The Alpha's Angel

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Chapter 8 - Liam

Eden is challenging and feisty, no matter the shy front she put forward. Liam knew he liked that about her already. She is strong minded and passionate, all the qualities perfect for a future Luna. Though he knew he couldn’t throw her into training so soon, he knew that she would fit the part perfectly. Usually, Liam didn’t like it when he was challenged, however, when it was Eden, it excited him.

Liam could feel the power of their bond already, and he knew she could feel it too. It made him hopeful, that even though his little mate was a half-breed, that they would be able to have a mating bond just as any other werewolf couple would. He was hopeful for the future they had together, after all, he had been waiting many years for her to come along. He had been waiting so long that he had become close to going feral before she came along. Selene granted Liam his mate just as soon as he needed her.

Now, they walk through the pack house that had been in Liam’s family for centuries. As he guided his little angel through the house, through their home, he watched as she looked around in awe. Her porcelain skin seemed to glow under the soft lighting of the house, picking up the highlights from the soft marble floors. Since werewolves have such enhanced vison, any lighting brighter than a soft yellow was hard on their eyes. He was sure to include that in his tour of the house, and when he said it, Eden’s eyes seemed to linger on his for a little while longer. As if she was analyzing what actually went on inside of them.

“This is my office,” Liam said, opening the door for Eden and allowing her to walk in first. “Most of the time you’ll find me in here if I’m not in a meeting or off on pack business.” He watched as her fingers grazed his oak desk. Her blue eyes flitted around the room until they landed on the wall of books. With grace, she glided across the room to run her fingers down their withered spines.

“Are these all your books?” The sound of her gentle voice alone was enough to make Liam rumble from within. He could only imagine what it would be like to tear her clothing from her body, but because of what her aunt, Beatrice Grimmwolf had told him, he withheld himself. But just barely.

“Do you enjoy reading?” He asked her, an idea popping into his head.

“Yes, I do quite a lot actually.” Her eyes snapped up from the old books to Liam’s dark eyes. A playful smile growing on his lips.

“Come with me then, I have something to show you.” The Alpha extended his hand out for his mate, and she stared down at it, chewing her lip. He had tried to hold her hand earlier, but she pulled it away and crossed her arms awkwardly. “I don’t bite, Eden.” Maybe the joke was a little too soon, but either way, she placed her delicate hand in his.

Liam led her down a maze of hallways before they stood in front of the grand doors. They were tall, taking up nearly two stories of the house. With a large smile, Liam swung them open and watched happily as Eden’s jaw fell open. Her blue eyes were wide, swimming with joy and excitement. He knew she would love the grand library, and now it was all hers to enjoy. Not many of the wolves in his pack used it anymore.

Eden strode into the library and Liam released her hand, letting her wander down the vast isles of novels both new and old. He made sure to keep it stocked with classics at all times. When he was a young wolf, he enjoyed reading as well. Now, however, he didn’t have much time to read. He kept up with his young mate as she examined the novels the library had to offer. His smile grew larger after each of her ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’.

“Liam…” She trailed off, looking around with wonder. “This is beautiful.”

“You’re welcome to use it whenever you’d like, Eden. Everything that’s in this house has been handed down to Greywolf Alpha’s from century to century. All that is here is mine, and because you’re my mate, it’s all yours as well.” Liam couldn’t help but tuck the stray pieces of red hair behind his mates’ little ear. Her blue eyes stared all the way up into his much darker eyes, and for a moment the air that hung between them was electric. Liam licked his lips with desire to kiss those of his mate, who stood breathless before him. Before their lips could touch though, the sound of her stomach rumbling disturbed them.

“I, um, I’m sorry.” The little half-breed took a step back, putting space between herself and her Alpha. What was he thinking? Trying to make a move so soon? He knew he needed to give her space to adjust, to become comfortable in his home, with him.

“Have you eaten yet?” Liam asked, trying to change the subject.

“I haven’t eaten at all today.” She responds, looking away from him. Liam found himself growling, how could he have a strong and powerful mate if she refused to nourish herself?

“You must eat then,” his voice was more demanding than it needed to be, but she needed to eat. He noticed as she quivered softly, averting her gaze from the Alpha male before her. “Let’s go.”


Shock, for a lack of better words, is what I felt. I had come so close to kissing Liam, it was like a thick fog had taken over my mind, and all I could see and think about was him. His thick lips, and his large, muscular body. I was stuck on the way my hand fit so perfectly in his much larger one, and how his eyes seemed to glitter when he smiles wide.

“In here,” Liam guides me witch his hand hovering above the small of my back. Having his hand so close to such an intimate part of my body makes my heart pound and my hands sweat nervously. He opens a grand double door to what looks to be a dining hall, filled with at least one hundred people (wolves?).

“No, no, no…” I shake my head with wide eyes.

“What?” His brows furrow and his jaw twitches softly.

“I am not going in there,” I back away from the door and further into the wide hall, putting space between myself and the crowd. “There are way too many people in there!”

“Eden, you have to eat with the pack, you’re their Luna.” Liam’s voice is tight, demanding.

“Look, that’s a big crowd in there Mister Alpha, and I’ve been here one day. I think you can understand why I don’t want to have dinner in there. I’m not even one of you.” I feel my nostrils flare and my cheeks go red.

“You live here Eden, you eat where we eat.” His voice was becoming a growl, and his brown eyes began to fade into the obsidian colour I knew them to be.

“I don’t want to live here, I never signed up for this!” I screech at him, my face flooding red with anger. I’ve never been one to get angry, but these past couple days have been pushing me to my limits of kindness. The anger washed away from Liam’s face, leaving his eyebrows knitted together with confusion and sadness. For a second, I felt bad for what I said.

“Then go.” He replied, his expression turning emotionless. Even though I was mad, I felt my heart sink into my stomach. All these feelings are so much, I can’t keep up. I’ve known this man for almost one day, and we’ve managed to argue almost the entire time. When we aren’t arguing, I’m trying to control the lust I feel toward him. Now tears brim my eyes as I take a step back from the brooding, angry Alpha male standing before me.

“I think I will.” I choke down the lump in my throat, turning on my heels and storming away. I run up the marble stairs, ignoring my fatigue. I don’t know what hallways go where in this maze of a building, so I find myself lost before no time at all.

I slump against a cold, smooth wall and sink to the ground, hugging my knees to my chest. I can’t believe this mess I got myself into. Why did I even agree to coming here? This is all a mistake. I don’t belong here. Liam was right, I should leave. I sniffle softly, wiping my tears from my cheeks. I want to go, but I don’t even know where my bedroom is, let alone all my belongings. I lean my head back against the wall and do the only thing I can think of.

Stephen?I felt stupid trying. He said I would need training to be able to tap into the minds of other pack members, but I’m so lost. I think of his emerald eyes and blonde combed hair, the soft stubble that lines his jaw. I don’t want to wait here for Liam to find me. I want to leave, I want to take the next train back to Chicago.

This was a mess, a huge mess that I want to put behind me. I never want to think about any of this again. My heart lurches in my chest as I think of leaving Liam, and an unbearable physical pain overcomes me. I grip at my shirt, pulling it from my burning chest. The words Aunt B had said to me cross my mind. I can’t leave. I’m stuck here. Trapped.My tears flow, hot and heavy from my eyes, sobs overcome me and cause my body to tremble.

“Eden?” A voice, soft and familiar rings in my ears. I look up and through bleary eyes, meet Stephan’s green ones. “What happened, are you alright?” He crouches down in front of me, placing a gentle hand on my arm. There is no fizzle of electricity between us, and my body doesn’t react to his touch with hunger or yearning, but I feel calm.

“I’m lost,” I sniffle.

“All this fuss because you’re lost?” His lips tug to the side in a solemn half smile. I look away from him, I don’t really want to confess all my new relationship problems to him. “How about a walk?” He gets to his feet, extending a hand out to me. I feel a small smile spread across my cheeks.

“I’d like that,” I take his hand and he pulls me to my feet.

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