The Alpha's Angel

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Chapter 4 - Liam

He had seen her from the moment she walked into the room. He knew it was her from the moment he picked up her scent from Beatrice Grimmwolf’s clothing. Liam Greywolf had found his mate in the place he least expected it, and he didn’t intend on letting her get away so easily. He had been waiting thirty of his years for this very moment.

“You,” he beckoned her, his voice low in his throat as his inner wolf threatened to take over. He watched as her large blue eyes flickered around the room in search for him and felt his heart swell in his chest as their eyes locked on each other.

Her eyes glimmered like sapphires and were wide, making her look like a gentle doe. Freckled dotted her ivory coloured skin across the bridge of her nose and cheeks, and Liam hungered to kiss every single last one of them. She had hair the colour of fire that cascaded down to her hips and plump lips that were slightly parted as she began to make her way toward him. A confused look began to spread across her angel like features as she grew closer to Liam, but he couldn’t stop himself from moving to her.

Other wolves in the room began to turn to them, sensing the thickness in the air that could only mean one thing – a pair of wolves had finally found their mate. Liam knew better though, he knew that she wasn’t really a wolf but a half-breed. At this moment, however, he didn’t care. He just wanted to hold his mate in his arms.

He remembered her name was Eden, as Beatrice had told him. She looks like she came straight from the garden of Eden, Liam remarked internally. Her beauty was like none he’d ever seen before. He knew he’d be happy to make her his, half-breed or not. As the grew closer to each other, Liam reached out for her. She glanced skeptically at his hand, then turned her gaze back to his eyes. They were about to embrace each other when Beatrice interjected, jumping in front of her niece. She has always been a feisty one, after all, it was like a Grimmwolf to be.

“Out of the way, Grimmwolf.” Liam commanded, his lips twitching into a snarl.

“She’s my niece, Alpha.” Beatrice snapped back, blocking the cowering mutt from Liam’s view. He saw her blue eyes peeking from behind Beatrice, but she made no effort to move her aunt from her path. Eden looked as though she had just come out of deep sleep, clueless as to what was going on around her.

“Aunt B, what’s happening?” Her soft voice made Liam’s skin tingle with delight and he felt a low growl rumbled deep within his throat. Eden glanced from her aunt to the mighty Alpha standing before them, confused and scared.

“She doesn’t know about our world, Alpha. Let her be.” Liam couldn’t decide whether Beatrice was begging him or standing her ground. By this time, the music had cut off and all the eyes in the room were on the three of them.

“We both know that isn’t possible, Beatrice. She’s mine.” The Alpha grumbled, anger beginning to surge through his veins. He was ravenous for his mate, to feel her in his arms.

“Aunt Beatrice,” Eden whined from behind her aunt, terrified. Her eyes were now red-rimmed, and tears had begun to fall freely from them. She was shaking too, like a dog soaked in freezing rain, her small hands trembling as she clung to Beatrice. Liam could smell the fear coming off of his mate as clearly as he could smell her arousal, confusion, and eagerness.

The Alpha was tired of this foolish game, he wanted to hold his mate and breathe her in. He wanted to mark her and make her his own. Liam grabbed Beatrice by her arm and attempted to tug her out of the way, but the stubborn little wolf didn’t budge. Her eyes began to flicker from blue to black, showing that she was losing control of her inner wolf, as was the Alpha. They bared their teeth at each other, growling lowly.

“What the…” Eden began to cry even more as she backed away from the two who were struggling to hold on to their humanity. Her fear was the only thing keeping Liam from shifting and tearing out the throat of the woman in front of him. She was trembling, and mascara now ran down her cheeks. Her fear was clear to Liam now, and he only wished to comfort her.

“Eden, wait,” he cooed, voice now soft but she was already gone, sprinting from the room. The wolves in the crowd parted to let her through. Their judgemental glances shifted from her to Liam, who stood staring at Beatrice. Beatrice had hardly noticed her niece had left as she fought inwardly for control over her body and it wasn’t until Liam ran from the room that she realized what had happened.

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