The Alpha's Angel

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Chapter 5 - Beatrice

Eden didn’t have her driver’s license, but Beatrice’s blacked out, cherry red BMW convertible was gone from the driveway. She had totally forgotten that she had given her niece the keys to hold on to upon their arrival. With a racing heart and blurry eyes, the young wolf turned to her Alpha with a glum face.

“Shit,” she grumbled as she stood in the driveway next to the towering Alpha.

“What?” He growled back at her.

“Eden took my car,” Beatrice put her head in her hands and began to rub her temples.

“She’ll just go home, won’t she?” The Alpha creased his dark brows.

“She doesn’t have her license.” B shook her head and began to sprint down the driveway as fast as her human legs could carry her. When she got to the end of the driveway, she leaped into the air and allowed her body to shift into that of a wolf, her emerald green dress tearing away from her once human form. Her bones bent and broke until she stood on all fours, but even through her pain, she chased after her beloved niece. Beatrice wouldn’t forgive herself if anything ever happened to her. The large form of the Alpha wolf appeared next to her, then zoomed past her. In the distance behind her, she could hear the Alpha’s scouts searching as well.

Why are we looking so hard for a half-breed? It’s an abomination. One of the female scouts scowled through the packs mind-link. Beatrice growled at this.

Do as you’re told and do not question your Alpha’s commands. Beatrice snarled back mentally. Her niece didn’t deserve this kind of disrespect, she was too sweet and kind-hearted of a girl to deserve this.

Beatrice didn’t want to believe her mind or her senses when it came to what she saw earlier. Her niece was the mate of the one and only Liam Greywolf. How was that even possible? Eden was only one-third wolf, which was even less than a half-breed. It’s amazing that she even has the ability to carry the wolf gene, let alone be a mate to one. How would her brother take this? William would probably take Beatrice’s head, heck he might even try to take Liam’s head as well. Mating is no joke in the world of werewolves.

In the divine world of werewolves, mating is definite, for life. Mates know when they’re meant to be together. They can sense each other’s pain, hunger, lust, anger and just about anything else. It’s a bond beyond compare to any other out there, one only mates would understand. To complete the mating cycle, a pair must mark one another to symbolize their union. However, if there was one thing Beatrice knew for certain, it was that a mating mark, especially that an Alpha, would kill her fragile niece.

She knew she couldn’t let it happen.

Beatrice raised her nose into the air to sniff, and her heart sank in her chest as she picked up the last scent she was hoping for. She didn’t even have to try hard to smell the stench of burnt tires, gasoline and smoke. With a heavy heart and a new burst of adrenalin, B took off, pushing her legs with a force she never knew she had within her. She only began to slow her run when she saw the broken glass on the road, sparkling beneath the full moon. Her heart began to pound wildly in her chest, then sunk totally when she saw her car flipped upside down in the ditch.

The Alpha was shifted back into his human form, as naked as the day he was born. That didn’t faze Beatrice though, wolves are used to seeing each other naked. It’s a part of being a werewolf. B stood behind the Alpha, watching wearily as he reached into the car and tore the door from the car and tossed it into the woods. Carefully, he tore Eden’s seatbelt away and removed her from the wreckage.

B watched as her niece, limp and barely breathing, was cradled in the arms of Liam Greywolf. His face was tortured, and she thought for a minute that she might’ve seen a tear form in his sparkling obsidian eyes. Eden’s limp arms dangled beneath her as the pair emerged from the wreckage, her skin so pale it was sickening. Beatrice whimpered softly as she shifted back into her human form.

“I need to get her home,” Beatrice didn’t know where to start with her niece’s obviously injured body. She reached for Eden, so she could take her in her own arms, but the Alpha pulled her away.

“We both know that she’ll die unless you allow me to heal her.” The Alpha said, his voice not faltering him as his eyes did. Beatrice knew it was true, that the only way her half-human niece would live was to let the Alpha spend the night with her, but she couldn’t bear the thought of it.

“Eden won’t want that Alpha, it’s not the way she is…” Beatrice trailed off, wondering how Eden would react if she woke up to this strange man who had terrified her so much next to her.

“I’ll be gone before she wakes up Beatrice, I swear to you. But we need to get her home, or I fear she won’t make it much longer.” The Alpha’s face was grim, his lips pressed into a thin line. Beatrice looked from the blood smeared face of her darling niece to the face of the Alpha and released a strained sigh.

“Let’s go,” Beatrice said as she shifted back into her wolf form.


The Alpha was fast on two legs, and he pushed himself to run even harder with the body of the only woman he’d ever love in his arms. If anything happened to his Eden, why he couldn’t even imagine the thought. He was close enough as it was to going feral after so many years without a mate that he couldn’t handle the idea of her dying on the night he’d just found her. He clutched her frail body tight against his chest, pleading the Moon Goddess to allow her to live.

Liam had never imagined that his first night with his mate would be spent this way. He’d always thought that it would be passionate, lustful and that they’d unite their bond by marking each other. He never planned on spending the night having to lick his mates’ wounds until they healed. Werewolves had the ability to heal instantly, but unfortunately, half-breeds don’t. Some have the ability to heal at an accelerated speed, but he could already tell Eden, who was one-third werewolf, didn’t inherit this ability. The idea of healing her didn’t bother him though since he was doing it to save her, but it just wasn’t as he’d pictured it. Internally, he made a note to himself to make it up to her for their first night together being spent like this.

He knew that he was responsible for most of this mess. It was his fault because he’d frightened her so much that she’d run away, stolen her aunt’s car, and then crashed it. If she didn’t live, he wouldn’t have anybody but himself to blame. As he ran, he glanced down at her face, at her adorable little button nose. He wanted to plant little kisses on it, with her consent obviously.

They arrived at the house, and Beatrice was quick to open the door, waving Liam through the door and up the stairs. He didn’t need the young Grimmwolf girl to show him where Eden slept, he could smell it from the second he stepped foot in the house. Liam raced up the stairs, opened the door to the room, and laid Eden’s body on the bed. Beatrice appeared behind him, glancing Eden’s body to the Alpha.

“I hope you didn’t like this dress, Grimmwolf.” Liam said as he prepared to tear the beautiful grey dress from the body of his mate.

“Please don’t,” Beatrice murmured softly behind him. “She won’t want you to see her like this. It’s different for humans than it is for us. Please, just let me change her.” Astonished, the Alpha took a step back from his little mate and turned to Beatrice. He didn’t want to admit that she was right, but he knew what she said was true. Very few half-breeds got the chance to be the mate of a werewolf, but from what he’d heard everything did work a lot differently for them.

Liam excused himself from the room and shut the door behind him, so the girl’s aunt could change her clothing. As he stood outside the door, he allowed himself to ponder his half-breed mate. He knew that her feelings might not be as intense as his were, but that she would be irresistibly drawn to him. He understood that he had to take things slow, no matter how badly he wanted her and to mark her, but he recognized that if he did it too soon, it might risk her life if their bond isn’t strong enough to sustain such a mark. At the thought of her dying, Liam felt his heart palpitate in his chest. He couldn’t stand the thought of her dying, it was becoming more and more unbearable.

Beatrice opened the door once more to allow Liam in. He nodded to the little wolf in respect and headed back into the room. His little angel was now wearing a white tank top and a pair of plaid pajama shorts. The tank top was a little too see through for its own good, causing Liam to swallow deeply. It was going to take him a lot of restraint to keep himself calm while lying in bed with his little half-wolf.

“Please,” Beatrice’s voice was soft and squeaky behind Liam as he sat down on the bed next to his angel. He turned his head and met Beatrice’s eyes. “Be gentle with her Liam. You may be my superior, but I live for that little girl right there. If you hurt her, I can’t promise what my brother and I might do.”

Liam didn’t take Grimmwolf’s words as a threat to him, because he understood her love for the girl. Beatrice’s eyes were wild with pride and love. Liam nodded to her, he already cared so much for the human that he couldn’t imagine anything ever happening to her. After she had his assurance, Beatrice left the room and shut the door behind her. She had cleaned the blood off of Eden’s heart-shaped face, now all Liam had to do was lick her wounds until they healed.

The touch of a mate is known to speed up the healing process, but for Eden, if she didn’t heal almost immediately, she’d be dead. He began with the large cut starting above her eye that went back into her thick hairline. Combing a hand through her thick red mane, Liam took her head in his hands and kissed the open cut gently before grazing his tongue across it, and it sealed up almost instantly upon his touch. He continued to do so all night until every scrape and bruise on her body had disappeared.

Once Liam was done healing his angel, he lay beside her, stroking her soft red hair. He knew now that she’d be fine, perhaps a little stiff in the morning, but that’s all. Beatrice had come back a little while ago after Liam had summoned her using their mind-link. They agreed that Beatrice would talk to Eden in the morning and tell her the truth about everything. Liam felt better knowing that his mate would know about him, now he just had to give her the time to accept him.

He noticed that, through the window of his angel’s bedroom, the sun was beginning to shine in the sky. He needed to leave her side soon, before she woke up as he promised Beatrice. Reluctantly, he pulled himself away from her side. He already felt empty not being at her side.

“Goodbye, my sweet angel.” Liam planted a kiss on her forehead, right between her eyes. He opened her bedroom door and slipped outside into the early morning.

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