Hiding The Impossible

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Chapter 14

I rode up to the tree in the Pasteur’s where we had our summer picnic’s every once in a white; it was a beautiful sunny day, the green of the grass glowed in the rays of the sun. When I arrived I tied Mickey Blue Eyes to the tree and smiled as my hand ran over some indents that had been carved into the tree. I traced the outline of the image, ‘Daniel and Regina’ I bit my lip as I imagined the couple together; they were now grey and old but still their love was strong. I looked away from the tree as I heard the soft crunching noise of horse’s hooves scrapping along the dry earth, a smile brought a looked of joy to my face as my love dismounted his horse and ran over to me; he picked me up and spun me around. I collapsed my arms as we stopped spinning allowing myself to fall into his figure, I lightly rested my head on his shoulder as he kissed my temple

“How long till they come?” he whispered directly into the dip of my ear, I giggled as I felt his warm breath tickle my ear

“Not long” I smiled pushing myself away from his shoulder, he placed me lightly on the ground and suddenly I felt the height different that was evident between us again. He tipped his head down to me and placed a kiss on my lips, I smiled as I felt his soft skin caress my own. He pulled away when we heard the sound of horse’s hooves; I stood on my toes to look over his shoulder to see my momma and Daddy climbing off their horses. They had always ridden together for as long as I could remember, Daddy had taught me how to ride when I was little and he had also tutored Momma when she was my age so we all rode alike. I ran up to them as they smiled and took me in their arms; I snuggled into their embrace as I felt my Momma rest her head upon mine,

“How are you baby? I’ve missed you loads” She hummed pulling away from me,

“Do you mean me? Or the Baby?” I giggled running my hand over the smooth bump that was present at my belly, she pushed her hand out too and blushed as we felt the little child kicking the skin that covered It. I then felt my lovers hand wrap around my back and my mother grinned at him as Daddy looked him up and down suspiciously like he always did; Daddy normally dealt with the fact that I wasn’t his anymore but he still was unsure about him, he didn’t like me being somewhere he couldn’t protect me it was cute really.

It wasn’t long before we were sat on a checkered picnic blanket under the tree together, I sat next to Momma as we talked about having a baby and what it was like to have me,

“How did you know what you were going to call me?” I asked, thinking about all the names I’d come up for my little one and how I had no idea what the definite was,

“Your father and I had a convosation one day, under this tree in fact. He liked Lily and so did I so it stuck” Momma smiled as I felt a crunching in my stomach…

Regina shook her daughter as quickly and forcefully as she could, it had been over 3 hours since she ran off when the Queen found the child; it had slightly started to panic the Queen but now she wondered why she hadn’t figured that she would be down with Daniel sooner. Right now the fact that Lily wasn’t waking up was scaring Regina even more, the woman kneeled on the floor and pulled her daughter onto her legs resting the girls head on her mother’s arm.

“Lily please wake up” Regina cried, placing a kiss on Lily’s forehead; she then smiled in relief as her daughter started to stir. The girl rolled into her mother’s grip as she started to become conscious again,

“Where am I? What’s going on?” Lily mumbled as her eyes fluttered open, she looked up at her momma and then looked back down again as she played with the ring that hung around her neck; Regina noticed her daughters disappointed looked a sighed heavily,

“Lily, I’m sorry” Regina whispered, tracing a small pattern on her daughters wrist; Lily didn’t look up she watched her father’s ring twirl in her fingers

Daddy what’s happened to us? Is it because you’re not here? Would it have been nearly like my dream? Would Momma have been good? She does such bad things at the moment, she thinks I don’t know; she thinks that I don’t see the evil inside of her. I don’t show her that I do because I don’t want to believe that it’s there, no person should be classed as evil especially not Momma; I know there’s good inside of her somewhere. Sometimes I think that my life is a bad as it gets, that I’m hidden and my Daddy is not here and I have to watch my Mother descend into darkness; then I remember all the poor souls that have come across Momma like that family with the boy and girl who she sent into the infinite forest separated. What if they never found each other? What if that boy and that girl are still out there all alone and it’s all because of momma? Then there is her huntsman, he is so nice and I don’t know what she did but she did something to him, she controls him like she controls no-one else. He does everything that she says I sometimes see her speaking to something and then he comes running, before anything else happens I leave, I leave before I see her hurt him because Daddy… he’s like my older brother he takes care of me. You’d be so proud, you’d love him because he protects me like you would; like I think you would. I don’t know what you’d be like because I never met you but I imagine you to be perfect because you’re my Daddy and you fell in love with Momma so you are perfect to me. Should I hide it from her? My disappointment? Should I smile every time she does something wrong because I am her daughter and that’s what I should do? I love her I really do but she can be so hard to love sometimes. I’m going to forget all these thoughts now because that is the right thing to do and that is what would make Momma happy, we are good as long as we are happy, right?

Lily smiled weakly up to her mother, who smiled back in relief as she saw that her daughter wasn’t going to be annoyed with her.

“I love you Momma” Lily stated, releasing the ring from her grip and taking her mother’s hand which was now static above her own hand. Regina brought the twos hand’s up to her mouth and lightly kissed her daughters hand

“I didn’t mean to hurt him I was just angry” the woman reasoned,

“I understand” the girl lied knowing that the truth would only hurt everyone. Her mother was her mother and she would have to be forgiven. Regina took her daughter upstairs and it wasn’t until later when she left her daughter alone that Lily snuck out of her room, she wondered over to her mother’s chambers and peered through the door. She smiled when she saw only the huntsman in the room, he was lying flat across the bed; she crept in making sure to look around just to verify that there was nobody there. When the girl got over the bed that sat in the middle of the room she got on and sighed as the man’s eyes were shut; Lily looked at his arm which was folded across his body with nothing covering it, a tear fell from her eye as she examined the big purple bruise that was present from just above his elbow to his shoulder blade.

“What’s wrong?” The man asked as he slowly awoke and saw the young child with tears dripping down her cheeks,

“Momma hurt you bad” Lily choked; Graham lifted the arm that wasn’t broken and wiped the tears from Lily’s face.

“I’m fine, I promise. She just did it out of anger; that’s why I said you shouldn’t have gone in there, this could have been you” Graham huffed looking from the child to his bruised arm and back up to her, he was more than relieved that it wasn’t her on the receiving end of Regina’s anger; he couldn’t ever imagine what she may have done Lily. With that response Lily sunk into the huntsman’s chest and they lay there both falling asleep.

Daniel what’s happening to us? Is it because you’re not here? I can feel Lily slipping through my fingers, even though she doesn’t know what I’ve been doing it’s like she still senses the evil in me. Nothing is the same anymore, when she was little she would always want to spend time with me and she’d always see the good in me. I think she still does see the good in me but I know that she has been moving away a lot more now, she wants to do her own thing and be independent; the thing that worries me, my love, is that she doesn’t know anything about independence. She can’t protect herself or look after herself; everything has been done for her, her whole life. What if she wants to leave me? I can’t let that happen, she is the only thing I have she is my only route to you. I should just keep shielding her from my deeds, shouldn’t I? And try to spend as much time as I can with her, then she may realise that she can’t live without me because I can’t live without her. Oh Daniel, what would it have been like if you were here? We could be living somewhere far with Lily, she would have been truly happy then. She would have had her daddy and I would have my loving husband, I love her Daniel, I really do and I don’t want to lose her. Daniel please tell me what to do…

The Queen ran her hand along the cold stone wall of her balcony and looked up to the glowing moon; she found peace when looking at the white object that floated so perfectly in the sky. It was like Daniel may be looking at the same moon from his place in heaven, it was another way that Regina had found to somehow connect with her one true love. She felt her mouth rise into a circular shape as a tired yawn escaped her; she blew a kiss up to the moon hoping that the butterfly of love would find Daniel

Goodnight my love

She then proceeded from her room to her chamber, she was puzzled when she found the door pushed widely open; she didn’t remember leaving it this open. She sighed when she concluded that it was probably just the wind, the woman walked over to her drawers and pulled out a night gown then went to the large bathroom that was attached to her room to change. When Regina was done she placed her dress that she had been previously wearing across the white regal chair that sat in front of her dressing table. The real reason for the door being so open was revealed to the Queen when she had made her to her bed, her daughter was wrapped up in the figure of her huntsman both lay above the sheets and Lily was shaking like a leaf. Regina got into bed and carefully managed to slip her pet and her little girl under the sheets, she rolled over so that she was on the end of the bed and looking out to the room. Lily liked her huntsman much more than she liked her mother, that much was clear to Regina. The young woman felt a tap on her shoulder and rolled back over to face the two people next to her, she met the Green eyes of her huntsman who was smiling softly at her; he then lightly rolled Lily from near him into her mother’s figure. Regina smiled as she felt Lily make herself comfortable, the woman placed a kiss on her daughter’s forehead and everyone was happy as they all fell into their dreams.

4 months later

“Excellent. I don’t care how many men you lose – keep them apart long enough for me to find her. I will not let them defeat me.” Regina ordered, the guards who surrounded nodded which signalled the woman to kick her horse onwards, the battle had been going on for a while now and it was apparent that Snow and her Prince Charming were winning. However, Regina refused to believe this, she was allied with George, they had more power and they had magic on their side; Snow would never win. The Queen wondered why they always won she put the flake of snow to sleep not long ago, now she was awake. She heard a thump behind the bushes that were ahead of her and pulled her horse in that direction, to take a look. When the woman got there she found a certain Snow White, alone, on the floor.

“Leaving the battle so soon?” Regina laughed as Snow huffed and pushed herself off the ground,

“The battle’s over, Regina. Our army is too great. You can’t win.” The hunted princess was sick of all the fighting now, she just wanted peace and to be able to live her own life without the threat of her evil step-mother lurking over her

“Well, that all depends on your definition of victory”

“I offer you parley – to negotiate the terms of your surrender.”

“My surrender? Fair enough. My terms are quite simple… Your death.” Regina smiled evilly as she brought her hand up and prepared to throw a ball of magic at her enemy,

“Now!” Snow shouted looking above the Queen, the sighed in relief as the blue fairy appeared and threw fairy dust at the woman. Regina tried to attack the girl but she felt herself stuck, she looked down and saw that the princess and the fairy had immobilized the Queen with magic.

“It was all a trap.” Regina concluded, she could feel her power slipping away from her

“You should’ve surrendered when I gave you the chance.” Snow sighed as her Charming appeared from behind some trees; he was followed by a group of guards

“We knew you couldn’t resist going after Snow. And now, because of your bloodlust, the kingdom is ours. Your reign of evil is over.” he put his arm around snow, and flicked his hand. His guards came over to the woman, picking up her stiff body she was loaded in a cage wagon. Regina was their prisoner, and then a thought struck her,

“No! I have to go home!” Regina shouted, her voice was panicked and the couple could see it

“Why would we let you go there?” the prince asked moving up to the cage, he was nothing but curious

“Well...” Regina started, but she couldn’t continue my daughter is there, she needs me but she couldn't tell them that because then they would go and find Lily. The girl wouldn't be her mother’s secret anymore, “My f-f-father, he needs me. He's getting old” Regina lied

“Nonsense he'll be fine” Charming hummed, as he saw straight threw the Queen’s lies. He went back to Snow and mounted his horse,

“Maybe, we should check her castle. I think she's hiding something” Prince Charming concluded looking back to Regina and then to Snow,

“Maybe” Snow knew there was a risk going there, they kicked their horses and they were off to their castle. Regina sighed wondering what would happen now that she wasn’t there to protect and hide Lily; she started to panic slightly when she remembered about Charming’s previous statement ‘we should check her castle. I think she's hiding something’.

I observed the scene out of my prison window. Hundreds of people gathered around the wooden post that was positioned in the middle of the courtyard; the wooden post at which i would meet my end. I could imagine the conversations people were having, 'She deserves it', 'she's evil she needs to die'. I dreamt when I was a child that I’d die when I was old, surrounded by grandchildren and loved dearly by my true love. My death was nowhere near that, I was going to be executed, with my only love dead and buried, and my only family; the daughter that was about to be left motherless and my father that had no idea about his granddaughter. When I say I kept her secret I trusted only people that were bound to serve me with the secret. No-one else.

The Queen heard a bang, which caused her thoughts to be lost for now; she looked to the door past the bars that held her captive; where a guard was stood

"You have a visitor." the guard stated before leaving. An old man stood the receiving side of the bars to the woman; his face was saddened by the sight of his only daughter behind bars with an execution date,

"Daddy." Regina went to the bars, attempting to be as close as she could to her loving father,

"This is my entire fault. I failed you as a father. I should have done more to protect you. Can you ever forgive me, child?" The woman hated how her father felt like this, she felt like he hadn't let her down, if anyone had failed it was Regina; Henry caressed his daughter’s cheek, making her feel loved.

"There’s no need. How could I blame the one I love most? The only one to stand by me… To the end." The queen said a small smile emerged on her face, a smile to show her father that she was brave and strong. It hid the fear from him; it hid her fear of death.

"It doesn’t have to be the end."

"Snow and her Prince seem rather determined to make it so." Regina chuckled nervously,

"Show them regret for what you’ve done, the pain you’ve caused. Show them you can change. They will spare you. Just give them a reason. I beg of you” The Valet pleaded in fear that soon he may lose his daughter, losing his wife and his daughter was too much for him to cope with.

The guards led the prisoner across the courtyard, they led her through the crowds; crowds of people who spat at nasty comments and vile thoughts at the evil queen whom they were previously under rule of as the woman proceeded past them. Regina looked into the face of one of citizens in the crowd she gasped as she recognised the face but it wasn’t one she could match the face to the name straight away so she let it pass through her mind, she looked up to the wall at her enemies who were sat on regal chairs by the side of the courtyard. The guards took Regina to a pole that stood in the middle of the courtyard and chained her too it, it was after then that a line of palace guards lined up in front of her, with their bows tightly grasped in their hands.

A small cricket flew up to the woman,

“Regina. This is your opportunity to meet your end with a clear conscience. Do you have any last words?” Jiminy asked calmly,

“Yes. Yes, I do. I know I’m being judged for my past. A past where I’ve caused pain, a past where I’ve inflicted misery, a past where I’ve… Even brought death. When I look back at everything I’ve done, I want you all to know what I feel. And that is… Regret. Regret, that I was not able to cause more pain. Inflict more misery. And bring about more death. And above all else, with every ounce of my being, I regret that I was not able to kill… Snow White!” Regina shouted, her evil cries rang through the castle as Snow gasped in shock and her charming stood up,

“Arrows!” Charming ordered and the guards followed, one of them pulled a black blindfold over the Queen; soon after, the guards who were lined up in front of Regina pulled their bows up to point the arrows placed in it at the fallen Queen,

“Take your aim. Fire!” Charming shouted as the guards released their arrows, before long snow stood up

“Stop!” Snow ordered and the arrows that were flying towards the evil Queen where stopped by the blue fairies dust before all clattering to the ground.

“Snow?” The man questioned, confused by his lovers intersection into the execution of their enemy; the woman who had caused them so much pain

“This is not the way” Snow muttered as she rose from her seat

“Snow…” Charming repeated watching his partner storm across the courtyard, he looked over to the queen and then back to the route snow had taken,

“Take her back to her cell” The prince ordered as he followed his wife, the crowds who had gathered looked cluelessly around at each other; one notable spectator grinned evilly at the failed execution. The scaly ‘beasts’ plan was going well; it was all going as he’d seen and predicted it would.

“Where’s Momma?” Lily asked looking out of her balcony as the army her mother had gone out with on the previous morning returned in fewer numbers; one lose that everyone noticed was the Queen, she had not returned with her men.

“I don’t know baby” Her mother’s huntsman sighed as he brought the child into an embrace,

“I hope she’s ok” she whispered holding tightly onto her father’s ring.

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