Hiding The Impossible

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Chapter 19

Lily rolled around in the warm covers; she pulled the covers up around her small body and smiled a little as she felt her soft hair caress her cheek. She buried her head in the pillow and rolled a hand through her hair, but half way through her hand became stuck. She sat up and pulled the bottom of her hair around to the front, when she looked down at her long hair she realised it was in a small braid; her hair hadn’t been braided like that since she was little. She used to sit in front of her mother and they just used to talk for hours as the woman braided her daughter’s hair. Lily’s hair was messier then it had been when she was little because of the length of her hair but it still had her smile that her mother had done it, she then remembered that she went to sleep in her daywear however she looked down and she wasn’t in that anymore, her white lacy nightgown flowed from over her body lightly, only getting tighter under her chest. She wondered why her mother would come into her room during the night and do what she did, if it even was her mother. She looked at the small clock on her bedside table and realised how late in the morning it was before hearing a massive bang at the end of the corridor, she jumped out of bed and ran to the door, and then she remembered what she was wearing so she ran back to her wardrobe yanking out a long white nightwear cloak, pulling it her arms through it then tying it up in a little bow around under her chest and quickly slipping on some small frilly socks. She dashed across the room and pulled the door open quickly, running down the corridor towards her mother’s room,

“Momma! Momma, what’s happened?” She yelled as she slid around the corner into her mum’s room, to see her mother at the other end of the room whilst her grandfather was lying unconscious on the cold marble floor. She quickly ran to his side and knelt down rocking his body, to wake him up.

“Grandpa! Grandpa! Please, Grandpa wake up!” She cried as tears fell from her eyes, she looked at her mother who hadn’t moved from the spot she was in when the girl entered her room. “Momma, why aren’t you worried?” She asked looking back down at him,

“He’s gone Lily” Regina muttered looking down at the heart she held in her hand,

“What do you mean?” Lily asked looking up, she looked around her but she saw no blood, not sign of an injury, how was he gone? She thought, “Momma answer me!” She shouted standing up,

“He is dead Lily, Your Grandfather is dead!” She shouted back, throwing herself around to look at her forgetting that she had his heart in her hand. Lily’s eyes widened as she saw the glowing red beating heart, she began to shake her head and step backwards,

“Momma no, please no! You didn’t? No momma he was the only other family we had!” She cried as more tears began to pace down her already harsh skin.

“Lily you don’t understand, I needed his heart to make us our new life” Regina said as she started to follow her daughter across the room,

“Although it has its many downsides I don’t actually hate this life! I’d prefer this life with my grandfather to the one you want to make without him!” she exclaimed looking at her mother, “and what do you mean make a new life?”

“You don’t need to worry about that, you’ll be happy soon” The Queen smiled as she puffed away in purple smoke before re-appearing in front of the girl, she swapped the heart between her hands and placed her hand on Lily’s cheek, “I’m going to make sure that you have a perfect life”

Lily shrugged away with the thought of her grandfather’s heart being in the same hand that her mother was now placing on her cheeky,

“I don’t want a perfect life, I want grandpa – you have time just put his heart back in and we can just live normally! Forget this ever happened!” she smiled looking at the heart and pointing at the unconscious man on the floor.

“You won’t remember it anyway” The evil queen muttered turning away,

“What? I won’t remember? Momma…. What are you going to do?” The princess asked looking at her mother even though the woman had her back turned to her daughter.

“You don’t need to know it” Regina growled looking at the heart and smirking a little to herself, Lily looked behind her as she heard quick footsteps getting louder and louder, she shook her head, brushing it off,

“Really?” She asked in an offended tone, “Mother you can’t keep pushing me away! We had this convosation but yesterday! And you are willing to push me further and further away! I don’t understand it, I don’t understand you! How can you even think that this life is the type of life that a child would like? My only friends are your huntsman and Grandpa… one of them you just killed! He backed you up so much yesterday he was the reason I woke up smiling when you had come in and braided my hair and dressed me, because he pointed it out that I was important to you so when you took the time out to do that… I really meant a lot! But then you go and kill him! Your own father! You know I’d wish for my father any day, if I could have a father I would, whatever the cost and then you just go and kill yours without a thought!” She shouted,

“It’s for your father that I killed my father, he will help me with my revenge and more importantly my new life with you” Regina angrily yelled still not turning herself round,

“Lily? What’s going on? Are you ok?” A man asked, the two woman turned around and the huntsman was stood at the door surrounded by guards

“Leave us all of you!” Regina ordered turning back round to face away,

“You two are arguing again! And I can bet you that this time it will end in something bad!” The Huntsman protested as the guards followed their orders; Lily turned to him fully and pointed at her mother,

“How can I be expected to be nice to her? Everyone makes comments about how much we argue but it’s because my mother is too controlling and apparently to blood-thirsty! She wants revenge, I don’t know on whom but she’s put that before me and I am not willing to put her first if she doesn’t do the same to me! I am sick and tired of all of this! I’ve kept my mouth shut for too long, I’ve sat in this dingy, dark; disgusting castle wasting my entire life and it’d never been what I wanted! I understand she’s trying to protect me but there is a line between protecting and over-bearing-”

“Lily! Enough!” Regina bellowed, her voice sprang off the walls in the room, “You listen to me, you are my daughter, you will follow what I say and do what I say, do you hear me? Or so help me I will do something I do not want to do” she shouted turning around and facing her daughter, she had listened so many times about what she had done wrong and her ability to take it was wearing thin.

“My Queen, for her safety and to stop her from saying more things she doesn’t want to may I remove the princess from this room?” The enslaved man asked taking a hold of the girl’s shoulders,

“Please do” Regina sighed as she walked towards the balcony of her chambers; she rubbed her temple with her free hand before placing it on the cold surface.

“What happened?” She asked herself looking at the sky, “How did I let this arguing get so bad?”

A little while later in her room Lily was flinging her clothes across the room from her wardrobe, the huntsman was stood behind her trying to catch them all but it wasn’t working.

“Lily calm down, what are you doing?” He asked as he reached his hand out to catch another flying dress,

“Getting dressed then getting the hell out of here!” The girl said simply as she flung another dress from the large wardrobe,

“That is not a good idea!” The huntsman declared with an urgent tone

“I don’t care what kind of an idea it is, I’m leaving and that’s final!” Lily decided, she grabbed a long ivory dress from the back of the wardrobe and smiled at it, it was a basic dress, it hugged her body at the chest before flaring off, she wondered into her bathroom and came out dressed in the gown, she grabbed her cloak and pulled around her small body.

“Please, take me away from here, I beg of you” Lily pleaded as she looked the man then out the balcony of her room, she witnessed her mother’s carriage pulling out of the gates, “My Momma has gone to make this new life whatever it is, please just a least show me how to ride a horse, or ride me into the woods and drop me off, whatever it is I really do not care just please, I need to be away from here!”

“You’ll come back won’t you?” He asked not knowing that the revenge the girl’s mother was about to conduct was one to take them from this land so the princess wouldn’t be able to return.

“Of course, I just need a little space – only for a couple of hours” Lily sighed looking at her hands then at the huntsman,

“Fine” he agreed. The two ran down to the stables, Lily’s hood was pulled as far as it would go over her head so that she couldn’t be identified by the guards. The Man prepared their horse before mounting it and pulling Lily on in front of him. She kept her head down as far and the huntsman flicked his hood up, none of them wanted to be seen. They rode, they rode past forests, past lakes, and they kept going until they reached a small clearing that was on a small island,

“Here will be fine” Lily murmured as she looked up and pushed her hood off her head, she slipped off the horse and looked at her surroundings, smiling at them. She’d never seen a place so beautiful, open green grass, fresh air that caressed her cheek with a warm tickle; she looked at the huntsman who was still on the horse. “I’ll meet you back here in a 3 hours” she grinned as she thought about all the time she could be free for. The Huntsman nodded as the guilt of taking the queen’s hidden daughter from her haven started to creep into his mind, He quickly kicked on his horse before he changed his mind and dragged the girl kicking and screaming back to her home. He rode off toward the castle, alone.

Miles away at Snow White Castle

The Queen smiled to herself as she paced through her Enemies castle, the castle had erupted into chaos and it was all because of the purple smoke that the woman had sent their way, she was headed towards the headquarters until she saw her sworn Enemy, Snow white stagger into another room. She quickly walked toward that room and smirked,

“No, no! No! No! No! Please… Please come back to me.” She heard her step-daughter beg, the evil queen walked into the room witnessing the desperate mother kiss her husband twice, she folded down her hood and laughed a little as the confused and worried Snow White stared up at her,

“Oh, don’t worry dear. In a few moments, you won’t remember you knew him, let alone loved him.” Regina smiled knowing what was coming; she looked down at the unconscious prince just hoping for him to be dead, so that Snow White would never get her happy ending.

“Why did you do this?” Snow asked looking down at her husband with tears in her eyes, not only had she just sentenced her baby to a life of loneliness but she’d lost her Charming as well,

“Because this is my happy ending” The Queen simply commented. “The child?” She asked after two heavy set guards ran into the room,

“Gone. It was in the wardrobe, and then it was gone. It’s nowhere to be found” The guard said not moving from the spot he stood in when he first arrived in the room, scared of the Queen’s reaction.

“Where is she?” The Queen questioned looking at her enemy

“She got away…” Snow smiled as the tears continued to fall down her smooth face, “You’re going to lose. I know that now. Good will always win.”

“We’ll see about that” Regina growled she looked above her as a twister started to form, it pulled the ceiling from its place and started to rip the room apart sending all objects flying dangerously into the vortex.

“Where are we going?” Snow White asked looking up at the twister as she held her dying husband close,

“Somewhere horrible. Absolutely horrible. A place where the only happy ending will be mine” The Queen chanted, she opened her arms ready to receive her new life, her new life where she’d planned for Lily to love her, for Lily to be happy, for her and Lily to be together forever. She heard the smash of glass and within seconds thick purple smoke had consumed the room.

On the Island Far Away.

Lily sighed in relief and started to wonder into the woods totally unaware of the dome that covered the land and consequently the 28 years that she was about to be frozen for.

Missing the life that her mother had planned.

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