Jasmine never gets in trouble. She might be oldest but she’s not the wisest. How could I tell them tell truth? They would take me to the mental hospital.” She jumps out the window crying.

Chapter 10

Chris’s house was a two story in the suburbs, made of brick with red shutters. There is a knock at the door. Chris opens it. He sees Andria in tears.

“Andria, are you ok?” shaking her head she said “no”. “Come in. let me take to my room.” she follows. “Do you want to talk about it?” she shakes her head. “He sits next to her. She cries on his lap. He pushes the hair from her face. A half hour she was a sleep. He moved her under the sheets. He slept on the chair next to her. He was curious of why she came to him to cry. He would make sure if she ever cries again, he wanted to be there to comfort her.

The next morning Andria woke up, only to see Chris sleep in an awkward position. He had his head on her thighs while he was sitting on a chair. She laughed softly. He woke up and smiled at her

“Good morning” he said. As he was rubbing his neck from sleeping that way.

“Good morning” she said. The doorway portal opened. They got up and walked through it.

“Good morning you two.” Priestess said.

'Let me just say, he walks in their rooms without permission, and he has an eerie voice. Creepy!'

“We’ve found a red diamond.” Chris said.

“That’s good news. We’ve been trying to find Iris. She will have full power when she gets the ruby crystal.”

“Is this it?”

“No. We place it far from her, so she won’t find it” his body guards were thrown in to the room. They looked at the bodyguards then at the door way.

“So why don’t you tell me where you placed it?” Iris said with an evil smile.


Andrew carol Davison

p.s. My next letter will be in the sphinx in Egypt.

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