Hiding The Impossible

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Chapter 13

The Queen paced her chambers; her guards had tried not to alert her about the prince’s escape but the chaos that had stricken across the castle was too obvious for Regina to not notice. She stopped pacing as her huntsman entered the room slowly,

“Where is he? The prisoner!” Regina shouted, her eyes pierced through the huntsman who stood by the archway nervously,

“Escaped” The man stated, the Queen wasn’t happy with her pets response so threw him against the wall; she stormed towards him

“A palace full of guards, and you let him escape?” She asked angrily throwing her hands around in the air, the prince escaping meant that he may find snow and awake her from her curse. True love’s kiss breaks any curse just like she’d told Belle.

“I did my best.”

“You failed. And do you know what happens to people who fail me, Huntsman?” Regina spat,

“I’ll find him. You needn’t worry. Leave him to me” The huntsman declared,

“That won’t be necessary. He’s mine” The Queen smiled, she looked over to her mirror who was presenting the image of her enemies prince running across the beach; with an evil smile she waved her hand dragging charming to the infinite forest. Regina laughed to herself as the thoughts of her enemy never wakening consumed her head,

“Please let me down?” The huntsman requested still pinned to the wall, The Evil Queen sighed looking at the man; she then flicked her hand releasing her pet from his statured place on the wall.

“NO!” Regina shouted storming through the palace; she threw everything in sight across the room she was in. She stopped throwing things when she was walking down the corridor towards her room due to the only objects being the many mirrors that hung on the wall however when she got to her room the aggressive throwing returned. The huntsman was walking up the corridor when he heard the noise; he stopped in his tracks scared to proceed into the room,

“It’s impossible how can she win? Again!” The Queen boomed. The huntsman felt something lightly bash against him as the woman threw a piece of china at the wall by the mirror, he looked back and saw nothing but when he lowered his eyes they looked directly into a pair of crystal blue eyes. Lily was looking fearfully up at him,

“What’s wrong with Momma?” She asked, looking across the hall

“Something bad happened” The man mumbled, he turned to the child and lent down to her height holding onto her arms “You should go”

“No, I don’t want to leave her…” Lily cried, pushing herself away from the man she started down the corridor; it wasn’t long before the huntsman grabbed her arm and pulled her back

“She might hurt you” The Queen’s huntsman reasoned keeping a firm grip on the girl’s arm

“She won’t I’m her daughter”

“And she’s very very angry; I wouldn’t put it past her” The man sighed pulling the child into his arms, “Give her time, she will be ok soon”

He then pushed her slowly down the corridor away from the chaos that her mother was causing. Johanna shuffled up the hall as Lily ran the other way; she caught the child’s arm and stopped her,

“Oh my dear, don’t be upset. She’ll be fine soon” The handmaid asked caressing Lily’s face,

“I just want to help but her huntsman says it’s too dangerous” the girl sobbed as a tear fell delicately down her cheek,

“He is right, best leave her for a while” Johanna suggested but this only made lily want to cry even more; she felt so useless. Regina threw a mirror at the wall before she realised that her huntsman was standing in the arched doorway, she sighed as she flicked her jet black fringe from in front of her face. The Queen dropped onto her lounger as her anger left as a feeling of complete disappointment overcame her,

“She’s alive; her prince found her and woke her up. She won, again” Regina quivered, as she slumped her head in her hands

“Your highness, there will be other chances” The man reasoned, looking across the room and at his mistress

“But I want her to be gone, now!” Regina cried, the huntsman quietly wondered over to the woman he didn’t want to anger her so he tried to stay as quiet as he could.

“I’m sure you…” The man started,

“This is your fault” Regina snapped, the huntsman gasped as he watched the woman’s mood turn quickly; she looked up at the man and before he knew it the Queen had thrown her pet across the room at the wall,

“Please, my Queen” The Huntsman begged, pushing himself off the floor; he flinched as he moved his back up the wall.

“What’s wrong?” Lily asked from the arched doorway, Regina looked at her daughter and the woman fell to the floor broken; Lily ran past her mother she felt bad for not going to her first but there was a man hurt. The huntsman smiled weakly as the girl dropped to the floor beside him

“Are you ok? What can we do? Johanna! Get the doctor” Lily said in a rush, some of the words jumbled together as the child’s panicked state started to show through

“Yes my love” Johanna shouted running down the corridor. Regina looked up from her teary state and saw her daughter sitting next to the man she’d just thrown against the wall; she shuffled across the floor and pulled the girl into her lap

“What did you do?” Lily sobbed as she rolled her head into her mother’s chest; she cupped her hand round the ring hanging around her neck and brought it slowly to her mother placing her lips softly on the cold metal surface

“I was angry” Regina whimpered in an attempt to ease her own guilt and give her daughter a reason for the man’s injuries.

“So you flung him across the room?” She asked sarcastically as pushed away from her mother’s grip, she stood up immediately and backed away

“Lily, please”

“No just leave me and him alone” Lily cried running from the room, the huntsman scrunched his face up in pain as he pushed his way forward leaning over to Regina; he pressed his hand on her arm as she sat looking at the doorway in disbelief. A tear fell from her eye once more,

“She doesn’t mean it your highness” The man cooed, he flinched again as he felt a crunching pain in his shoulder; the Queen’s eyes quickly dashed to her pet as she assessed his current state of pain,

“I was…” Regina started,

“Don’t worry about it, I’m sure it’s nothing it will be fine” The huntsman re-assured smiling at the women. It wasn’t long before Johanna came rushing through with the doctor, Regina dismissed herself as she felt she needed to see her Lily; she paced down the corridor, her walk was strong again the anger and the bitterness that had once consumed her had faded. She stopped outside her daughters door, she didn’t hesitate or stop to think about what she was going to say; she pushed the heavy doors open and made her way inside. The image that her eyes met was one that saddened her, her daughter was nowhere to be seen, she quickly dashed back out of her daughter’s chambers and through to her own; she smiled slightly as she saw her huntsman being bandaged up and hopefully not in so much pain. She walked over to Johanna,

“Where did Lily go?” Regina whispered, the handmaiden turned to her Queen and smiled apologetically

“I don’t know ma’am, I haven’t seen her since she ran back here and told me to get the doctor”

“She could be anywhere” The woman hissed lifting her skirt and exiting the room one more time. The Queen searched most of the castle before realising something that would have helped her search from the start, Her daughter always went down to Daniel when she was upset or needed someone to talk to.

Lily ran as quickly as she could around the corridors of the palace, may guards and courtiers tried to stop her to see what was wrong but the child wasn’t stopping she wanted to get to her father and talk to him as soon as she could. She stopped at the big heavy doors to her mother’s vault, she went straight to trying to open the door with her shoulder; she pressed the blade of her shoulder into the door and pushed with all her might but still she was not strong enough to budge the large wooden door. She kept trying, but after a while she allowed her body to fall to the floor; she cuddled her legs tightly as she brought them up to her chest bowing her head into the curve that her knee’s made.

The tears dripped down her cheeks and melted into the soft blue fabric that caressed her arm, she didn’t like when her mother hurt people it was evil yet she couldn’t stop it; the Queen had gone too far down the line it was impossible for her to go back and Lily knew it.

“Daddy, why is this happening? I don’t want her to be like this” Lily sobbed.

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