Hiding The Impossible

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Chapter 18

It had been weeks since Lily had seen the huntsman she’d often stand around the corner of the doors to his chamber and hear his pleas, this apologies and his sobbing; she couldn’t do anything about it, that’s what made tears drip from her eyes. An argument with her mother would never help it would just make her keep the man in the room even more, when Lily heard her mother coming down towards the chamber she’d move to her room and hear his cries as he was taken to the Queen’s chambers. Lily was lying on the bed in her room when she heard a knock at the door, she rolled off the bed and sighed walking over to the door; her hand wrapped around the cold door handle as she yanked it open. She looked at the door and her bored expression turned into one of delight as her pearly white teeth glimmered in the sunlight,

“Huntsman!” She exclaimed throwing her arms around his neck as he picked her up and swung her in a circle; Lily squeezed her eyes shut and a bright smile shone beautifully on her face as she knew her mother had made this decision in her favour, “She let you out!”

“Indeed she did” He said still with his arms wrapped around her, his face however was screwed up in a painful expression as the girl squeezed his back where his scars were but she would never know that; he would never show her the pain that her mother caused him. He put her down and she smiled at him widely,

“Huntsman” Regina shouted pacing down the corridor; Lily heard the footsteps and stepped back a little

“She didn’t let you go, did she?” The girl asked nervously as she paced back, just then, her mother slipped round the door smiling,

“I did” She grinned looking at the huntsman’s stiff body then at Lily, the child nodded looking down. A guard rushed behind the Queen and her huntsman

“He’s back!” The man shouted as Regina spun on her heel and put her finger to her mouth, signifying for him to be quiet; he nodded as ushered her down the corridor; the Queen quickly followed.

Regina’s POV

I cried my last tear over my mothers dead body,

“Goodbye Mother” I turned away from her body, walking to the wooden doors, I pushed them open. I walked out, and turning around shut them. Shutting my mother out forever. I walked to my chambers, tears continued to flow down my cheeks. I didn't want them too, but they were forcing themselves out, they were making me feel sad, feel weak.

“Momma, whats up?” I look quickly at her, then back again, wiping the tears clean from my eyes, I wouldn't let her see me upset. I turned back to look at her, her white cloak flowed behind her, I reached my hand out to her chin and smiled weakly trying to show her that everything was ok but I knew that Lily could read me like a book, “Momma something is wrong and I can tell, please I might be able to help” her eyes pleaded with me but I knew if I told her the truth then she would hate me even more,

“It’s nothing my child, if it was important I would tell you” I muttered I ran my hand down her cheek, I felt my eyebrows furrow as the chill from her cheeks tickled down my fingers, through my knuckles and into the back of my hand, “Lily you’re so cold!”

She looked up at me, “I’m fine” she smiled, it sent shivers down my spine; her smile was just like Daniel’s her pure white teeth shone in the light of the fire “I’m just worried for you”

“Don’t worry about me, I’m your mother I should be the one worried about you not the other way round” I chuckled a little, my daughter closed her eyes and flung her arms around me squeezing me; I leant down and wrapped my arms around her bringing her close to me. I missed the times when I could hold her in my eyes and rock all her troubles away, now she is 15 and growing ever more independent; I hated the thought, hated it. I pushed her out of the hug and held her arm’s length away scanning her and her similarity to my gone love.

“I love you Momma” she smiled,

“I love you too” I smiled back, I looked in her eyes and I knew that she did truly love me but the disappointment that I kept inflicting upon her lingered, it wouldn’t go away it never would, it would lie waiting pulling her away from me.

“You’re so worried, so angry, so conflicted… all the time, it can’t be good for you nothing like that can ever do anyone any good” she mumbled as her eyes looked in mine,

“I have emotions in me Lily, that I hope you will never feel because they make your mind dark and your mind and this is why I am the way I am, something happened in my life that did this to me – someone did this to me that’s why I try to keep you away from people, because there is always someone who will try to put out the pure innocent light in your life”

“I know that mother and I don’t despise you for protecting me, I just want one thing momma. Just one” she said

“What’s that?”

“I want to go out, once. I want to see the world I want to smell fresh air, I want to feel fresh, natural grass and meet someone my age, someone that will be my friend” she pleaded, I knew she really wanted this, I knew she would do anything for this but it would be hard to protect her if she went out on her own, if Cora was evil to her own daughter there’d be no telling what someone could do to someone as innocent as Lily.

“Lily, you know how I feel about that” I responded,


“No buts, I won’t change my mind” I snapped, maybe shouting a little too loud as she backed away; she shook her head “Lily, look you know my thoughts on this” a tear dripped down her eye as she flicked up her hood and walked away.

“Lily!” I shouted as she kept walking “Lily Mills don’t you dare walk any further!”

Lily’s POV

“I’ll do whatever I want” I murmured under my breath, I didn’t dare say this to my mother in fear of her doing something irrational but it was what I wanted to say! I couldn’t sit here in fear of her all the time; I bet other children aren’t scared of their mothers! I carried on walking ignore her past comment

“Lily do not make me do something I regret!” She shouted, I turned on my heel and flicked my hood off

“What are you going to do? Break my arm like the Huntsman’s? Lock me up? I don’t even care if you lock me up! It’d give me a break from you and your horrible schemes! It may even give me a chance to plan a way to get out of this stupid place! I’m 16 and you’ve still got me cooped up in this stupid stupid palace! I hate it and I hate you!” I screamed before turning away and running down the corridor to my room, anger rolled through my veins. I slammed the door shut and fell down the door, I immediately burst into tears and leant my head to my knees, I didn’t mean to hurt my mother but she made me so angry! She treated me like a small child and I wasn’t a small child anymore! I was 16 and growing up, she couldn’t keep telling me things like I was a gullible little girl who would believe it and ordering me around!

I heard an almighty bang at the door,

“Go away!” I shouted, I felt the door being pushed against my back

“Lily, my love let me in” this defiantly wasn’t my mother, it was male

“Promise my Mom isn’t there” I grumbled lifting my head up.

“I Promise, just let me in, I just want to talk” He said, I nodded to myself and stood up; I wiped under my eyes to remove any damp tears before pulling the door open. My Grandfather stood in the door way with a tear in his eye; he smiled weakly at me before entering the room before I slammed the door shut again.


“This seems to be becoming a regular occurrence Lily” The old man sighed sitting on the thick white sheets of the Princess’ bed; he tapped beside him and smoothed out the covers. Lily looked at the bed and pulled off her cloak from around her neck before dumping it on the chair in front of the vanity. She slowly walked over and sat next to her Grandfather “Every time you see your mother you two have an argument”

“I don’t mean to get angry at her Grandpa, she’s just so stubborn with me… or she’ll start shouting or something else and it just makes me angry when she treats me like a child! I’m not a child anymore!” Lily said shaking her head and looking at her hands,

“Your mother. She, she hasn’t had things easy. Her own mother never really understood her, she was married at a young age, and she had you at such a young age! She had to deal with a lot in such a short space of time. My wife was never supportive or loving toward Regina so she doesn’t really know how to love properly, but my dear when I say you changed that, you did change that. You are her life, she’d do anything for you… you are the most important thing to her!” The Valet smiled calmly as tears began to drip down the girl’s face,

“The only thing that is important to her is the ‘business’ she always has to take care of! How am I possibly supposed to compete with that sort of dedication? I don’t know what it is that is so important but its creating this gap between us” Lily sobbed as her grandfather took her hands in his,

“Lily I do not lie to you when I tell you that you are important to her! It makes me sad that you think I would lie to you!” He exclaimed as he moved further away and looked at her with sadness,

“Grandpa, I am sorry. I’m just angry and upset. Just leave me be, I will sort myself out!” she sighed pulling her hands to herself and lying them on her lap,


“There is no point talking to me. I need time to myself” The Princess said stubbornly as she turned to face the other way, presenting her grandfather with a picture of her back. The old man shook his head and left the room, leaving Lily to crawl across the bed to her spot and cry herself to sleep.

That night

“Lily?” A Female voice called from outside of the Princesses door, “Lily? Lily may I come in?” She asked but the girl didn’t even stir, she was in a deep sleep. The door creaked open slowly and Lily’s mother poked her head around the door, “Lily baby, answer me please. I know you’re mad but don’t ignore me” She said kindly, she looked at the body of her daughter; the girl was lying on her bed, fully clothed, on top of the sheets but facing the opposite way. “Lily?” The mother asked one more time hoping that she wouldn’t be ignored again, but still the Queen’s child didn’t move she simply breathed in and out at a steady pace. The Queen clicked the door shut quietly before progressing across the door being careful not to knock anything over; she got to the other side of the large King Sized bed and smiled a little as she saw the sleeping face of her daughter. She knelt down behind the bed and ran a hand through the girls thick hair, she then noticed the girls attire and decided that she would ready her daughter for bed, just as she used to do when her princess was little.

She got off her knees and walked across the room to the neat white drawers, she opened them and pulled out a neat white bed gown she looked over to the bed and picked up a hair tie. She wondered back over to the bed and carefully swapped her daughters gown for her nightwear. She then sat up on the bed and combed through the girls thick brown hair, the mother always kept Lily’s hair long because she knew that’s what Daniel would’ve wanted, she knew he always dreamt of a little girl with long brown hair the same as his, with blue shining eyes and her mother’s beauty, and fair to say that is what he got. But he’d never see it, the Queen sighed at this thought; she then plaited her daughters hair in a single long braid.

“Daniel would be so proud of what you’ve become Lily, you’ve become a bright, beautiful girl who always keeps good in her heart. You’ve made me so proud as well and I’m really sorry that I can’t make you proud, you deserve something so much better than me, and I promise you I will give you something so much better, your memories in this new world will be all good, you will have lived a happy life with no recollection of my evil. I will make you proud of me; I will not make you hate me like you do now. We will not argue as much as we do at this moment, we will finally be happy. Don’t worry my love after tonight; we will have a new start.” She whispered smiling a little, “But for now my beautiful little girl, I must leave you and enact this curse”

With that she kissed her daughter on the head and moved to the door closing it silently.

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