Hiding The Impossible

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Chapter 17

The Mother leant on the door frame of Lily's room; she watched on at her huntsman and daughter laughing together on the balcony. She focused on the girls face, her smile was enchanting, the queen would often spend hours watching her daughter laugh it brought her such joy. The two hadn’t spoken since the outburst several weeks ago, Regina had been too nervous to say anything just in case she made anything worse. Lily had the same thoughts, she couldn’t bare being lied to again and she knew that if she talked to her mother, the women would say something that would make her forget everything that had happened. That was what it was like with the Queen, the girl loved the woman and it was hard for Lily to hold a grudge against her mother. Regina looked down to a sack she had attached to her cloak, she pulled it open and beheld the small vile that sat in it. The Queen brought out the vile, smiling to herself, its purple smoke would bring sadness to the people in this world. The mother would be the only one who would remember the curse, and the deeds of Snow White; Regina would make her enemies life hell; she would pay for the murder of Daniel.

“Momma, what’s that?” Lily asked as her mother looked down to her with shock filling up inside of her, not only had the mother not seen her child move from the balcony but it was also surprising that they were talking. Lily inspected the vile wondering whether Regina’s answer would be a lie,

“Nothing my child” Regina smiled caressing her daughters cheek, The last thing the mother wanted Lily to know was that she was going to unleash a curse, by the time the girl knew about the curse it would be too late, she would be engulfed by the purple smoke,

“Why are you so interested in it then?” Lily sighed, rolling a hand through her hair; was this another lie?

“It's just another one of her magic spells that she's bottled up” The huntsman explained, A guard stumbled through the door,

“My Queen, there is an intruder in Belle's Cell” his face was shaken, he panicked as he knew that this was bad. The Queen’s face turned to concern,

“Huntsman, keep an eye on Lily under no circumstance should you let her come to the cells” I ordered, the man nodded at my order as the mother smiled at her child, Lily smiled quickly and then looked to the floor; even if she was annoyed with her mother an intruder was present in the castle and this was no time to be wondering what was going on. Regina paced up to the Cells, opening the door to find a certain pirate hovered over my prisoner with his Hook raised is the air.

“So Pretty, yet so useless” he grinned flinging his hook down,

The woman flicked her hand, resulting in his hook flying to her hand. Hook stopped, stuck to the spot

“No not useless, she's a valuable chess piece” Regina said as she held the door to the cell open, hook in hand. He was shocked by the Queens presence the same as she was shocked by his.

“Do I look like i'm playing a game of chess?” the man looked her in the eye as she smiled evilly. The Evil Queen shut the door, keeping their convosation private and him in her sights, “My hook if you please” he beckoned for his hook, stretching out his hand to receive,

“No” She looked down at the hook and smiled. The Queen knew he would be a danger with his hook so intended to keep it

“The asking was me being a gentleman” The pirate started to slowly walk towards her,

“Is that any way to address a Queen, even a pirate should have better manners than that” The woman teased, she started to walk around him making him feel smaller “Yes, I know who you are, Captain” she looked at him, so small and weak without his petty hook. “I know why you came from neverland and I know all about the crocodile you wish to skin” she muttered before stopping infront of him,

“Then you'll also know I will stop at nothing”

“So dedicated, and resourceful” The Queen would use this man to get to her mother but he didn't know this yet “No-one has been able to fight their way past my defences before” she looked at the girl lying on the bed, “She can't help you kill Rumplestilskin hook, but I can. If you do something for me” She hooked his hook on his waistcoat and pulled the man closer to her, they looked each other in the eye, “Care to join me for a drink?”.

Regina poured wine into a silver chalice, picking it up to hand to the pirate,

“Things are about to change in this world” She smiled, handing it to him “Radically” she then picked up my own drink, she would tell him off her plans, to make him trust her “I have plans to en-act a curse that will take everyone to a far off land”

“How will that help me?”

“This new realm it’s a land without magic, where the Dark one will be stripped of his powers. There you don't need any magic to kill him. You can do it with a mere flick of your wrist” Little did the foolish pirate know that he wouldn't remember Rumplestilskin, let alone kill him; Regina thought. She smiled at him, this was so tempting so perfect for him, she was sure he wouldn't deny it,

“Tell me what I have to do” he mumbled as she turned away,

“There's one person I don't want to follow me to this new land, you are to see to it, that it doesn’t happen”

“An assasination?” he was so interested, it was so thrilling! “Who is it you want me to dispose of?” Hook asked,

“My Mother” her mouth lifted revealing a slight grin. He looked shocked, he couldn't understand what this woman had done to the woman, he had no idea. Regina stroked the pirates hook, blessing it with one spell, “Its now enchanted” she attached the hook to his wrist, waiting for the click, “It will enable you to rip out her heart, I believe you've seen it done before” The Queen knew that Rumple had ripped out his Milah's heart hence the vengeful hate Hook had for the Dark One.

“Yes” his eyes diverted to the floor,

“The enchantment will only allow you to rip out one heart, so make sure you do it right”

“What could she have done to warrant such brutality?” Hook asked, his curiosity was not pleasing to the Queen

“Thats my buisness, your's is to kill her and bring her body back to me” she let go of his hook and he lent away putting his drink on my dressing table,

“Easy Enough, when do I set out on this murderous journey?”

“Immediately, but you won't be going alone”

Regina sent the Captain through the Mad Hatters hat portal, she smiled to herself knowing that in a small amount of time my mother would cease to exist.

“Momma, where did you send that pirate?” Lily asked, the woman turned to see here daughter standing under the arch which divided this room from the corridor,

“What makes you think he was a pirate?” The mother retaliated sitting down on her lounger, tapping the seat, prompting Lily to sit next to her. The girl sat down,

“Just a guess” Lily replied quickly, Regina smiled at her moving a piece of hair from her face.

“I wasn't sending him anywhere important darling, it's just some business” Regina grinned, blowing off her daughters reply, now was no time for an argument. The huntsman ran into the room, out of breath and looking quite scared,

“Lils, there you are” he lent on his thighs, breathing heavily

“Lily” The Evil Queen spat, she never usually corrected his silly nickname, but she did when she was annoyed with him and she certainly was annoyed with him. “Baby, go to your room? I want a word with my huntsman” Regina ordered, Lily nodded at her mother’s request and departed.

“Your Majesty, I'm sorry. She did that Hide and Seek trick again” The huntsman reasoned as he dragged himself slowly closer towards the woman.

“How many times has she done that now? You should not play it with her!” Regina’s calm had gone, the volume of her voice had loudened, forcing her anger to show. This had happened many times now, Lily would ask to play hide and seek; he would agree and count to 100, by the time he had finished counting and tried to find her; he would realise that she had fled to see what the queen was doing.

“She begs me, I feel bad!” he was stood in front of his Queen, his breath had turned slow and normal,

“Why do you continue to indulge her in those silly games? She's 15, she's not a child! She only wants to play those games to get to me.”

“She's doesn't feel that grown up to me, in my eyes she's still a child”

“She is my baby, don't you think I still see her as that small? I just know when to treat her like she is 15. Maybe you need a bit of separation from her, to make the difference clear” Regina hissed standing up, the man’s eyes begged for her forgiveness,

“No, Please my Queen. I'll stop just don't restrict me from seeing her” he begged, grabbing the woman’s arms, looking her in the eye “I beg you, don't do this”

“She's heard too much due to your lack of care. You need to learn” Regina sighed releasing herself from his grip, “Guards” Three guards ran into the room, “Take him and lock him in his room”

“No, Please, you can't do this, she means too much to me, please” they pulled him through the door as the Queen sat down.

Lily could hear shouting from her room and it didn’t sound too good, she ran to her door and propped it open looking through the crack to see what the chaos was about. To her surprise her mother’s huntsman was being dragged down the corridor and they were headed towards her; she stepped out and caught the gaze of the distressed man,

“What’s going on? Where are they taking you?” the young girl asked staying by her door,

“Lils, your momma she’s trying to keep me away from you. You have to talk to her” The man quickly said before the guard not holding him slapped his face, the girl gasped at the violence of the guard,

“Don’t speak to her, you piece of filth” The guard spat, the huntsman could tell that this guard was enjoying being the one on top for one way too much.

“Why what happened?” Lily asked,

“She thinks I indulge you too much; she blames me doing what you ask on how many times you’ve listened in” The man explained scrapping his feet along the ground trying to stay near Lily for as long as possible but the guards weren’t having any of it

“So this is all my fault?” the young girl huffed, looking to the ground; she didn’t think she’d been that long with her head down but it was obviously long enough as when she raised her head the guards and the man were gone. She ran down the corridor towards her momma and stopped to think about what she was doing a little bit too late,

“Lily, what’s wrong?” Regina asked, rushing over to her daughter. Lily froze; looking at her mother she wondered what was going on, why was life getting so bad? And was this worth an argument?

“Nothing” she sighed.

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