Hiding The Impossible

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Chapter 11

The Queen listened on at the girls promise to save her love, her Rumplestilskin. Belle looked on at the fires that the Yaoguai had made and smiled knowing that he had become Prince Phillip; she had turned one beast good now it was time to turn her own beast.

“Isn’t that sweet?” Regina rhetorically asked, the young woman turned to look at the Queen, her eyes quickly widened in fear, “still fighting for true love till the bitter end” Regina grinned,

“How did you find me?” Belle asked,

“You really should be nicer to your travelling companions, right Clark?” The evil queen turned to face the want to be hero, he thought that he was getting revenge and he was but now the Queen had the dear Belle, Rumple’s weakness, she would have no use for them. Belle looked at him too, horrified by the sight of her betrayers. The evil people who led her right into her lover’s enemies, evil grasp, “Take her to the Dungeon” Two of the royal guards proceeded towards her, she had no time to escape the guards were already pulling her to the cage.

“What no! What, what are you doing? I, I can save him! Just let me go to him. I can break his curse” the girl struggled; fighting against the grip of the strong palace guards, Regina smiled at the thought of the attempted escape, Belle’s ‘pathetic’ attempt to release herself would never work. Regina was known to have the best guards in the land, they hardly ever failed her.

“You have already tried and failed, that monster is beyond saving. I’m sparing you a lifetime of pain and misery” The Queen laughed at this thought, technically she was, but that wasn’t her intention and they both knew it. The guards pushed her into the cage,

“You can’t keep us apart for ever. I will fight for him; I will never stop fighting for him.” Belle shouted trying to maintain the attention of the Queen but Regina didn’t care to hear anymore.

Regina flung the doors open walking quickly through them; Rumplestilskin was stood next to his spinning wheel. He didn't look at the Queen, he didn't even flinch. She pointed back at the door,

"Flimsy locks. I have a deal to discuss. A certain…mermaid." The woman walked over to the table that lay in the middle of the room. She spotted the metal teapot on the table, and fiddled with the top of the teapot trying to decide whether she should pour herself some tea. Regina’s problem with the mermaid was only a cover. She was here for one reason and one reason only. To reveal her little discovery to the dark one, but Rumple didn’t know this; he sighed to himself wishing her away.

"I’m not dealing today." She looked at him; he was still spinning at his wheel. His voice was saddened, saddened by his loss of Belle. Rumple loved his serving girl so much yet he let her go, this decision, the moment at which he shouted for her to get out; he regretted it like nothing he’d ever done before. This made the Queen smile slightly, knowing these factors, these weaknesses of his made her feel so in control.

"Are you angry with me? What is it this time?" Regina poured the hot water into the small piece of china.

"Your little deception failed. You’ll never be more powerful than me. You can keep trying, dearie, but you’re never going to beat me." Rumple stated still not taking any notice of the Queen’s actions or where abouts, Regina turned to face the dark one, listening contently to his little statements.

She smiled evilly at the man as he still sat spinning straw into gold,

"Is this about that girl I met on the road? Hm?" Regina teased him; she taunted his pain and laughed at him, turning back the Queen carried on with her plan, making his pain increase "What was her name? Margie? …Verna?"

"Belle." Rumple’s voice was weak, he didn’t want to remember her because it broke his heart to know that she wasn’t his anymore.

The young woman looked at him, and her face dropped, "Right. Well, you can rest assured I had nothing to do with that tragedy." She carried on making herself a cup of tea, as the dark one realised what Regina had said and stopped spinning his wheel, he slowly walked over to her. The Queen licked the spoon that she was using

"What tragedy?" Rumple asked stopping just before the place where the woman was standing,

"You don’t know?" she acted surprised; in the long run it would make her look less to blame. "Well, after she got home, her fiancé had gone missing. And after her stay here – her association with you – no one would want her, of course. Her father shunned her, cut her off, shut her out."

Rumple's voice then lifted, "So, she needs…a home."

"He was cruel to her. He locked her in a tower and sent in clerics to cleanse her soul with scourges and flaying. After a while, she threw herself off the tower. She died." Regina taunted,

His face dropped, "You’re lying."

"Am I?" The queen asked, a silence came over the room, a silence that meant that Rumple was in realisation. He had realised that his Belle was gone. That she was never ever coming back.

"We’re done." he finally said, he threw the doors open and stood by them waiting for the woman to walk through them,

"Fine – I have other calls to make." She walked towards the door, on her way out she ran her finger along the table, "The place is looking dusty, Rumple. You should get a new girl."

The woman went to walk out of the room, when Rumple grabbed her arm. She turned back to face him, shocked by his intrusion into her leaving,

"I know about your weakness, your majesty" Rumple stated, Regina looked confused at him, she jolted her hand away from Rumple's grip, anger was starting to consume her.

"What do you mean?"

"Lily" he looked at the Queen,

"How do you know about her?" She spat, a small grin grew on the dark one’s face,

"I know about everything Dearie" it was true he knew a lot, the man knew most things. But this thing she didn't think he knew about, the queen wondered how he found out about her daughter. She silenced looking into the air, trying to work out what was happening. Previously the woman was so in control and now Rumple had the hand over her.

He snapped her out of my thoughts "I can tell you now Dearie. If i ever find out that you had something to do with this, I will take her away from you. I promise" his face was serious; She gasped, shocked by his statement. The Queen clenched her teeth together trying not to lash out at the threat; she threw herself from the room, storming from the building.

“Momma are you ok?” Lily asked sitting on the lounger next to her mother, Regina was sitting with her head in her hands and it worried her daughter,

“I’ll be fine honey” Regina muttered as she lifted her head from her hands and smiled weakly at her daughter, the queen wrapped her arms around Lily and pulled her closer. Lily rested her head on her mother’s chest as the woman played with the necklace that hung around the girls neck,

“I promise I won’t let anyone hurt you baby” Regina cried as a single tear fell from her eye, she kissed her daughters head as the girl wondered what was wrong with her mother.

“I know you won’t, please tell me what is wrong?” Lily pleaded pulling away from her mother and looking at her,

“I just want you to be happy and feel safe” The Queen smiled, she lifted her hand up to her daughters face and caressed it softly.

“Momma I’m happy if you’re happy” The young child admitted smiling back at her mother, she closed her eyes as she felt the warm skin of her mother tickling her skin

“And you feel safe?”

“I couldn’t feel anymore safe” Lily moved her hand up to her mother’s hand and wound her fingers in the Queen’s, she lowered their hands

“I’m sorry I couldn’t bring your father back” Regina sighed looking at Daniel’s ring that lay on Lily’s chest, she wished that the ring was on her finger and they were far away from here raising Lily like they were supposed to.

“Momma you don’t have to prove yourself to me, you’re the best Momma I could ever wish for and I love you” Lily giggled moving onto her knee’s to raise herself up to her mother’s height, the young girl then placed a softly kiss on her mother’s cheek and hugged her tightly.

Both the girls jumped when they felt another pair of arms twisting around them, Regina looked up and smiled as she saw her huntsman smiling back at her

“Who is it?” Lily asked, her voice was shaking so Regina kissed her temple

“Shh baby, it’s only me” The huntsman cooed, both the adults felt Lily loosen up as soon as she realised who it was.

“Why are you here?” Regina asked, pulling away from the hug; she stood up and straightened herself out,

“Oh I just wanted to come and see Lils” the man reasoned shrugging his shoulders and smiling innocently,

“Lils? Her name is Lily” Regina scolded; she gave her pet an unimpressed glance and then looked down at Lily who was smiling as well.

“It’s just a nickname” The huntsman laughed,

“Yes but I don’t like it” Regina admitted wondering over to the mirror in her room and straightening out the big bulky necklace that was all crooked around her neck,

“I like it” Lily chuckled walking over to her mother,

“Yes, well …” Regina started, she noticed in the reflection of the mirror that the sky had turned dark, she smiled to herself as she picked up something else to say “Lily I believe it’s time for your bed”

“But momma…” the child groaned,

“Johanna!” Regina shouted as Lily jumped in her skin slightly

“Yes ma’am?” Johanna smiled pacing quickly into the room,

“Time for Lily to go to bed” Regina smiled looking at the huntsman who was laughing to himself; Lily groaned again and dragged her feet alone the floor as she made her way towards the door.

Regina followed them into Lily’s room later on; she smiled as she saw Lily fast asleep, she walked over to the bed and sat on the side

“Goodnight my Lily” Regina whispered kidding her forehead, she closed her eyes smiling as she let her lips leave her daughters forehead “I love you”

The Queen awaited the arrival of the two younglings that had gone into the Blind witch’s house to retrieve her belonging. She was already impressed that they had fled the sticky-sweet fort alive; the image of the satchel in the girls hand had made her desire the children for her own.

The woman heard the heavy footing of a guard proceed down the corridor, the steps were accompanied by two other sets of feet but they were much lighter steps. Her weapon was coming to me,

The children entered the chamber a guard hung to their shoulders,

"My dear children. Were you successful in your task?" Regina stood in front of the boy and girl, smiling at their return

"Yes, Your Majesty. Though, we were almost made into dinner." Gretel spat, she didn’t appreciate the Queen sending herself and her brother into that hell hole. The Queen was impressed with the girl she was so outspoken it made Regina like the girl even more,

"Oh. How barbaric." The Queen placed a displeased look on her face, she flicked my hand towards the Guard dismissing him; she would keep as many guards as she could from her plans if they knew and didn't agree then they may rebel.

"Now, if I could have my satchel." She held her hand out to the girl, who she knew had the bag she looked at me with suspicion. The child pulled the bag from her belt and slowly slipped it into the woman’s hand,

"I’ve waited a very long time for this. Let’s hope you didn’t let me down." The queen moved my vision from the children down to the bag that sat in her hand; she tugged on the string that kept the bag closed. Regina delved her hand into the bag, searching for her possession. She wrapped her hand around the round item; she pulled out the object revealing it to the children.

"You did it." Regina smiled marvelling at their work,

"Yeah, we did." Gretel hissed, the woman flashed her head up at the girl, she was so outspoken and true to her feelings, it intrigued the Queen

"You’ve got a strong heart, girl." The young woman muttered, placing her free hand on the girl’s chest, "You remind me of myself at your age."

"We did all that for an apple?" Hansel piped up for the first time.

"Oh, trust me, dear boy. This is not just an apple. It’s a weapon. A weapon for a very particular and devious enemy. One who’s still under the illusion that she’s safe." Regina explained, the thought of that particular enemy made her skin crawl. Snow White. The Queen walked to her vanity and opened the lid to a box she'd left on there; for important possessions. She placed the red apple in the box, closing the lid lightly. This apple was important, more important than anyone would know.

"Whatever your plan is, we did what you asked. Now you have to keep your promise and find our father." Gretel stated hoping that she and Hansel would be re-united with their father soon

"Of course. To reunite your family, so you can live happily ever after. You were left alone in the woods. You deserve better than a father who would abandon you." Regina said, she had decided that she wanted the girl to be hers

"But he’s all we have." Gretel's eyes met the floor, it searched for an answer

"Perhaps, he doesn’t have to be” Regina reasoned

"What do you mean?" The girl asked, she already knew the Queen’s plan but she wanted it confirmed just in case her assumption was wrong. Lily was walking to see her mother when she saw two children in her room and decided to see what they were there about; her mother never did Business when she around, the woman always found a way to keep her daughter away from her misdeeds, so Lily hide behind the wall next to the arch that was the doorway to her room.

"You and your brother have impressed me. You aren’t the first boy or girl that I’ve sent into that…sticky sweet house. But, you are the first to emerge. And as a reward, I’ve decided to invite the two of you to live with me. Here” Regina announced, Lily could hear the excitement in her mother’s voice she wondered what made them so special. She'd never offer any normal children a place here, the only reason Lily had a home here was because she was the Queen’s blood,

"You mean that we get to live in a castle?" the little boy asked with surprise.

"Yes. You would have your own rooms, of course. Personal carriages – valets, too. All of your dreams could come true." Regina exclaimed smiling at the children, whilst Lily melted to the floor and sighed; she wondered whether these knew children in her mother’s life would mean that she would be forgotten

"No. We want our father back. He would never abandon us. And even if he did, we would never want to live with someone as terrible as you." Gretel spat, The Queen gasped as the mean words hit her like a brick

"Is that so?” Regina asked angrily,

"Yes. We’re going to find him, with or without your help. And when we do, we’re going to prove you wrong." The girl concluded

"We’ll see about that." The Queen hissed, she moved her hand in a circular motion as dust started to collect around the children,

"Gretel? What’s happening?" Hansel asked as a tornado typed magic swirled around them, the children looked around them as the evil queen smiled evilly at her creation she would send them to the forest and release their father, they could find each other if they could. Lily heard the swirling magic that was in her mother’s room and quickly pushed herself off the floor; she dashed around the corner and stood in the archway looking at the purple tornado that the children were disappearing into,

"Momma?!" Lily exclaimed looking shocked at the smoke, it wasn’t long before the children ceased to be in the room. Regina held her hand out trying to attract the attention of her daughter, she didn’t know how much she’d seen and the woman was scared to say anything just in case it upset Lily even more.

"Darling, come here" Regina beckoned trying to get her daughter to acknowledge her; Lily furrowed her eyebrows expressing confusion and disappointment. The Queen gasped as she suddenly realised something,

"How long were you there?" Regina asked, she couldn’t imagine what the girl would be thinking if she had heard most of what had just happened, since Lily was young the Queen had sworn to herself that she would keep all the evil hidden from her daughter. Regina’s worst nightmare was to lose her Lily.

"Err... not long" Lily stuttered looking at her mother and flashing a quick smile but it didn’t last long, the smile soon turned back into a saddened look,

"How long Lily?" Regina asked adding a motherly tone to her voice,

"From when you offered them a place to live here" Lily mumbled, she looked at the floor beneath her and played with the ring that hung around her neck

Regina walked over to her lounger and tapped the seat,

"I'm not angry baby" she softened the tone of her voice; She never wanted her daughter to feel nervous around her. She was the one person the woman never - ever wanted to loose. Lily was too important.

"I'm sorry for listening in" the young child sat by her mother,

"It doesn't matter my child" Regina pulled Lily towards her, and engulfed her daughter in her arms; Lily sighed in relief at the passing of the convosation, she never liked to argue with her mother and her mother didn’t like the arguments either so it was always a relief when they were over. The child and mother smiled in the hug almost in unison, they truly loved each other and somehow they knew that, that feeling would never change.

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