The Alpha's Angel

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Chapter 2 - Beatrice

It hurt Beatrice to leave her sweet niece so soon after her arrival. She had hoped to spend the night watching movies and eating the especially fattening ice cream she had bought for her dear Eden, but she was called to the pack house on important business. The Alpha, Liam Greywolf, had summoned her to help plan the upcoming Summer Solstice Ball and she had no choice but to obey.

Though, it didn’t occur to Beatrice that the Alpha might pick up the scent of her mostly human niece until she got halfway to Tillamook forest. She was hopeful that the breeze sweeping through the convertible was enough to wash away young Eden’s scent. If the Alpha picked it up, there was a chance he might force Beatrice to bring her niece to meet him. Werewolves are not supposed to have visitors on the pack lands without explicit permission from the Alpha. Most summers Beatrice had permission, but this summer is different. This year, the pack, as least in B’s opinion seemed to be a little stricter.

When Eden was born, Beatrice’s brother William had decided to keep Eden in the human world and away from the world of the mystical, since she is mostly human anyways. William, unlike Beatrice, didn’t inherit the Werewolf gene from their parents and therefore he married a human woman and together they had Eden. Unlike other most humans, Eden carries the Werewolf gene silently and isn’t fully human but also isn’t a Werewolf like her Beatrice.

Beatrice had to swear to her brother Will that she would never allow their sweet Eden to find out about the divine world of Werewolves and other mystical beings, but as Eden grows older and more curious, it’s growing harder to keep these secrets from it. Stressed, Beatrice rubs her temples as she parks in the driveway of the Greywolf pack house. She wished she could tell Eden all of her delicious secrets, but William would never allow her to come back if he found out.

Without an ounce of hesitation in her, Beatrice strode confidently into the house. The double-doors swung open before her as the mutts inside had opened them for her. Mutts, she grumbled internally. That’s what they would call Eden, her loving, kind and soft-spoken niece. This was why she had to protect her from the mystical life. Even though part of Eden is Werewolf, she is primarily human, and, in this world, mixed beings are treated as servants and not equals.

“What took you so long Grimmwolf?” The strong, unfaltering voice of the Alpha boomed from the top of the double-wide grand staircase. He stood with his broad arms crossed and his lips pressed downward. Even though Beatrice had spoken with him one on one many times before, his appearance has never failed to intimidate her. Though, that is the job of the Alpha.

“Sorry Alpha, time must’ve escaped me.” Beatrice didn’t dare meet the dark eyes of the brooding Alpha. Liam Greywolf has been known to be unforgiving and cold to some of the pack members that have gotten on his bad side, and that is not a side of him that B intended on seeing.

The Alpha dismissed her with a mighty sigh and waved her up the stairs. With no delay, Beatrice scurried up the marble steps and followed behind the Alpha to his office. Several hallways and smaller staircases later, she sat in front of his large oak desk as he taps his fingers impatiently.

“So, I was thinking that for the Solstice Ball we could invite all the reputable members of the west coast packs and several Alpha’s from the central states as well as the east coast. For a theme, I thought the idea of unity through the seasons might be nice since many packs will be represented here in harmony.” Beatrice handed the Alpha some sketches she had made up earlier of possible décor. Though she was shaking, she tried to mask her fear through her wide smile.

“Harmony,” the Alpha echoed her.

“What was that Alpha?” Beatrice asks, raising a brow.

“Tell me, Beatrice Grimmwolf, what is that scent you wear upon your clothes?” The Alpha’s voice resonated low in his throat, it was a sound that seemed to make the hardwood floors quake beneath B’s feet.

“I-I’m not sure what you’re talking about Alpha,” Beatrice tripped over her words. This was exactly what she was worried about, but she never thought that Eden’s scent could be so strong.

“You smell of mixed breed, a half human mutt.” B peeked up at the large Alpha and allowed a small gasp to escape her lips as his eyes were the colour of obsidian and his jaw was clenched.

“I was in the city today Alpha, it could’ve been anyone-” B stammered, but the Alpha interjected.

“Then tell me why one of my scouts saw a mutt sitting by the side of your pool.” Beatrice watched as the nostrils of the Alpha flared, but she couldn’t help but notice an emotion more than anger and rage was taking over him.

Beatrice knew that she couldn’t lie to her Alpha as she had already been caught. Inwardly, she cursed herself for not telling Eden to stay inside and keep to herself. She should have realized that the Alpha would send scouts when she was late for her meeting with him. All this time, she had been able to keep her niece safe from her secret world, but now it was all falling apart before her. Would he take her niece away and make her into a slave for the pack? Or worse, would he kill her? No, Beatrice couldn’t even stand to think of the idea. How would she ever tell William? How would she tell Eden what might become of her? Panic began to overwhelm Beatrice as she opened and closed her mouth, searching far and wide across her brain to find the right words to give the Alpha.

“Her name is Eden, Alpha. She is my niece from Chicago. She came here for a surprise visit to see me, her and I are very close. I’m sorry I didn’t get to tell you earlier, but it seemed to have slipped my mind between the Solstice Ball and all of the planning.” Beatrice thought that her excuse would hold up, but by the look on the Alpha’s face as he pondered the idea, she was wrong.

“William’s daughter, yes?” The Alpha continued to tap his fingers on his desk, his dark eyes glowering as Beatrice.

“Yes, Alpha.” B sighed, defeated.

“And a mutt, of course?” Beatrice was finding it hard to tell if the Alpha was amused or angry.

“Indeed Alpha, she’s only one third lycan. She is a silent carrier of the gene, however.” Beatrice knew that she would go to the grave defending her niece and she knew that William would go to his grave to keep his daughter from becoming a slave to any pack of wolves, even the one that had saved his family all those years ago.

“You don’t say,” he chuckled darkly under his breath.

“She’s just a girl, Alpha Greywolf. She knows nothing of our kind and what she does know she has only heard in stories and seen in movies. My brother and I have worked very hard to keep her from this world. She doesn’t know she’s a mutt, or even what a mutt is for the matter.” Beatrice attempted to plead with the Alpha. It seemed unthinkable to B for him to take her niece away.

“Don’t attempt to pluck at my heartstrings, Beatrice Grimmwolf.” The Alpha snarled at Beatrice, causing her to lurch back in her seat. “You will bring the mutt here on the night of the Summer Solstice Ball and then I will decide what to do with it.”

What had Beatrice been thinking, bringing her niece here without explicit allowance from the Alpha? It was naive of her to think that, during a time of such stress and anxiety in the pack, bringing Eden to Portland would be fine. Now, because of Beatrice’s stupidity, her only niece was in grave danger. What will she tell William?

With great haste, Beatrice raced home to make sure no harm had come to Eden. When she got there, she sniffed around the yard first to see if the Alpha had placed any more scouts. Unfortunately for B, she couldn’t do anything even if he had placed guards because he was the real owner of her house. She sensed that there were three of them past the treeline in her backyard, all prowling passively. Probably trying to make sure I don’t try to leave with her right now, Beatrice sighed.

After checking out the perimeter, Beatrice went inside and locked all the doors to make sure nobody would be sneaking in. Though, she believed that the Alpha might still have a key. With one final sigh of defeat, B retreated to Eden’s bedroom in the furthest corner of the house. She liked to keep Eden and all of her things there because it was out of the way, and unless one of the pack members knew they were sniffing out a mutt, they would never find her or her stuff over there.

Beatrice stood sadly by the side of Eden’s bed, watching her petite frame grow and then retract with every breath she took. Her fire red hair was pulled back into a long, thick braid and the small freckles that dotted her face seemed to stand out from her pale skin in the moonlight. Eden definitely gained her beauty from the lycan side of the family, but if only she had inherited the genealogy, then none of this would have mattered.

Regretfully, Beatrice pulled out her phone and dialed her brothers’ number. “Will, we have a problem.”

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