Hiding The Impossible

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Chapter 16

Regina paced down the corridor of her enemy’s castle grinning at the thought of the curse Rumplestilskin gave her; it would bring her the happiness she needed. The woman and her daughter could live together with Lily still hidden and everything would be better. She got to the door and breathed in heavily before pushing the doors to the great hall open; she observed the wedding that had now stopped with a gasp to look at her.

“Sorry I’m late” The Queen smiled, as she started to quickly pace up towards the newly married couple; she pushed her hands out using magic to force some guards away from her as they came speeding towards her, daggers pointed in her direction.

“It’s the Queen. Run!” Doc shouted quickly turning away so he had no eye contact with the Queen, just in case; Snow drew her husband’s sword from its holder and pointed it at her enemy.

“She’s not the Queen anymore. She’s nothing more than an evil witch” Snow spat,

“No, no, no. Don’t stoop to her level. There’s no need.” Charming muttered into snows ear slowly guiding the sword downwards so that the tip pointed to the floor; when he knew it was safe and could feel is lover’s grip on the weapon loosen he tugged it from her grip. “You’re wasting your time. You’ve already lost. And I will not let you ruin this wedding”

“Oh, I haven’t come here to ruin anything. On the contrary, dear, I’ve come to give you a gift” The Evil Queen grinned knowing the true potential of this gift;

“We want nothing from you” Snow stated knowing it would be something deadly

“But you shall have it! My gift to you is this happy, happy day. But tomorrow, my real work begins. You’ve made your vows, now I make mine. Soon, everything you love, everything all of you love, will be taken from you. Forever. And out of your suffering, will rise my victory. I shall destroy your happiness, if it is the last thing I do” Regina explained pacing across the room scanning every single fear stricken face as the guests covered their eyes thinking that the prevention of eye contact would affect her new rise to power and act of vengeance. Regina turned to the door and started to make her way out, she had nothing more to say to the couple; they would live in fear now, in fear of her curse.

“Hey!” The prince called causing the old queen to turn to face him; he flung his long cutlass at the woman hoping for it hit her and end all the misery that she was bringing. Regina watched the sharp object fly towards her and with a flick of her wrist she had disappeared in a thick cloud of smoke, it was when their enemy disappeared that the newly married couple started to regret letting their enemy live.

Regina huffed as she looked in front of her at the image of her castle that was starting to become clear through the cloud around her, when the smoke had left she looked behind her at the sword that had flown into a pillar and now was vibrating due to the force that it was thrown at.

“Would you like something to drink?” The woman’s father asked as he wondered ever nearer to her as the smoke cleared,

“Do I look like I need a drink?” Regina spat, Henry was taken aback with the reaction his daughter had expressed by his question; he did not mean to it to be a question to cause harm,

“I was only trying to help” Henry hummed looking at the floor, he picked the drink off the tray as he knew his Queen would still want to drink it; Regina reached for the glass and took it off her father,

“Thank you” She sighed,

“Now, that was an awfully big threat. Destroy everyone’s happiness? How do you plan on accomplishing that?” The Mirror asked,

“The dark curse” Regina smiled evilly with the tip of the glass at her lip she imagined the smoke of the curse rapidly rolling over the realm,

“Are you sure, Your Majesty?” The Valet asked,

“But you said you’d never use it” The Mirror gasped, he looked at the woman’s father who was looking at his daughter with distress they both knew that if the curse was ever broken Regina would lose all; including her daughter. Lily wouldn’t be impressed with her mother for taking her away from their home; she wouldn’t be impressed with the control that Regina would put over her daughter in this new land. Everyone knew that the Queen would re-hide Lily and keep her again as far away from all of them as she could

“You made a deal when you gave away that curse” Henry reasoned as he started to panic,

“You traded it away”

“She won’t be happy to see you” Henry sternly said remembering the two villain’s last encounter with each other

“Since when do I care about anyone else’s happiness but mine? Prepare the carriage. We’re going to the forbidden fortress” Regina ordered, nobody dared to argue with her anymore it was a matter that obviously the Queen had decided on and she always stuck at her decisions.

“Lily no” The huntsman shouted running in the room behind the girl, he huffed and put his intact hand to his head knowing that the Queen would be happy about the intrusion,

“What is going on?” Regina angrily asked turning around; she gasped as she saw her daughter looking frightened and hurt, she’d forgotten how long she’d kept the child away and not did she think once how it must have affected Lily.

“Momma why have you been keeping me away? These two always tell me but I know that they are just excuses, I don’t know why but you don’t want to see me” Lily muttered as a tear lodged itself in the corner of her eye

“I just didn’t want you to see me hurt-” Regina reasoned pacing quickly forward,

“I’m sick of all these lies, why can’t you ever tell me what’s going on? I can handle it, there’s a reason behind you pushing me away and there’s a better reason behind the huntsman’s broken arm, He fell over and landed on his arm doesn’t quite cut it for me” Lily shouted, she’d never shouted at her mother, or anyone else for that matter and it was scaring her slightly but she knew that it had to be done. Tears flowed down her cheeks as she started to let out the hurt that had been building up

“Lily?!” Regina exclaimed stopping in her tracks, she looked behind her taking a second to look at each man in the room; all looked shocked as well. Nobody had seen Lily do anything like this before

“You all lie to me and I hate it, I hate that you can’t tell me what’s actually going on; everybody in this… palace knows apart from me and it’s my mother doing whatever! Even when those people took you I wasn’t allowed to know any more than that, I was so worried and nobody cared! Everyone knows that I’m reliant on you Momma so why are you pushing me away? Am I doing something wrong? Am I something you don’t want me to be because I can change, I just want you to love me” Lily cried, with a few sniffs in the middle. The girl placed her head in her hands as she felt her knee’s buckled, “Daddy what’s happening?” she muttered

“Oh Lils” The huntsman gasped quickly running over to her, he kneeled on the floor and with his spare hand he pulled her only his lap; wrapping his arms around her, he used his uninjured arm to pull her close as she tucked herself in his body and cried into his chest. Regina however was stunned to the space, she looked into the same spot completely destroyed by what had just happened; she had never contemplated what kind of affect her recent depression had on her daughter. She never meant to hurt her Lily so badly.

“Regina?” Henry asked slowly walking up to his daughter after noticing the crushed look she had on her face, he looked quickly behind him at the two figures on the floor before taking his daughter into an embrace. It was hard for any parent to receive that from their child let alone Regina getting it from his grandson and he knew it, Regina had always tried to tell his wife how she felt so Cora was used to responding and twisting the response to make the woman respect her. However the Queen was not so adept at having her daughter voice her opinion especially one like that, her father felt bad for Lily but he knew this would scar the mother for a while.

“Shhh baby, its ok” The huntsman cooed, he slipped his broken arm behind the girl’s back and the other under her legs; he breathed in heavily knowing lifting her would hurt his arm but he needed to get her out of here before her mother lashed out again. He got up from the floor with Lily’s head still tucked tightly into his chest.

The two left leaving the woman and her father stood in the middle of the room, the genie had disappeared from the mirror in the room when he could see that it was going to kick off. Regina zoned back into reality and looked at the floor where she’d last seen Lily from over her father’s shoulder,

“Where did Lily go?” Regina asked, her voice broke at Lily and Henry knew that she was close to tears; he broke up the embrace and turned to look at the space where the two had previously been

“I think your huntsman wanted to get her out of here just in case you got angry again, he’s a bit wary since you … Broke his arm” Henry muttered looking back up at his beloved child

“Daddy, I’m like mother aren’t I? All I wanted to do is keep her safe and do what’s right for her but I’m just pushing her away. Daddy I don’t want to lose her” Regina sobbed, as a rare tear sunk down her cheek,

“She’s just upset because it’s been well over a month since you’ve seen her, she just doesn’t understand why anyone would keep her away from you for that long” Henry reasoned wiping the tear from his daughters cheek,

“I wish her father was here, he’d make me so much better and he’d be much better at this then me” The mother mumbled she pushed her father lightly away as she used magic to throw a large china ornament at the wall, as it smashed she turned to the Valet, “Just get the carriage, the sooner I get the curse the better”

The huntsman clenched his teeth together tightly as he felt an intense pain running through his arm, he was almost at his Lils’ room and he was nearly running. Lily looked up at the man and suddenly realised about his broken arm,

“Huntsman, why are you carrying me? Your arm” She gasped as the man slowed into a stop, he breathed in heavily lowering the child onto the floor; she pushed herself off the arms of the man and straightened herself out before looking up at the huntsman, “Does it hurt badly?” she asked when she saw the man wince when putting him arm back in the sling around his neck.

“It’ll be fine Lils, It’s supposed to be healed soon anyway” He smiled, Lily turned around and wondered into her room she went straight to her bed and pulled the covers up; she got in and a tear dripped down onto the pillow as her words come crashing back into her brain, she was so harsh, so mean.

“Lils, you only said what you had to; maybe it will make her realise now?” The man reasoned,

“I was so horrible, I feel so bad” She whimpered flicking her father’s ring between her fingers

“She’ll be fine, my love your mother is a strong woman; she’ll be fine I promise you” The Queen’s pet hummed as he climbed on top of the bedding, he stroked the child’s hair pushing strands away from her face.

“I’m glad you came” Lily smiled slightly,

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve made it better here, you’re my best friend and you make Momma happy”

“Lils, I love you like you were my sister you’re so special to me I only want to see you happy. That is why I stay, why I don’t leave here and die; because you are here” The huntsman explained, Lily turned around and tucked herself in the figure of the man; resting in his warmth

“I love you too big brother” She giggled. They lay in silence until Lily fell asleep, the huntsman smiled as he watched her sleep peacefully; now there was no more worry, no more unhappiness. Just happy dreams.

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