Hiding The Impossible

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Chapter 12

"Momma where are we going?" Lily asked, she was looking out the window of the carriage; Regina knew that her daughter was looking at the woods outside and wishing that she could go in them,

The Queen had heard about King George's planned execution of Snow's Prince and had decided earlier that she would ask George to bargain with her so that she would gain the prince. But, she felt like she couldn't tell Lily that, she wouldn't agree with what her mother was about to do and the woman knew that her daughter may be disappointed with her because of it. The Queen pulled her hood over her daughters head causing her to face Regina,

"I just need to do some business but you wanted to get out for a bit, so here, I’m letting you" The woman smiled, Lily smiled back but Regina thought that her daughter somehow didn't look happy.

"Thanks" Lily mumbled looking to the floor,

"What's wrong?" The young woman asked taking her little girl’s chin in her hand; Lily lifted her chin up so that she was looking at her mother,

"I just feel like you don't understand me" Lily sighed, her remark shocked her mother, she’d never spoken out like that before.

"I do, I’m your mother" Regina shouted, however she didn’t realise she’d shouted because she was shocked when Lily flinched and quickly pulled her head out of her mother’s grip, "Look I’m sorry" The Queen cooed with a softened tone, she smiled at her daughter as Lily looked into the woman’s eyes and smiled back, "I love you darling"

"Love you too Momma" Lily chuckled, she reached forward and hugged her mother, Regina embraced Lily as she buried her head in the Queen’s neck,

The carriage jolted to a stop throwing Lily from Regina’s arms and across the coach, she whimpered as she caressed the back of her neck. The woman got up and threw the door open,

"What the hell what that?" Regina shouted, one of her guards approached her nervously,

"We’re here" The man mumbled,

"Why was there such a jolt?" The woman asked in an angry manner.

"New horse your highness" The guard replied

"Ok" Regina sighed; she popped her head back in the carriage, a tear dropped from Lily's eye,

"Are you hurt?" The young Queen asked,

"My neck" Lily cried, she leant forward and her mother pushed her hood off her head then slid her hair off her neck revealing a massive purple bruise. Regina waved her hand over the bruise making it disappear,

"There you go, I’ve quickly gotta do something ok? So stay here" The Queen ordered, Lily flicked her head up and smiled at her mother,

"Ok, be quick?" the child asked,

"I'll try" The Evil Queen smiled, pulling the hood Lily wore back over her head. Regina then shut the door of the carriage, "Ok two of you with me, the rest stay here. Lily must not leave. Got it?"

The guards all nodded. Regina walked through the courtyard of the palace; she headed towards the main courtyard towards the beheading,

“Release the blade” his voice echoed throughout the castle, my guards and I sped up. The Queen saw a glimpse of the blade falling towards the young man's head, she had planned to get there earlier to intervene before the blade was dropped but it wasn't to be. Regina flicked her wrist turning the falling blade to water, soaking the head of the Prince. She heard gasps of shock fill the airs and smiled to herself

“What is the meaning of this?” King George rose from his throne, searching the crowds for a reason, Regina walked into the main courtyard; every pair of eyes settled themselves on her

“Sorry to drop in on you” She headed towards the king as he walked to her as well,

“Regina, what do you want?” the man asked,

“The man you pretend is your son” Regina declared as they met in the middle, she looked him in the eye grinning to myself. “And I’m prepared to pay any riches Mitas promised you in return for him”

“What do you plan to do to him?” George asked, he was curious; he wanted to know that the boy would suffer badly. The Queen wasn't about to let him down,

“Oh, I Promise he'll suffer” Regina grinned evilly, Charming grunted as George's men pulled him from the chopping machine “Far more than a swift and simple beheading”

“How?” the cogs in his head were twisting and turning figuring out how anything would be worse than death,

“By using him to destroy his one true love, by using him to bring an end to snow white” Regina smiled evilly, she thought this was ingenious she would rule this world without the threat of Snow white and her prince. Daniel's death would finally be avenged. “Take him to the cage wagon, I want to do something” Regina set off towards the dungeons as her guards took Charming and placed him in the wagon.

“What are you doing?” George had caught the Queen up and was pacing quickly beside her,

“I want to place a mirror in your dungeon, nothing important” She shook him off. Regina walked to the dungeons, picking a particularly grotty, gross dungeon. She pulled a sack from my belt and pulled a body length mirror out and placed it in the middle of the room. Later in here plan it would tempt snow white and eventually bring her straight into the palm of the Queen’s hand. She smiled looking back to the mirror as she made my way back to her carriage to put her other piece of her plan in place. Regina got to the door of the carriage when Karl, one of her trusted guards wondered up to his Queen,

"Your highness" he bowed,

"How was Lily?" The mother asked, looking in at her sitting in the carriage,

"She didn't move out of the Carriage"

"Did she see Charming?"

"I don't know but she probably heard him, he's only just shut up" he groaned,

"Hmm... did he see her?" Regina asked looking behind the carriage at the cage that charming was in.

"No" Karl said quickly, The woman didn't know if this was true but she hoped it was because otherwise he might ruin her daughters secrecy and the Queen would not be happy at all. The guard took his Queen’s hand and helped her into the carriage she sat opposite Lily and closed the carriage door, signalling for them to start the horses moving,

"Momma, who was that man?" Lily asked quietly,

"You saw him?" Regina sighed,

"Yes i did" she mumbled, she always was cautious with what she said and her mother didn't like it,

"Did he see you?" The mother asked more concerned,

"No" she said even quicker than Karl had, Regina started to wonder whether the prince really had seen her daughter,

"Lily, that better be the truth" The woman warned,

"It is!" she smiled.

Regina waited watching them, laughing about their silly remarks,

“Is this always going to be our life? Taking turns finding each other?” Snow’s face was depressed, saddened by her fail in her rescue mission,

“We’ll be together, I know it. Have faith.” he pressed his hand to the mirror, they always had so much faith in each other, The Queen thought it was so incredibly gastily. Regina knew they would never be together not with the curse she was about to put on snow white; she faded out Charming and presented herself in his place, in the mirror.

“I just had to stop you. I have no interest in cleaning tongue marks off my mirror.” The woman laughed at her own remark, she felt so terribly evil, so in power! The bandit princess would have to do what her step-mother asked, this pleased Regina. The thought of Snow White useless and asleep forever, it made her heart skip a beat.

“Let him go. Your fight is with me.”

“My thoughts exactly. Have you ever heard of a parley? We break off all this messy fighting and have a little talk. Just you and me. Come unarmed.”

“Where do I meet you?” Snow asked she was weakened, weakened by love.

“Where it all began.” Regina grinned before fading herself out from the mirror.

The vengeful Queen waited at the stables, she closed her eyes slightly; picturing…

“Mother!” Regina shouted, she couldn’t believe what her eyes were seeing. Her mother couldn’t kill her love, it wasn’t fair… she needed him… the baby needed him. Cora clenched her teeth as she pulled the young man’s beating heart from his tender chest; Regina let a tear fall from her eye as Daniel’s limp body fell to the floor. The broken hearted woman rushed to her lover’s side lifting his lifeless body onto her lap

“No! No! No, no, no.” Regina repeated letting her tears of disbelief fall on Daniel’s stone cold, white skin. Cora’s face showed no emotion as she squeezed the glowing heart crushing it to dust, destroying the life that it contained. The dust flakes settled on the ground, they blended with the dust from the stables, you would almost think they weren't there, but for the young pregnant woman they would always be there. She forever would look down onto that gastily stable floor and see the ash of her love scattered on the floor. “Mother, why have you done this?” Regina could only just bare to call the hag her mother, she murdered the young mother-to-be’s love, the one chance Regina had of true happiness.

“Because this is your happy ending” Cora’s face turned evil, her face presented a cruel smile,

“What?” Regina’s voice was broken, she was broken by death. The young woman looked at her lost loves face again, and then an idea sprung to mind. True love's kiss broke any curse, she kissed him and kissed him again, “Wake up, wake up” Regina whispered wondering why it wasn’t working.

“Oh, you have to trust me, Regina. I know best. Love is weakness, Regina. It feels real now. At the start, it always does. But, it’s an illusion. It fades. And then, you’re left with nothing. But power, true power, endures. And then, you don’t have to rely on anyone to get what you want. I’ve saved you, my love.”

Three small words would stay with the young woman for life, Love is Weakness, Love. Is. Weakness. They would never fade from her memory.

“Hello, Regina.” her voice pierced Regina’s ears. The Queen braced herself, preparing to stand face to face with her enemy. She put on her bravest face and turned to Snow, the girl held her hands signalling her lack of weapons.

“Follow me” Regina ordered lifting the skirt to her dress as she walked past Snow. The Queen guided her step-daughter up the hill, to somewhere that brought the mother much sadness, “Do you remember when I ran down your runaway horse, Snow? Do you remember when I saved your life?”

“Of course. It all looks the same.” she slightly laughed, remembering the happy good old days. Regina thought they were good until snow white destroyed them.

“Not quite.” Regina stated she looked down at the stone; they walked behind the slab “This is new”, the stone grave stood on the hill, where Regina and her lover were before Snow got involved. The Queen put him under the tree, to shade him from the evil of the light. A heart was engraved on his grave; the broken heart of the queen was shown to the world on that grave. Daniel's Grave. It saddened Regina to look at where her love lay. She thought that he should have been with her, some place far off together married; With a little boy and Lily running around our feet. That would have been the Queen’s happiness, but Snow destroyed that.

“Is that…” Snow started she knew, she knew that this was him. The man who she killed,

“A grave. Daniel’s grave.”

“Daniel? I thought…” she'd thought wrong,

“He ran away? I told you that to spare your feelings out of…kindness. But he died because of you.” Now was the time for the truth, she would understand why Regina hated her so much,

“I-I’m… I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry, too. But nothing can change what happened. What you did. You promised to keep my secret. You promised, but you lied.”

“I was very young, and your mother-” Snow tried to make her step-mother feel better, stop her revenge from taking place. Nothing she ever said would ever make Regina forgive her, ever.

“She ripped his heart out because of you. Because you couldn’t listen to me.” Those words haunted the woman, She ripped his heart out.

“You took my father. Haven’t we both suffered enough?”

“No.” Regina looked down to the satchel she had brought with her. She reached her hand in,

“What is that?” Snow asked,

“It’s just a morsel.” Regina pulled out a poison red Apple; she held it in front of the princess, an evil smile consumed the woman’s face. “Did you know that apples stand for health and wisdom?”

“So, why do I get the feeling that one might kill me?”

“It won’t kill you. No, what it will do is far worse. Your body will be your tomb, and you’ll be in there with nothing but dreams formed of your own regrets.”

“And you’re going to force me to eat it.”

“Of course not. It wouldn’t work anyway. The choice is yours. It must be taken willingly.”

“And why would I do that?” because you caused the murder of daniel? No, she wouldn't take it for that, she couldn't see any right. She was so selfish,

“Because, if you refuse the apple, your Prince, your Charming, will be killed.”

“No…” Snow gasped in disbelief and realisation, this is why she took the princess’ lover,

“As I said, the choice is yours.”

“I Take that apple, and he lives? That’s the deal you want to make?”

“With all my heart.”

“Then, congratulations. You’ve won.” Snow took the apple from the Queen’s hand, and took one simple bite in the apple. Regina watched as the apple fell down Snow’s throat, releasing its poison, her eyes fluttered. She fell to the ground, her body hurtling into its resting place. The woman smiled, she'd finally done it. Finally got rid of the killer that was Snow White.

“What happened?” The huntsman asked, running behind his Queen

“She’s gone, she’s actually gone” Regina was beaming, she felt free; she threw her arms around the huntsman and squeezed him tightly.

“Momma?” Lily questioned looking confused up at her mother; Regina looked down at her daughter and smiled before releasing the huntsman. The Queen ran towards her daughter and lifted her quickly into the air spinning her around,

“Why is she so happy?” Lily asked the huntsman laughing repetitively as her mother brought her down into an embrace, the huntsman smiled as he walked up behind Lily and held her legs as he thought it may be uncomfortable for her as her legs didn’t reach the ground.

“Something great has happened to Momma” Regina grinned from in Lily’s hair,

“I’m so happy for you” Lily giggled, she didn’t ask what happened for she didn’t want to know; there was a large chance it was something dark so Lily was ok with not knowing it.

“Everything is going to be better now” Regina concluded smiling to herself, Snow white was in a sleeping curse and her lover was down at the dungeons; the bandit would never awake, she would never darken Regina again.

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