Hiding The Impossible

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Chapter 15

Lily paced around her mother’s room; she walked up to the balcony and ran her hand along the concrete wall. It had been hours since the Queen’s men had returned and still there was no sign of the Queen herself,

“Regina my dear?” A man asked pacing quickly into the room; he hoped that the woman on the balcony was her daughter and that the rumours that were being spread around the palace weren’t true. Lily gasped as she heard the unfamiliar voice; she didn’t dare turn around in case it was someone who wanted to hurt her,

“Regina, its ok it’s only me” Henry chuckled as he wondered why his daughter wasn’t responding, it had to be his daughter he thought; who else could it be? He walked further towards her and smiled slightly as he ran his fingers through her deep brown hair, he wondered why it looked so light. He then quickly presumed that the light that shone from the moon was reflecting off her hair and making it seem lighter to him. Lily started to shake as she felt the strange man pull his hands through her hair, she breathed in a large breath and then turned around confronting the stranger; he gasped as he realised that this girl wasn’t the Queen.

“Who are you? Why are you here? Did you take my daughter? If you did then I will kill you” The old man threatened, pulling his knife out and poking it slightly in her neck. Lily whimpered knowing this man was going to try to hurt her,

“Who’s your daughter?” The child asked with fear streaming through her voice,

“Regina… The Queen” Henry spat pushing the knife even further to his granddaughters neck. Lily decided quickly that it may be better for all involved for her to just tell her apparent grandfather who she was; she braced herself and sighed heavily,

“I’m her daughter, my name is Lily” the girl said hoping the man would believe her,

“You’re lying my daughter doesn’t have her own offspring that would be… impossible” Henry muttered looking down at the floor,

“I’m not, I promise you; ask her huntsman”

“HUNTSMAN” Henry shouted looking quickly behind him then realising that the girl who was throwing wild accusations at him was still there so quickly looked back and pushed the knife even more into her neck; Lily whimpered as she felt the sharp edge move further over her skin. The huntsman slowly wondered into the room and gasped loudly as he saw the Queen’s father with a dagger pressed into Lily’s neck,

“Lily! Valet let her go!” The man shouted running across the room and grabbing his mistress’ father’s hand, pulling it backwards away from the child’s neck. Lily quickly moved around the two men and hid behind her mother’s huntsman,

“Is what she says true?” Henry asked, giving the younger man a look of confusion

“What did she say? What did she tell you?” Lily’s protector spat as he looked back at her, he hoped that she hadn’t revealed her true identity when, and if they Queen came back she wouldn’t be happy if yet another soul knew about her daughter,

“There was no other excuse I could use, It was the first thing that-” Lily stated her voice fast so there was no breaks,

“You told him… the truth?” The man asked,

“So she is my granddaughter?” The Valet asked in return, slipping his dagger back in the pocketed holder that sat on his belt

“Yes” The young man sighed as he rubbed his forehead with his hand,

“Regina couldn’t tell me that she had a daughter?” Henry asked feeling offended and slightly hurt but his own daughter distrust in him.

“The Queen hid her from most people, only myself Johanna and some of the guards know” The huntsman explained,

“Who… Who is her father?”

“Daniel” Lily piped up with the mention of her beloved deceased father, she wanted there to be no mistake as to who she came from.

“The stable boy?”

“Err, I don’t know. All I know is that he is dead because someone murdered him; Momma won’t tell me who and why” Lily sighed as she lifted her hand up to the ring that lay on her neck and fiddled with the intricate piece of jewellery

“Sir! We have had news that the Queen was captured by Snow White and her Prince; she is apparently due to be executed tomorrow” A Guard shouted running into the large room, All in the room turned to the guard in shock; Lily couldn’t believe this was happening first she had lost her father now her mother was going to be taken from her. She turned to the huntsman and her newly discovered grandfather who both also had shocked expressions planted on their faces; a small tear trickled down the girl’s cheek, a picture of her mother being shot with arrows poisoned her mind. The huntsman however wasn’t thinking about the death of his Queen but how she could be saved; when he saw Lily looking past him to the skies outside the castle with tears falling rapidly from her eyes he pulled himself out of his thoughts,

“We won’t let her die” The huntsman cooed quickly taking the child into his arms and hugging her tightly

“If she dies I will be truly alone” Lily sobbed,

“No you won’t you have us” The Valet smiled softly as the huntsman released the girl from the hug and the older man took her into another. Lily’s tears dampened the shoulder of her grandfather, the man felt a sudden urge of sadness over come him; his granddaughter, his only ever granddaughter was crying, crying for her mother’s life. This wasn’t the way he wanted to meet his first grandchild the day she or he was born; he wanted to hold the child in his arms and watch the small being sleep. Although he was holding his granddaughter in his arms this wasn’t the same, she was crying in fear and she was around 15 or 16; nowhere what the man dreamed of. However, the valet just had to deal with these new circumstances now he had to rise to the plate and protect this child like her mother had been doing.

“It will be ok, I will go and visit her wherever she is being kept and try to convince her to change to show them that she will be good. Then hopefully they will spare her and she can come home” Henry explained as Lily pulled out of the hug

“That will be harder than it sounds” The huntsman stated, “Regina has tried to change before, for Lily, but I know that it hasn’t worked. It will be hard for the Queen to drive the need for revenge from her mind”

“I have to try; we can’t sit here and leave her die” Henry spat pacing from the room; Lily watched her grandfather storm from the room and decided to follow him,

“I can come and help she may change even more if I’m there” The Queen’s daughter smiled as she walked next to the older man, except she wasn’t really walking; The valet’s paces were large so Lily ended up running.

“She’s been hiding you all your life, if I -who isn’t supposed to know- brought you out into the world, do you think she’d be impressed?” Henry asked stopping and turning to the girl,

“I suppose not” Lily sighed as she watched her grandfather walk quickly down the corridor. Lily sat in her mother’s room for ages; her body trembled with the constant thought of her momma dead; she didn’t want to have to go to visit her mother and father’s dead bodies. It was then that a man appeared in the room; Lily burst out of her seat and walked backwards trying to get as far away as she could from the scaly beast that had appeared out of nowhere.

“Lily Mills” Rumplestilskin chuckled; he paced around the child as her eyes followed him warily everywhere he walked

“You know my name?” The girl asked as fear dampened her voice, the man nodded with a twisted look in his eye; he stopped circling her when he was back in front of her and walked towards her

“I know everything about you” Rumple teased walking even quicker towards the girl and she backed away from him,

“Please don’t hurt me” Lily mumbled,

“I’m not here to hurt you dear” The man smiled but Lily didn’t find his smile soothing, she found it disturbing and rather evil; every time he spoke the girl became more and more wary of him. Rumple caught up to the girl and when she had stopped pacing backwards he caressed her smooth cheek,

“What do you want then?” Lily asked pulling her head away from the scaly hands, the crocodile’s face turned dull due to the obvious fear that he heard in the child’s voice; Rumple then started to circle Lily again

“I just wanted to make sure that you will be looked after if your mother dies” Rumple muttered, normally his intentions weren’t as noble but he knew this child wouldn’t survive without her mother due to the amount of reliability that she had on the Queen. There was also the fact that the man had always fancied another go at being a father, this seemed like a good opportunity,

“Momma isn’t going to die” Lily whimpered as the worst case scenario started to dig itself deeper and deeper into her thoughts. She shook her head violently trying to erase the image that was forming in her head, Rumple smiled slightly at the discomfort the thought of Regina dying put Lily in; he’d seen the future and knew that Regina wouldn’t die at this execution but one day the Queen would die and Lily would still be young, she would need someone to rely on… he would be the one.

“But she may in the future and you’ll need someone” The beast explained, the Queen’s daughter looked to the floor in realisation and pictured the world being without her mother; nobody else would miss her, but Lily really would. However, the creepy man was right; the evil inside her mother would soon kill her and Lily would be left alone which wouldn’t be practical because due to her upbringing she wouldn’t be able to fend for herself. “So here is my proposal, if your mother dies you will come and live with me”

Lily didn’t really know what to make of the idea that the dark one had put forward, she didn’t know whether to agree with it or whether she should be nervous of him still however Rumplestilskin knew that Lily would accept, the girl didn’t have the knowledge; knowledge that people who have normal lives possess so she wouldn’t think of Rumple as being the dark one or in any way dangerous.

“Ok, as long as you don’t mention this to my mother” Lily smiled weakly, the Dark one smiled in joy and nodded; disappearing quickly. The young girl gasped as she watched the man disappear; the convosation that had just occurred immediately dismissed itself from the child’s head as the thought of whether her mother was dead or alive came into her mind, she started to pace around the room. She finally stopped after a while by the balcony and looked out to the world that she was kept from, the sky had dimmed the grey, heavy clouds left no space in the sky; the sun could not be seen and the green of the grass was not so bright. Momma please be ok

Snow walked quickly up the stairs to the dungeon where her stepmother was being kept, she wanted Regina to be able to redeem herself; she knew that the former Queen was evil but still she knew there was still good in her. There had to be somewhere,

“Your Highness.” A guard greeted his Queen,

“Leave us, please.” Snow white requested looking at the fallen woman, who was sat looking from her prison window,

“But I have direct orders from the Prince-” the guard started,

“And now, you have direct orders from me” Snow quickly snapped, the guard nodded in response and walked down the stairs leaving the two rivals on their own. For safety and just in case Regina tried to do anything the woman slipped a dagger up her sleeve,

“First, you stop my execution, and then, you defy your Prince to see me. Should I be worried there’s trouble in paradise?” Regina said looking deeply into the flame of the candle that sat on the table before looking up towards her enemy, but not at the face that the woman hated so much

“I’m not here to talk about my fiancé” Snow muttered as she looked through the bars of the prison cell,

“Then why are you here?” the prisoner asked, wondering why Snow white was trying to have a meaningless convosation.

“I know you weren’t always like this, Regina. The woman who saved my life all those years ago…had good in her” Snow explained, her eyes expressed sorrow the way that her step-mother had changed since the day she was saved was no pleasing and Snow wished that the old Queen would go back to her kind-hearted ways,

“That woman lost much. And now she’s gone” The woman spat, she knew that if she went back to her old ways she may lose Lily and that was a sacrifice she wasn’t willing to make; having Lily taken from her was her worst nightmare and she had been trying the whole of her daughter’s life to stop it from happening.

“Maybe. But as hard as you’ve tried to bury her, I think she’s still inside you.”

“No, she’s not” Regina stated,

“All you need…” Snow started as she pulled a key out her pocket and slipped it into the locked which was keeping the cell door shut, she pulled the lock off and pushed the door open “Is someone to help you let her out”

“What are you doing?” Regina asked in confusion, it was unclear why Snow was doing this; the girl’s stepmother started to wonder whether there really was trouble with the Prince

“I’m letting the woman who saved my life go. This is a chance to start fresh, Regina. To leave the evil behind in this cell.” Snow said as the evil queen stood up from her place by the table and walked towards the door that kept her a prisoner for so long,

“Just like that?” Regina asked,

“Just like that” Snow smiled as Regina proceeded out of the cell, they walked a small distance away from the prison when Regina turned around and grabbed Snow’s neck pushing her forcefully against the wall,

“You make change sound so easy” Regina hissed, Snow quickly pulled the dagger from her sleeve but the Evil woman realised and snatched the dagger from her rival,

“Did you really think this would protect you? Since I can’t use magic, I can think of no better way than to kill you with the blade you had meant for me. Goodbye, Snow White.” Regina smiled,

“No…” Snow muttered with the small amount of breath that she could muster up, Regina plunged the small dagger deep into Snow’s stomach

“Yes…” Regina smiled twisting the piece of metal watching her rival’s face flinch in pain; the woman couldn’t think of anything other than life without Snow white at this point. Regina could finally focus everything on Lily, on making her daughter happy and safe in her kingdom, in the kingdom that had not threat of Snow white and her daft prince.

“No.” Snow said shaking her head, the old Queen looked down to the wound as she pulled the dagger from Snow’s body; there was no blood around on the wound or on the dagger. Her thoughts turned sour as she watched the hole the dagger made close up,

“That’s impossible” Regina gasped,

“No, that’s magic.” Snow sighed knowing that her experiment to see if Regina would turn good failed, her prince and several guards came up the stairs towards the two women,

“And this time, it wasn’t thanks to fairies” Charming smiled holding up the blindfold that had been used during the failed execution, “Rumplestilskin. He took one of your hairs from this, and used it to fashion a protection spell.”

“No…” Regina gasped, knowing the implications of the spell

“Now there’s nothing you can do in this land to hurt Snow or me. You’re powerless against us” Charming explained,

“You tricked me”

“It wasn’t a trick. It was a test – one that I had truly hoped you’d pass.” Snow sighed, realising that maybe there was no helping Regina, maybe the evil had, now, completely taken over

“We wanted to give you a chance to change, Regina” Charming said,

“Regina, you are banished. Banished to live alone with your misery” Snow stated.

“As long as you’re alive in this world, you can’t hurt us” Charming reiterated,

“You saved my life once, and now I’ve saved yours. So we’re even. And if you ever try to hurt anyone in my kingdom again, I will kill you.” Snow explained before Regina was escorted out of the castle, Regina stood looking at the world around her; everything she’d worked for, everything that the war had been about was gone. No longer could she kill snow white, no longer could she cause her enemy misery; she was destined for a life of living in her own hatred for snow white and not being able to enact revenge on her for the death of her beloved Daniel. Snow would never pay for taking away her fiancée and Lily’s father; snow would never know pain like seeing your daughter looking at her dead father in a coffin. These thoughts hurt Regina; she couldn’t understand why everything was happening to her, why good always won. It took a while for Regina to move from the space where she stood she waved her hand and due to being out of the prison that restricted her magic she was magically transported to her room next to her chambers. Regina’s vision landed on the floor in front of her, she still didn’t quite believe that she could no longer hurt Snow white,

“Momma…?” Lily muttered under her breath trying not to alarm the person standing in the middle of the room, whether it was or wasn’t her mother, however there was no response; Regina had zoned out…

“Grandpa I’m worried about Momma” Lily sighed as the two wondered through the palace,

“Why, my dear?” Henry asked,

“She’s only talked to you since she came from wherever she was” the girl explained playing with the ring around her neck

“Your mother is just having a difficult time at the moment” The man said making an excuse for his daughter, Regina had been quite angry since; magic had been flowing out without notice due to her non-stop anger and she’d broken so much including her huntsman’s arm. Both the grandfather and the mother decided it would be best for Lily and her safety for her to be kept away,

“But surely it would be made better if I were to talk to her” Lily suggested,

“Darling, everyone best leave her. She has been very upset and wants to be on her own” The Valet sighed, trying to make yet another excuse; the child wanted so badly to see her mother but yet wasn’t practical.

“Why do I feel like she doesn’t want to speak to me? Like you are making excuses for her” Lily asked with part of her breaking heart showing through her voice, she didn’t understand why her grandfather was making all these different excuses but every time a new excuse came into existence it became more obvious that they may be lies,

“I’m only telling what I know” Henry snapped stopping quickly and standing in front of his granddaughter, who abruptly stopped too “Lily your mother loves you, she just doesn’t want you to see her hurt; her hurt makes her want to be on her own. We must respect her wishes my child”

Lily jumped slightly at his harsh tone but soon took his explanations into consideration and nodded silently, she proceeded onwards past her grandfather only to be greeted by Rumplestilskin

“What do you want?” Henry asked pacing quickly past of his granddaughter and standing in front of her shielding her from the scaly beast,

“I want to speak to your daughter” Rumple said, pointing a shrivelled long finger at the old man. Henry nodded slightly and then moved his arm in the direction of Regina’s room so the beast like man could go up, Lily looked to the floor as she wondered now why Rumplestilskin could see her mother when she was upset yet Lily couldn’t see her. She didn’t realise that her grandfather had walked away leaving her stood in one of the corridors of the palace on her own. Henry walked up the stairs behind the dark one, ready to introduce him to the Queen,

The Queen stood looking at her reflective mirror in her chambers, anger was again brewing up inside of her; she often found magic lashing out of her making things fly across the room and break,

“You have a visitor” Henry stated walking through the arched doorway,

“Who?” Regina asked as her father looked to the door to see then man no longer there, instead he was sat on the chair behind Regina,

“You need to ask? What other friends do you have, dearie?” Rumple asked in return surprising Regina and her father, they turned around to see his sat upright looking very pleased with himself

“You’re no friend. Have you come to relish my suffering?” The Queen spat as her father left the room,

“I thought you’d want someone to help raise your spirits. Especially on a day like today.” Rumple got up from his seat and slowly started to walk over to Regina,

“What’s so special about today?” Regina asked,

“Snow White and Prince Charming’s wedding, of course. Didn’t you get an invitation? Me neither. Still, nice to be able to see them declare their twoo love in front of their entire kingdom. A happy ending after all.”

“And, because of you, there’s nothing I can do to stop it. No way to harm them in this land ever again.” Regina hissed remembering the fact that this beast helped her enemies to create a way to stop her from hurting them,

“Yes. Yes, I suppose that’s true… In this land.” Rumple smiled,


“The deal I made was explicit. You can never harm them in this land. Now, were you to bring them to another land… Well…” Rumple explained causing the Queen to smile in realization, “Told you I was your friend” Rumple grinned before disappearing in a puff of large red smoke.

“Father? Bring my carriage. I have a wedding to get to.” Regina called, smiling at the thought of her new way of revenge. This revenge would be worse than any others… I will destroy her happiness…

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