Hiding The Impossible

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Chapter 10

The Queen slammed down the stag heart her eyes boiled with fury as the Huntsman backed away towards the open doors,

“Did you think you can fool me with the heart of a stag?” The woman shouted flicking her hand causing the doors of the room to bang shut; the man looked behind him and gasped as his route out of the hell hole he found himself in was gone.

“You’re not going anywhere” Regina hissed,

“She doesn’t deserve to die” The huntsman stated as he looked at the angered Queen.

“That’s not up to you. I wanted a heart and a heart I shall have” The young woman bellowed, she stormed forward and forced her hand through the man’s chest. He scrunched his face up as the searing pain soared through his body; when the Queen removed her hand from his chest he opened his eyes to reveal his glowing red beating heart throbbing in Regina’s hand.

“What… What are you going to do to me?” The Huntsman asked looking in disbelief at his glowing organ in the woman’s possession. The Queen progressed towards the fearful man and pushed her lips forcefully onto his, the huntsman stared in the eyes of the evil queen as she pulled away from him,

“You’re now mine, my pet” Regina spat pacing over to the other side of the room; as the woman held her hand towards the wall a small drawer flew open revealing an even smaller box,

“And this is your cage. From this moment forward, you will do everything that I say. And if you ever disobey me, if you ever try to run away, all I have to do is squeeze” The evil queen explained. She pressed her fingers tightly against the textured outline of the pulsing heart, she watched the huntsman double over in pain as she squeezed even harder on the heart she possessed.

“Guards!” She shouted causing two guards to come storming though the double doors of the small room they immediately took the arms of huntsman securing him,

“Your life is now in my hands – forever. Take him to my bedchamber” The Queen ordered, she stopped squeezing on the heart and watched as the guards left the door taking her new pet with them. She smiled to herself as she dropped the heart in the box and flicked it shut; the draw slammed back into its place as the queen left the room to follow her new huntsman to her chambers.

“Momma?” Lily asked as she poked her head around the door of her mother’s chambers. When she heard deep manlike breathing that filled the room she proceeded in; she took care in her steps making sure not to disturb the man that had intruded her mother’s chambers. She snuck over to the bed a gasped in shock as she saw her mother asleep, she was moulded to the figure of another larger being; Lily peaked over the top of the covers and looked at the figure that was revealed to be a man. She cropped her head in confusion as she looked at the bright whites of the man’s eyes, the child gasped quickly as she watched the white disappear as it was replaced by green iris’ that were dimmed in the dark lighting. The man sat up and looked over the Queen to the small pair of eyes that were looking at him, when he caught her gaze Lily quickly dashed away; making sure that still, no noise was made. The huntsman slowly tipped back onto the bed after watching the small figure weave around the frame of the slightly opened door, he wondered who the girl could be and why she was in the Queen’s chambers. He gasped quietly as he felt Regina moving under the covers, she rubbed her eyes awakening them from their sleep when she could see fully she sat up slowly and propped herself up with her elbow; she looked at her pet who lay next to her, his eyes were searching the top of the four poster bed. She followed the direction of the man’s eyes and searched the loosely hung fabric and wood for anything that may have drawn the huntsman’s attention.

“Huntsman what are you looking at?” The young woman asked laying her eyes firmly on the face of the huntsman, his eyes dashed down from their place before settling on the covers next to his warm body. He didn’t want to look into the eyes of the evil queen for fear of seeing darkness that may take him down a path of villainy too,

“I was just thinking” The huntsman murmured,


“Just everything that’s happened” He mumbled, his hands moved towards the Queen’s head as he took a deep breath he looked at her and smiled; he twisted a lock of the queen’s hair in his fingers. The man sighed quietly as he realised that from now onwards this was all his life was going to be,

“Oh” Regina whispered as she threw the covers off her body and onto the huntsman, she slipped off the bed and walked over to the wardrobe that stood in the corner. It was when the Queen had disappeared into her bathroom and the huntsman was fully clothed that he had time to think again,

“Did that man go yet?” Lily asked wondering into the room, she was looking behind her trying to suss whether he had gone or not. She figured that he must have left and so turned around, she gasped in fright when she saw the green irises, now lighter, looking straight at her

“Who are you?” She asked as her hand moved up towards her neck to the ring that sat on her chest; she twirled in in her finger nervously, she had realised recently that she twirled the ring whenever she was nervous or scared. She was asked her daddy to protect her,

“I am a huntsman. Your mothers huntsman” He mumbled the last part, it was hard for him to come to terms with the fact that less than a day ago he was a free roaming wolf and now he was caged up in this dark, dark place.

“You are stuck here? Like me?” The young girl asked smiling slightly, she looked at him and saw the hurt in his face she trusted him a little because of this matter,

“Yes, you are stuck too? Are you another one of this evil woman’s prisoners?” The man hissed looking at the child and her attire, something didn’t seem right about her.

“Huntsman who the hell did you just say that-” Regina started but soon she answered her own question, she walked through the doors of the en suite and gasped as she saw her daughters innocent blue eyes staring at her pet, “No…”

“You are…?” The huntsman asked nervously looking to the Queen quickly who looked like she was about to burst with anger and then back to the small child,

“Lily, My mother is…” Lily muttered, she never finished the end because she didn’t want to say it clearly to the man she knew already that her mother was angry and she didn’t want him to get hurt even if he’d just said something extremely mean about her mother. She pointed at the woman who stood behind them and watched the huntsman as he gulped knowing he’d dropped himself in an even bigger hole,

“You never ever say horrible things like that in front of my daughter-”

“I didn’t know”

“I haven’t finished! You know now, if I ever hear you say something like that again I will punish you. Do you hear me? Lily I’m not-” Regina shouted, she quietened down into a more fearful murmur when she spoke to Lily but her daughter had already rushed towards her and thrown her arms around the woman,

“Momma, it’s ok. I know you’re not evil you don’t have to worry” Lily smiled as she felt her mother melt to the ground, she moved her head from her mother’s chest to the crook of her neck as she felt her mother kneel on the floor

“I love you Lily” The Queen admitted sighing heavily; she was relieved that the remark from the stupid huntsman didn’t affect her daughter. The man scratched the back of his head as he sighed in relief too, he looked too the young girl wrapped in her mother’s arms and smiled.

“Where are you going?” Lily asked as she passed a coat to her mother, she watched as her mother pulled the fabric around her body,

“Just to do some business my dear” Regina smiled as she pulled a pair of gloves over her small hands, she then walked over to her daughter who was leant by the doors of her chambers and kissed her head, “I won’t be long, I promise”

Lily smiled at her mother and then turned her head to watch the huntsman as she saw him enter the room; he turned to the two royals as he spotted them

“Your carriage is ready your highness” He smiled taking off his gloves, Regina smiled back at him and then moved away from Lily and to the man,

“You stay here with Lily, she’s not allowed out of the castle and make sure she eats please, I will most likely be gone over lunch and she’s gotten fussy with her food recently” The Queen whispered to her pet, he nodded as she walked towards the door of the room “See you in a bit sweetheart” Regina said to Lily before leaving the room. When Lily wondered towards her room the huntsman followed, he stood at the door as he watched her walk towards the balcony in her room. Lily sighed as she reached the edge of the balcony; she ran her hands along the cold stone wall, the huntsman saw the sorrow in the child’s actions and decided to join her at the balcony.

“Are you ok?” He mumbled looking down at her,

“Will you come with me somewhere? Momma trusts you” Lily asked looking at the huntsman,

“Yes but it can’t be outside, somewhere in the castle” The huntsman answered looking out at the world around them,

“It’s not outside, it’s just down where the basements should be” Lily smiled, looking at her father’s ring,

“Of course then” It was at that response that Lily turned around and grabbed her hood before showing the man down to her family crypt. The huntsman pushed open the heavy doors that lead to Daniel and let Lily walk through,

“Why are we down here?” The young man asked, closing the door quietly behind them,

“I wanted to see my Daddy” Lily smiled as she walked over to the glass coffin, she placed a finger lightly on the glass and curved a pattern around the figure of her father’s hand

“He died?”

“Yes, and before you ask I don’t know how” Lily chuckled still tracing outline of the unconscious man’s hand, she’d found that now she could be happy around her father, for most of her life she’d thought that it was respectful to be sad around her Daddy but now she knew that her father wouldn’t want her to be unhappy around him, “Before I was born, Momma never likes to talk about it but I know that he likes me to tell him what is going on down her, he listens in heaven. I know it” Lily smiled looking upwards and the back down, “Will you lift off the lid?

“What? And how has he not decayed?” The huntsman asked shocked, he looked down at the man in the coffin and had to laugh quietly to himself he’d thought that Lily didn’t look much like her mother but now he knew where everything came from, the mousy brown hair and supposedly the crystal blue eyes.

“I just want to touch him, please I never have and I’ve wanted to for the whole of my life. It’s just Momma has never let me and Momma used Magic to keep him preserved”

“Maybe that’s a reason?” The huntsman suggested, placing his hand on the glass coffin

“Please huntsman, he’s my Daddy” Lily smiled innocently up at the man who sighed in disbelief, she was like one of the those dogs with the big black bulging eyes that you can’t say no too; her blue eyes gleamed in the light from the fire torches and the huntsman defiantly could not say no to them.

He lifted the lid and placed it delicately on the floor, Lily reached in and twisted her fingers in her fathers; she smiled at the smooth skin of her Daddy

“How comes you don’t see the Evil in your mother?” The man asked looking down at the child, she didn’t lift her eyes off her father but he could see her smile slightly,

“She’s my Momma, she’s good to me and I know that she is in good inside … someone has just turned her bad, whatever happens she will always be good to me” Lily explained,

“You really do love her don’t you?” The huntsman queried putting his hand on the girl’s hair; he twirled a lock in his fingers as she stroked her father’s face,

“She’s my mother what do you expect?” Lily mumbled her voice was shaky; the huntsman could hear the tears coming.

“Are you ok?” He asked unwinding the piece of hair from his finger before stroking the back of her head,

“I’ll be fine, just give me a minute” The girl cried, removing her hand from the body of her father and wiping the tears that were dripping slowly down her eyes, she breathed in heavily as she attempted to hold her tears back, “I love you Daddy” Lily mumbled placing a kiss on her face then lightly placing that hand on her father’s cheek.

“You want me to put the lid back on?” The huntsman asked, Lily looked up at him and nodded. She tried to suck back her tears but there was little to stop the thoughts of her broken mother and dead father from reaching her mind. The huntsman dropped the lid of the glass coffin lightly onto the base of it only to turn around to see Lily sobbing on the floor; he knelt beside her and took her in his arms holding her tight. He looked down at the child and saw her cuddling into his chest; he smiled slightly as he felt like his was doing something good, however he noticed that she was still sobbing. She cried continuously for a while, it wasn’t until the huntsman thought it may be getting late that he decided he would move her. He slipped his hand under her legs and behind her back lifting her into the air, he thought that she was surprisingly light; he watched as she moved her head into the crook of his neck and closed her eyes tightly. The huntsman carried the girl up the palace and by the time he reached the main dining room where her lunch was sitting he realised that she wasn’t awake anymore,

“Huntsman, is that Lily?” Johanna asked running over to them,

“Yes but she’s asleep” The man smiled looking down at small body that lay in his arms,

“She needs to eat” The handmaid concluded pointing at the food that was on the table, “The Queen will go mad if she doesn’t”

“The Queen doesn’t have to know, look she’s asleep and she seems perfectly happy… we could just leave her, take her to bed?” The huntsman suggested looking at the old woman; Johanna looked at Lily and nodded. The man continued through the palace with the child in her arms he smiled as he placed her softly on her big bed, he pulled the covers over her small body and walked back over to the door smiling as he shut it.

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